Wi-Fi Analyzer is a tool that you can use to find a good location for your wireless connection like your modem and router. This type of app will help you locate a better signal, and you’ll know the level or scale of performance of your wireless connection. This tool is helpful for your wireless connection performance because you can view or see who are the other people connected to your device. You can see the graph of the connections that are in line with your modem or router and you can also how many devices are connecting to your main wireless router.

Since you can see and you can view the connections attached to your wireless router, you can maintain and limit the signal of your Wi-Fi for your modem and router will have a better performance. You can customise your connection limitation by figuring out the Menu button and allow yourself to change the menu and change your AP for you to limit the connection and at the same time limit the line which connects to your device.



NetSpot is one of the Wi-Fi Analyzer that you should download and install in your computers because it allows you to know where the proper location of your wireless connections is. You can survey the sites and analyse where you’re going to locate your modem or router to have a better signal and performance. It will show you the specific areas where the good signal is, the cause of the poor signal, and it will show you locations to connect good routers.

Netspot will also help you eliminate and remove the cause of the bad performance of your connections. Further, this will help you plan where to locate your wireless connections with the help of NetSpot. NetSpot shows you and guides you if the wireless connection you have designed and installed is safe, has a good location, and will allow you to have an excellent performance without blocking any lines. NetSpot will also help you in troubleshooting the problems that you’re encountering in your connection for you to resolve and plan for wireless connection location.



Wi-Fi Explorer is an app that will cater all your questions and concern regarding your wireless connection. It is an app that you can download for free and premium subscription because some features are in the Professional subscription, standard subscription with limited features and free with few characteristics that you can use to troubleshoot, identify, and locate your wireless connection. Wi-Fi Explorer has a simple function that allows you to figure out your connections from the other users up until the country information.

If you want to discover and identify who and which are the connections that have connected, you may click this app and know the SSID or the name of the one who is connected, the country code, channel, and the number of streams that connection has used. This app will also allow you to see if there are connections that are overlapping, conflicts, or there have been issues in the connections of your routers or modems. This is an easy to use app that you might want to download and install if you want to know more about your connections.



Wi-Fi Scanner is a very simple but has a lot of features that you can use to the maximum capacity if you want to know everything about your router and your connections for you to improve, locate, and resolve conflicts and other problems that you might encounter. Wi-Fi Scanner will lead you to export, scanning, and comparing data that are displayed on your computer. This app will also help you in identifying the lapses, conflicts, and overlapping of connections.

Wi-Fi Scanner will allow you to do the speed testing; you’re allowed to have a speed test directly through this app. Wi-Fi Scanner will also do screenshots that will help you export the files that you need and that you don’t need for you to know the causes of the performance of your connection. You can also see the devices or the connections that are connected to your router for you to understand the causes of your router’s performance.



iStumbler is an app that will help you in configuring the networks hooked to your computer. This app will also help you in knowing where to put your router to have a better connection. Router placement is not as simple as you think. Istumbler can be a complicated app that will amaze you and make you discover the things that you need to learn for your computer to have better performance and better connection. This app will show you who and what are the devices that are connected and will explain what the rates or the numbers that the users have consumed are.

This app will also help you detect Bluetooth devices that are connected to your computer. It’s one of the unique features of this Wi-Fi scanner app.



KisMAC2 is an app you can install to your Mac Computer that will help you detect every single connection that you want to understand. This app is straightforward to use because of the features that it offers for you to identify who has been connected to your computer, for you to know what are the lapses that your computer is encountering that leads your router’s performance to be slow and has a lot of bugs.

This app will allow you to show who is logged in to your connection for you to know what to do to your connection. You’re also allowed to do security tools to make your connection secured, clean, and also protected from any harm or viruses that your computer may encounter and affect. It also allows you to know what are the conflicts of other network or connections for you to have an idea what to improve and what to solve in case there will be any conflicts or issues that your connection is going through.



Kismet is one of the apps that you need to download and install for you to know what is happening to your device and your connection. This app is not just for Linux, Mac, but this is also for other devices that are compatible with this app. There are a lot of interface and features that you need to know with this app for you to solve issues, conflicts, lapses, viruses, and other concerns that affect your computer and connection.

This allows you to know if some connections are in your computer like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that leads to other networks connected. This app will enable you to figure out what is the SSID, the country code, and all other specifications that you need to know if you want to know what are the causes of your router’s low performance. This app is free to download and install if you’re going to limit and know then lapses of your connection.



This app is one of the unique apps that are handy, effective, and easy to use when you want to know more about your connection and performance. Since it is convenient and free, the features and other specifications are simple to understand and unlimited to use. With AirRadar, you’re allowed to scan networks that are near you and that are scoped by your device.

This app is straightforward, it is not just scanning, but it also detects the graphical information like the signal, performance, and which other users are connected to the network. Its uniqueness is putting colours and sound to the most connected system and which has the best performance for you to know what is the cause of best execution and where the router is located. It will give you graphs on how many users are connected, and it will show you the conflicts, the issues, and all other concerns that you need to know to your device and router.

Bottom Line

Sometimes people are usually set with the default settings of some gadgets and devices but there’s actually a big potential to get better performance when you try and use third party apps. You can really benefit from Wi-Fi analyzer apps because they even let you know where to place your router for the best signal and performance.