There are occasions that you need to have an invitation, like Birthday Parties, Christening, Baptism, and most notably, Wedding. Invitations consist of texts, photo, clip arts, and other designs to make it elegant, beautiful, creative, and attractive in the eyes of the people you are inviting. The wedding invitation is one of the sacred and one of the most awaited invitations that you can give and that you can receive from a friend, relative, or a family member.

There are a lot of ways that you can do to create your wedding invitations. There are some apps that you can download and that you can use to create your wedding invitations without using a lot of tools and without causing a lot of errors in making it. You can use your mobile phones and personal computers or laptops to make your wedding invitations, and you can save it in a particular location to print and give it to the people who you are inviting. In this guide, you’ll find the five best wedding invitation card maker apps for Android and iOS.



Evite offers a lot of event invitations, from christening up until Wine Tasting event invitation. Evite gives you a lot of options to choose from simple to elegant up until extravagant design according to the event you want to do. This app also offers wedding invitation and a lot of unique designs of wedding invitations that you can choose from. Evite app allows you to add the names of your entourage, the date of your wedding, the location, and your message to the people who want to be in your wedding.

You can personalize the design of your wedding invitation, you can add photos, designs, texts, colors, and also, you can add and shapes that are relevant to your wedding invitation design. Evite allows you to share your wedding invitation to your contacts in Facebook or within this app, you can select a particular persona and add them to your contacts, and you can now send the invitation without printing and without wasting any money.

Evite also lets you post your images and wedding invitations publicly; your contacts are free to react and comment on the photo that you shared. Evite is a convenient app that you can use to create your invitation, remind people or your entourage about the wedding, and also invite your contacts to attend your wedding and share their wishes for you.

Android iOS



Canva gives you a lot of wedding invitation templates and designs if you tap the search button and types in the keyword wedding. The designs are laid out in a list and it’s easy to choose which will be the best design for your wedding invitation. You can upload your wedding photo and indicate it in the cover of your invitation so the people you are inviting will be more interested and attracted to your wedding.

You can edit, change, and add the information you want to have in your wedding invitation like you can include the date and time of your wedding day, you can indicate your whole entourage, the location of your wedding day, and a simple quotation that your guests will always remember. You can save your invitation in your device, for printing and for you to hand it over personally to the people you want to invite. You can also send your wedding invitation to your social media accounts and let them know that you invited them through a message.

Android iOS



Wedding Invitation Cards Maker uses a lot of features, options, designs, themes, cards, and frames and chooses the best options to create a beautiful wedding invitation. You can select a card or frame in creating the cover of your invitation, and you can select the themes from simple to the most elegant card or frame. You can also pick and choose the background of your wedding invitation, you can add and change what is given in the invitation itself, like the names of the groom and bride, the date of the wedding, the bride’s maid, the groom’s men, and all other people who are included in your entourage.

You can also upload and add an image from your gallery and put it in the cover of your wedding invitation. Wedding Invitation Cards Maker allows you to change and add texts to your wedding invitation, and you can include your quotations to the wedding invitation to be more attractive and meaningful. You can also add on the inside page your whole entourage for your guests to read who are included to your entourage. Wedding Invitation Cards Maker gives a lot of options not just only in creating wedding invitation, and it also offers designs to your wedding cake, wedding stickers, tokens, and quotations that you can include in your wedding.

Android iOS



Invitation Card Maker App offers you to choose the design and template that you want to have in your wedding invitation. There are a lot of templates that you can choose from, and you can personalize the design that you prefer. You can add your wedding photos, your wedding ring, and also you can change every single thing in your wedding invitation. You can add the date and time of your wedding day, you can also indicate the location of your wedding venue, you can put your entourage, and you can indicate a quotation to make it more elegant and meaningful.

You can select the variation of colors from the tools that the Invitation Card Maker App provides. You can choose with a lot of Font Style, Font Size, and font color. You can send your wedding invitation through email, Facebook, Twitter, or send it through any other platform that is compatible with the app. You can also save the one that you made and print it and personally hand it over to your guests.

Android iOS



Invitation Maker lets you create a beautiful wedding invitation with a different theme that you want. This app offers a lot of tools, designs, and templates that you can choose from to create an elegant and beautiful wedding invitation. You can select different variations of filters if you want to add some filters in your wedding invitation to add effects and to be unique. Invitation Maker app allows you to create and personalize your wedding invitation, and you can add the name of your entourage, your parent’s name, the date and time of your wedding, your quotations, and even announcements.

It is not just the template that you want to go through; you can also choose the design, the genre and the type of invitation you want according to the theme of your wedding itself. You tap and select the colors, the text style, text font, and other customized tools for you to have a beautiful wedding invitation. Invitation Maker also allows you to send your wedding invitation to the people who want to invite, and you can also share your wedding invitation to the people you might want to come on your wedding day.

Android iOS

Bottom Line

One of the great things about technology is the convenience it brings. Special occasions and gatherings can be quite stressful, especially during the planning stage. The availability of apps and other image editing tools is heaven sent to because they make life easier for the party planner. If you’re up to your neck with party tasks, then, try a few invitation maker apps. They’ll surely save you a lot of time and effort.