Virtualbox is an open source virtual software which you can use to emulate or run any type of operating system without the need for the hardware. This allows you to test multiple operating systems and use them in various ways for commercial or private use. Virtualbox will help you become familiar with any type of system.

Virtualbox will offer a lot of information and documentation that you may need on certain types of programs and operating systems. This is essentially useful for developers who aim to create programs that cut across different platforms.

VirtualBox is a free software and also has some fierce competition. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best VirtualBox alternatives.



VMWare Workstation is a virtualization software that you can download and install to your personal computer, laptop, or Mac. This is a free virtual software that you can use to run other operating system that are not suitable or even compatible to the device hardware. VMWare Workstation has a lot of potential. For your own convenience, it provides the most installed, downloaded, and used operating system available.

You can change the name of the machine or the operating system that you would like to use. Further, you may see the location or the destination of the software if you’re going to download and install it for your reference. You can also select the amount of space that you want the virtual software to have. You can also customize your hardware based on the virtual software that you have using VMWare Workstation, you may click on the disk, CD/ DVD, Floppy Disk, and many more.

2. MobaLiveCD


MobaliveCD is an image mounting program that allows you to run various security programs on windows. You can even run Linux supported programs through this emulated image mounted program features.

MobaliveCD is easy to use and can run like a portable software so there’s no need to be worried about it. The program has an intuitive graphic interface. This one will definitely suite novice developers and seasoned veterans. The program is free to download and install on any of your devices.



WINDIRSTAT should be read and understood as WIN-DIR-STAT because it helps you with your Windows Directory Statistics. It’s a statistics viewer that comes with various disk management tools. This is quite different from the VirtualBox alternatives found in this guide because it doesn’t emulate operating systems through a virtual image but it allows you to manage your disks in a comprehensive manner.

The good thing about Windirstat is that it allows you to clean up the spaces that the hard disc has occupied and you will have a rundown on which one to delete if it is per file or per folder. You can also explore or discover what made the space so occupied, it will give you the specific items that made the space so occupied or not in use for you not to be confused in checking items or folders.



ConEmu or the Console Emulator can be downloaded to help you emulate various WinAPI and host any console application. ConEmu is very simple and easy to operate even if you’re not tech savvy. ConEmu may appear to be dated but it’s still very easy to use for running shells of your choice.

This software can be customized by clicking the logo of the software. This will lead you to the customization section which will allow you to start changing everything that you want for your developments. You can also add some tabs for you to do everything in one sitting. This makes the workflow easier and finished developments can immediately come close to the final output.



Qemu is short for Quick Emulator. This VirtualBox alternative is great because it’s also open source so you know that it works well with a lot of available software and systems in the market. When you download and use QEMU, you get Full System Emulation, User mode Emulation, and Virtualization.

This software can monitor the operating systems that you want to work with. You can also monitor and host a lot of operating systems that you’ll need but the speed and emulation will be the same. This can also save and restore the documents or the programs that you have in your virtual machine for security and privacy purposes.



Docker is a software that you can download for your desktops, Laptops, and Mac devices. The version of Docker may vary depending on the actual machine you’re using. You’ll like this VirtualBox alternative because it’s fast and fully equipped for product and app development.

You’ll enjoy a free trial before you can go premium. However, when you visit their site and download their program, you’ll immediately find out that premium services offer better experience.



Parallels Desktop is different from the other open source virtual software because of the features, limitations, and usage. This open source software is a paid software that you can download and install to your Mac computers and Windows PC’s. When you download and install this open source software application, you’re now allowed and authorized to use Intel processors inside your Mac device. This can further let you select different processors within the embedded options if you need to them.

You’ll need a big chuck of space within your hard drives in order to run other operating systems through Parallels Desktop. If you’re using an older machine, there are different versions of Parallels Desktop that you can download for better performance and compatible services.

Bottom Line

You may have various emulation needs. In this case, it’s very important to choose a software that provides speed, compatibility, and sufficient support features for virtualization. Read through the official pages of each alternative so you can fully understand how they can help you with your development projects.