Have you been surfing around and encountered the term Twitter Bot? Don’t worry, you’re not going to be in a Skynet situation in the near future but you got that right. Twitter Bots are exactly what they literally mean.

Twitter bot is actually an automated robot software which controls your Twitter account through Application Programming Interface (API). The task of this robot software is to automatically do tweeting, re-tweeting, following, un-following, and even direct messaging other Twitter users.

The system of Twitter accounts is controlled by a set of automation rules that implies the proper and improper usage of the automation. Some of the proper usage are broadcasting helpful information, automatically generating interesting content, and automatically replying to users via direct messages. So in this guide, you’ll find the list of the seven best Twitter bots which you can find pretty interesting and useful.

1. DearAssistant


Having a virtual assistant on your mobile device like Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana is very cool and helpful because you only have to ask questions and it would instantly create a short reply to your query. You don’t have to waste your time typing questions. All you have to do is to speak directly to your mobile’s speaker; it’s very convenient and hassle free to use.

Dear Assistant lets you have your very own virtual assistant via your Twitter feed. DearAssistant is the perfect bot software for you. Just like other virtual assistants, you can ask or tweet DearAssistant questions and it would immediately give you a short reply. You can ask questions like definition of some terms, location of something, etc.

2. HundredZeros


If you like read books online, but can’t afford to buy them because of their expensive price, you can check out HundredZeros.

This bot will save what’s left in your pocket because he tweets links and updates to free and low priced eBooks.

All you need to do is to follow the HundredZeros on Twitter and you can have an easy and free access on several eBooks out there. So if you don’t have already an account on Twitter, this is the perfect time to create one.

3. dscovr_epic


It‘s undeniable that the Mother Earth is incredibly beautiful. The amazing environment and complex ecosystem the people alive. It’s also very entertaining to watch every single moment happening in your life like when you find it so relaxing to watch the trees swaying, the flow of the river, and many more. Dscovr_epic is a Twitter bot that highlights the beauty of Mother Earth.

You can instantly see the beauty of the environment because dscovr_epic has several pictures of the landscapes of the world captured from above. These pictures are from the Satellites of NASA and the dscovr_epic would have a random tweet of pictures from the earth. The respective location and the time captured of the picture is indicated together with the picture.

4. Pentametron


The Pentametron is a Twitter bot that combines two different tweets with the iambic pentameter metric line, and it will re-tweet it one after another. This Twitter bot is for you if you’re fond of creating or reading poems specially the works of one of the greatest poets in history, William Shakespeare.

This Twitter bot can be your inspiration or basis if you’re creating a poem. Even the poems here were formed by the combination of two different tweets, you can still get some ideas out of it. It’s really funny to keep reading the tweets and retweets by this bot. Follow this account now and maybe your tweets can get in on the iambic rhyming fun.

5. MoMARobot


If you love and appreciate the modern arts of today, then this should be the best Twitter bot for you. The MoMARobot comes with all of the different modern art from the collections of the Museum of the Modern art. Everyday the MoMARobot tweets about 4 or more pictures of modern art.

Just like the Twitter bot Pentametron, if you’re an aspiring artist, you can also use the pictures from MoMARobot to be your inspiration and learn different techniques on creating modern art. The best thing about this is that every tweet of MoMARobot, it comes with the link of the object on the Museum of the Modern Art’s website and from there you can able to check further information about the object.

6. Grammar Police

Grammar Police

In the world of social media, there’s a lot of people who can see or read your updates on your status or posts. This bot helps you correct misspelt words from your tweets. If the Grammar Police saw a misspelt word on your tweet, it would immediately reply to your tweet and it will give the correct spelling of the word. Don’t take this too seriously because this Twitter bot is pretty crazy and funny to read.

Grammar Police can also spot grammatical errors in your captions so watch out. You better know the difference between your and you’re. Follow this bot to help you improve your grammar and deeply understand the proper construction of phrases and sentences.

7. EarthquakeBot


Catastrophes, tremors, and natural disasters. These updates are required immediately as they occur in order to save lives. EarthquakeBot helps the Twitter universe get updated on quakes, shakes, and everything tectonic plates.

The EarthquakeBot tweets earthquake updates happening around the globe. If he isn’t tweeting magnitudes, this Twitter bot shares knowledge about Do’s and Don’ts before, during, and after an earthquake.

The EarthquakeBot will quickly compose an earthquake report whenever there’s a report of an earthquake measuring 5.0 or above the Richter scale and immediately tweet the earthquake report. You must follow the EarthquakeBot on Twitter to get the latest daily updates with regards to the occurrence of earthquake around the world. This is also good to know where the earthquake occurs especially if you have family and friends in different parts of the world.

Bottom Line

In this guide, you just read the seven best Twitter bots. They’re definitely not for every one’s use but their tweets are quite valuable. You may think that the lines between real and artificial maybe blurred but the fact of the matter is that bots will only stay as bots which become tools for people to have better lives. Follow these bots on Twitter now.