Over time, your social media follower count tends to balloon beyond a manageable point especially if you go crazy and just follow everyone you can.

So, it makes sense to do a little Spring cleaning every now and then to clear out inactive, spam, and unwanted followers.

This is exacerbated on Instagram where everyone you follow has the opportunity to share content in the network’s primary feed — meaning you’ll see everything they share in your feed.

Sorting through and unfollowing users, account by account is ridiculously tedious. Luckily, there’s a way to speed it up.

There Are Unfollow Limits

There is something you should know, however. Everyone on Instagram has a daily unfollow limit. This means that you can only purge a certain number of followers per day.

It’s not a big deal if your follower count is low, but if you have 10K followers or more it’s going to take some time to clean out the mess.

The limit is different depending on whether or not your account is new. For accounts older than 6 months, the limit is 2,000 unfollows per day with a gap of 12 to 22 seconds between each action.

For accounts younger than 6 months, the unfollow limit is 500 per day with a gap of 36 to 48 seconds per action.

Furthermore, all accounts have a limit of 60 to 200 unfollows per hour.

You can immediately see why this restriction slows down the process considerably if you’re doing a bulk purge. Many unfollow apps do include support for dealing with these limitations. You still need to know what they are for obvious reasons.

Here are the best apps that will help you clean up or purge unwanted followers on Instagram:

1. iOS Only: Mass Unfollow for Instagram

Mass Unfollow for Instagram

Want to mass unfollow a bunch of users? Mass Unfollow for Instagram is your app. You can also use it to bulk delete your posts, and bulk, unlike posts you’ve interacted with in the past. It’s an incredibly useful account cleaning tool.

It complies with Instagram restrictions, allowing you to purge only 200 unfollowers per hour. This ensures the process is done according to the rules, which helps prevent you and your account from being punished.

Additionally, ghost followers are listed separately so you can unfollow them, in bulk, with a single tap.

While the app is free, it does contain ads. You’re also limited to a certain number of unfollows. Both restrictions can be removed with in-app purchases — $1.99 for unlimited follows and $1.99 for ad removal.

Mass Unfollow on iTunes

2. Android Only: Unfollow Gram


Unfollow Gram

Rated 4.5 stars, Unfollow Gram is certainly one of the best tools on Android. You can easily remove a variety of inactive and ghost accounts using the app, with a restriction of 50 unfollows at a time — keeping up with Instagram policies.

You can use it to track mutual followers, find fans who’ve followed you but you haven’t followed previously, and to whitelist favorite users.

In the basic or free version, you can add up to three different Instagram accounts. In fact, Unfollow Gram is one of the few that allows you to manage multiple accounts from a single interface, for free.

Because it’s free there are ads, but you can remove them by purchasing an ad-free subscription.

Unfollow Gram on Google Play

3. iOS Only: Unfollowers for Instagram

Unfollowers for Instagram

Another high-rated app — 4.4 stars — Unfollowers for Instagram allows you to track a variety of user accounts on the social network. You can easily identify ghost accounts, non-followers, and fans. But it also allows you to either follow or unfollow back with a quick tap.

You can bulk unfollow, or unfollow multiple accounts at once but official limit requirements are honored so you don’t get yourself into trouble.

It’s free and as far as I can tell there are no ads to deal with.

Unfollowers for Instagram on iTunes

4. Android Only: Turbo Unfollow for Instagram

Turbo Unfollow for Instagram

Expressly designed to bulk unfollow Instagram accounts, this tool is exactly what you need. Your followers are sorted based on four categories, including unfollowers, fans, mutual followers, and verified accounts.

You can sort through and bulk delete any accounts you don’t want to deal with. Spam and bot accounts are also filtered and removed during the process.

Additional features allow you to compare usage data with other Instagram accounts, review past removal stats, see profile pictures in HD, and get account-related notifications.

Turbo Unfollow on Google Play

5. iOS Only: Unfollow for Instagram Tracker

Unfollow for Instagram Tracker

Unfollow for Instagram Tracker is one of those apps that includes a ton of bells and whistles. What you’ll really care about is the fact that you can bulk remove followers from your account.

If you’re into the in-depth reports the app provides about your account you’ll need to pay to keep receiving them. There are monthly and annual subscription plans available.

As for removing users, you can unfollow up to 60 accounts at a time, a limit set by Instagram, not the app developers.

There are ads in the free version too.

Unfollow for Instagram Tracker on iTunes

6. Android Only: Unfollow Users

Unfollow Users

Another highly-rated app, Unfollow Users is simple and easy to use. You can bulk unfollow other accounts, ten at a time.

This keeps you in-line with the official rules but also helps you clean up your messy account quickly.

It’s completely free, but it does have ads.

Unfollow Users on Google Play

Bottom Line

As long as you follow the official Instagram rules — which many of these apps adhere to — you can quickly remove accounts in your followed list.

This is especially great if you want to identify or purge some of those ghost, bot and spam accounts that seem to plague the platform.

When your follower account is large they can get in the way by leaving nonsense comments.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.