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For approximately two billion Android and iOS users, tech developers continue to stick to their promise of providing tools and convenience through app launch and update releases.

This is why so many people feel that they need to be with their device almost all the time. More so for writers, who instantly get ideas for articles or books at any given time. I know I’ve done my best thinking during long walks home.

Anyway, in this new internet age, writing has branched out into several forms such as blogging, social media posting, story writing, and more.

This is why many writing apps are starting to have many common features like markdown support, focused editing, and cloud storage.

But with so many apps present in the Play Store and the App Store, there’s got to be a few that stand out.

I had the opportunity to try most of them and let me narrow down the list to the best seven writing apps for Android and iOS.

1. iA Writer

ia writer

iA writer is a paid app via the iTunes App store. It has great design and the workflow of the app is very intuitive.

It puts you in a writing mood whenever you have to do it on your mobile phone. What’s great about this app is that its focus mode really blocks out the distractions and helps you get to the portions of your work that need to be edited or completed.

The only drawback with a writing app this good is that I couldn’t change the fonts. But with the new WordPress compatibility, this is app can be worth the one-time purchase.

  • Premium for $8.99

Download for Android

2. Evernote


Students arguably write down the most notes but hardworking employees, like me, also do that.

Evernote is a writing and productivity tool that is best known for its sync features across potential platform uses.

This feature allows you to key in your notes on your phone and open it via a laptop later on. One of the drawbacks is it’ll only support offline mode with a premium account.

  • Free with In-app purchases

Download for Android

Download for iOS

3. Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most popular collaborative writing web-based tool that I’ve ever used.

It’s really simple to use and its collaborative nature allow for you to keep track of who’s been editing the document and what’s been edited.

This is probably one of the reasons why it’ll rank pretty high on the best types of writing apps because so students and work teams all have to collaborate on their work at some point.

The app will only work with a network connection and the benefit of this is that the output is always saved via the cloud.

  • Free with In-App Purchases

Download for Android

Download for iOS

4. Jotterpad


Jotterpad is really great and I would continue using it for many types of writing. It’s perfect for long-term writing such as novels, books, and scripts.

The whole interface is very pleasing so two thumbs up for the UX designers at Two App Studio.

The only disadvantage to using Jotterpad is the fees that they charge for premium service and complete access.

  • Free with In-App Purchases: $5.99 or $14.99/once, $0.99/mo for cloud storage

Download for Android

5. MS Word

MS word

Microsoft is a long standing brand with deep roots in any user. Older generations have started to use computers and type with the nineties version of MS WORD.

The MS Word app is just like its desktop/laptop counterpart. It is a complete word processing tool with all of the necessary functions I need to create and type up documents.

However, unlike its other app competitors, this version requires another app in order to activate collaborative functions.

  • Free with In-App Purchases

Download for Android

Download for iOS

6. Ulysses


Ulysses for the iPad is one of the top performing apps in the App Store. It won Best of App Store in 2013 and 2015.

The design and intuitive features of Ulysses are really very well executed that’s the reason it won these awards.

The link blogging features give it its pros and cons because it allows writers to instantly write and post while it only focused on improving the experience for a select niche.

  • Free with In-App Purchases

Download for iOS

7. Writer Tools

Writer tools

Similar to Evernote’s thrust to keep you productive, Writer Tools has the necessary functions to keep you motivated, writing, and finishing your novel.

The app has built-in project management functions and productivity tools that allow you to set the goals and milestones for each project.

This tracking and monitoring system is perfect for writers that like to complete sections of novels whenever inspiration suddenly hits. The premium version allows you to edit without seeing ads.

  • Free with In-App Purchases: $4.99/mo or $54.99/yr

Download for Android

Bottom Line

Writing apps are very helpful in getting the job done. Decide to use one based on the app’s potential functions and how well they fit in with your current needs and workflow.

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