When you own an Android phone, or any phone for that matter, one of the most annoying aspects is getting phone calls from people you don’t want to hear from, don’t recognize their number of those soulless telemarketers. It can make matters worse when you’re expecting a call, only to have some schmuck block an important call. Wouldn’t it be nice to block calls on your Android device?

Well, you’re in luck. It turns out that developers understand the same pain and implemented features that will allow you to block calls. Search for you device below and freeze those annoying calls.

Use Your Built-in Blocking Feature

Your first step is to make use of your Android’s own blocking feature. Now, it isn’t the greatest of features. It’s essentially a bandaid on the issue of a persistent caller.

For starters, it doesn’t prevent a number from leaving a voicemail. When you aren’t interested in speaking with someone, and you’re hearing their voice on a voicemail, that’s probably the last thing you want. Not to mention they could continuously do it until your voicemail is packed. Not an ideal situation.

Another feature lacking is the ability to consistently block spam callers. It can block some, but it won’t block all of them. When it comes to blocking spoofed numbers, it doesn’t even bother.

Still, it’s capable of blocking numbers. It’s only when the other caller is persistent that the stock feature starts to fail. Here’s what you do:

1. Locate and launch the Phone app.

2. At the time of the menu, tap the Recent Calls tab–the clock icon.

3. Find the phone number you wish to block. Press your finger against the number and hold it there. After a few moments, you’ll be presented with the option to Block.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on every Android device. Because every manufacturer has to be special, the way you block calls is different.

Blocking Calls on Samsung Phones

1. Find and open the Phone app.

2. Locate the phone number you wish to block in your Recent Calls or in your Contacts. Once selected, select More–the three vertical dots located in the top right corner of your screen.

3. In the drop down menu, choose “Add to Auto-Reject List.”

4. If you wrongly auto-reject a number or wish to remove numbers, head into Settings > Call Settings > All Calls > Auto Reject.

Blocking Calls on LG Phones

1. Locate and open the Phone app.

2. Open “More” by tapping the three vertical dots located in the top right corner of your screen.

3. In the drop down menu, choose Call Settings.

4. In your “Call Settings” menu, locate and tap Reject Calls.

5. From here, tap the “+” icon and type in a phone number you wish to block.

Blocking Calls on HTC Phones

1. Locate and launch the Phone app.

2. Locate the phone number by either searching in your Recent Calls or by visiting your Contacts.

3. When you’ve located the phone number, press and hold your finger on the phone number. After a few moments a menu will appear.

4. In the new menu, choose Block Contact.

5. When asked to confirm the blocking of this number, select OK.

Blocking Calls on Huawei and Honor Phones

1. Locate and launch the Dialer app.

2. In the Dialer app, locate the phone number you would like to block. You can check in your Recent Calls or your Contacts.

3. Now that you’ve found the phone number, select it with your finger and hold it there. A menu will appear after a few moments.

4. In the menu, choose Block Contact.

Phone Carrier Tools

Using your own device’s feature is all well and good, however, sometimes those same numbers will follow you to other mobile devices. In that situation you’ll want to block the number on a service level, preventing the number from reaching any of your devices on your service.

Mobile carriers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint all have features that you can take advantage of just in case there’s an exceptionally annoying number following. Verizon has Verizon Smart Family. T-Mobile has their own mobile security you can utilize for your entire family. AT&T has Mobile Security and Call Protect, and Sprint has My Sprint.