You can count on one hand the number of reasons for wanting to dump your stock texting application. They often come with very few features, only serving as a means of text, but rarely equipped for personalization. You also run into issues of limitations. Many stock texting apps will limit the quality of the pictures you send over, even break up big texts in favor of splitting it up into a handful of texts.

But let’s not forget the one similarity all stock texting apps share: you need mobile data for it to work. Don’t have any data to use? Well, you’re out of luck.

To get around this, you can use a Wi-Fi texting application. Rather than use data to send your messages, it uses the wonderful technology of Wi-Fi. You don’t need to use a single digit of data with these applications. Don’t have a mobile plan? No problem.

However, you don’t want any texting app, you want the best of the best in terms of Wi-Fi texting. And it just so happens 7 of the best Wi-Fi texting apps are available below. Let’s get started.

1. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is all about customization, and clearly that’s a hit since it’s pushing over 10+ million users. You’ll gain the power to change the notification LED colors, select different ringtones and vibration patterns. Change the color of your screen or switch to a different font style or increase the font size. Why not change your background wallpaper while you’re at it, too.

The best part of Chomp SMS is that it’s free. The only downside is seeing the occasional ad. If you can bear with that, you can keep using it and its features–passcode lock, a host of privacy options, blacklisting–as long as you’d like.

Chomp SMS is what a stock phone app should be.

Download Chomp SMS for: Android | Visit Site

2. TextMe


TextMe is a Wi-Fi texting app and phone app rolled into one, but it goes a step further. Every new user gets handed 10 credits. These credits are used for making phone calls–no, your text messages are free, if you were wondering. If you run out of credits, you can buy more or, alternatively, you can complete any 4 different tasks. These tasks include:

  • Watching a video.
  • Completing an offer.
  • Watching a premium video.
  • Invite your friend(s) to join TextMe.

Very few apps provide opportunities like that.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of features like voicemail, blocking, and a rate finder to clue you in on international calling rates. And let’s not forget the free number you get for signing up.

Download TextMe for: Android | iOS | Amazon | Visit Site

3. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

One of the best Wi-Fi texting apps you can get on your phone is WhatsApp. But there is a catch to signing up: you need a phone number to sign up. That is not at all a problem if you don’t have one because a number of apps on this list provide a free number to you, provided you continue using their platform.

Digression aside, WhatsApp gives the option to not only text other WhatsApp users, but also call and video chat with contacts. It even scans your Contacts for any numbers that have a WhatsApp account. WhatsApp is the way to go in a social setting, and especially for business purposes.

Keep yourself informed by installing WhatsApp to your Windows and Mac OS.

Download WhatsApp for: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Windows | Mac OS | Visit Site

4. TextFree


TextFree is exactly what it advertises. You can text and call to any number with a number given to you. If you wish to make a free call, you’ll have to call other TextFree users, otherwise you’ll use credit. TextFree is perfect for the minimalist.

If you run out of credit, you can always watch videos provided by TextFree. You can further stay connected to your messages with its own web app.

Download TextFree for: Android | iOS | Web App

5. MightyText


MightyText is one of the few Wi-Fi texting apps that has syncing options. Should you use MightyText, you can take advantage of its Chrome extension and have your messages synced. If you so choose, you can even respond while using the MightyText Chrome extension.

A few of its defining features are phone battery alerts, and scheduled messages.

Download MightyText for: Android | Chrome Extension | Visit Site

6. TextNow


There’s a number of applications that, provided you link your number, you’ll get access to free texting, but now with TextNow. In fact, TextNow is one of the few texting applications that will let you text over Wi-Fi and give you a number. It’s a Wi-Fi texting app and a phone app rolled into one.

TextNow is also one of the few apps that provide numbers that actually work for services such as Google Voice, where you’ll need a number provided by a mobile service provider. Many platforms proactively deny users from signing up with such a number. Of course, not all numbers work, but TextNow has had a pretty solid track record.

There is a catch though: you need to keep using the application. You’ll get a free number, but if you don’t use it to send texts or make calls, you’ll eventually lose ownership over the number. Don’t use TextNow if you don’t text often.

A notable feature is a passcode for your messages, something lacking on stock texting apps. And it also comes with an on-screen widget for faster access to your messages and calls.

Download TextNow for: Android | iOS | Visit Site

7. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

You can’t talk about one of the best Wi-Fi texting apps without mentioning Facebook Messenger. After all, you and your friends are almost guaranteed to have a Facebook account. Who doesn’t? Which makes Facebook Messenger one of the finest examples of a Wi-Fi texting app.

Not only does Facebook Messenger work over Wi-Fi, it gives you a direct connection to the people you’ve befriended on Facebook. Simply find their name in Messenger, tap on their face and start talking. If you don’t feel like texting, you can always take advantage of Facebook Messenger’s own video chat feature, provided the other person wants to talk.

While you’re speaking with your friends, send them pictures, GIFs, and emojis. Go even further with stickers that you can download and install. Give your hands a break and try voice texting. And while you’re at it, change the chat colors for each of your friends, or turn the lights out with the dark theme.

Facebook Messenger isn’t robust by measure of features. Instead, the sheer number of people who use Facebook and how easy it is to connect with your friends and family is what makes Facebook Messenger well worth using. And if you’re short on space, you can always download Facebook Messenger Lite, a version of the original app, but easier on your precious storage space.

Download Facebook Messenger for: Android | iOS | Web App

Download Facebook Messenger Lite for: Android | iOS

Bottom Line

Even if you have your own mobile service provider, it’s always worth investing in a Wi-Fi texting application, considering not all stock texting apps can be used over Wi-Fi. In fact, most won’t send your text through unless you use your data. By having a backup texting app that can send messages over Wi-Fi, you save yourself the trouble of having to pay for it.

Imagine being unable to send a text while you’re out and about. You could stop by the nearest cafe with free Wi-Fi, and get in touch with someone if it’s an emergency. And many of the texting applications above even offer a free number, provided you use their app regularly, like TextNow. If you want, you can throw some cash at TextNow and buy some call credit, provided a way to make calls without a mobile plan.