Blogs, photos, audios, videos, links, personal messages, these are some of the things that you can see right away in your feed when you go to your Tumblr Home. Tumblr is an app that can be related, and that can be the same as your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other Social Media Networking Sites. Tumblr helps you post, share, comment, and put a hashtag on your captions whenever you post a photo, audio, video, and other things that you want others to see.

Tumblr is one of the most popular apps that you can use and download which connects you to a vast online community. You can follow people all around the world. They can become your friends or your fans if you’re looking to create a strong fan base for your art. You can share other people’s post as long as you follow them on their accounts, you can also comment down on their posts, and even like their photos or videos, depending on the content they share. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best Tumblr apps for Android and iOS



Do you like reading to keep yourself ahead of the news and other trending topics? Do you love following bloggers, publishers, and other people that create exciting and sensible news that you can read any time and anywhere? Feedly is the right place for you and the right app for a reader like you. Feedly is a friendly app because everything you want to read and you want to look for is here in this app. You can simply copy the link of the news or other publishing links that you want to read, go to your Feedly apps, create some captions or content that will make you remember what is the title of the link, and you can paste the link and it will automatically be posted along the other links or other publishing that are in your dashboard.

With Feedly, you’re free to follow the bloggers, publishers, composers, writers, and other creators that you’re interested and you can finally read their articles according to the topics that you like and according to the publishing that you save. You can also share the articles or the things that you’re reading in your different Social Media Accounts by copying the link and pasting it on your status area. This is a very organized app that you like to download and enjoy because it is not just free, it is highly clean, and the articles are sorted according to the creator you have followed.

Android iOS



Hermit app gives you smart and creative features that you can ever think of when you download this app. This app blocks pop-ups, blocks ads and allows you to prevent your activity from tracking by others, and also allows you to disable Javascript. Hermit app gives you the will to create multiple apps and you’re allowed to use it separately. This app has a lite version with core features so you can save on data consumption.

You can download this app for free. It has a lot of customizable features on your dashboard. The good thing about Hermit app is that, you can log in to your own account but this app does not ask for any other personal information that you want to keep private.




Are you tired of taking a screenshot of the photos that you want to share to your social media accounts? Here is the solution to the struggles that you’re encountering every day. Tumbsave is an app that you can download and save videos, audios, photos, quotations, and all other things that you find on Tumblr. This is a simple to operate app that you can use every day and every time you want to save and download things that interests you.

Having this app makes your life simple, easy, and convenient all at the same time because while you’re browsing your dashboard, you can simply click the send button beside the photo, video, audio, quotation, and other things and it will automatically download files to your storage. Tumbsave is free to download via the Google Play Store.




FastFeed app is a popular Tumblr app that you can use to post your photos, videos, audios, quotations, and other things that you want to share. This app gives you an extraordinary experience in scrolling and browsing posts f other people by liking it, commenting on the photo, re-sharing the posts, following the people you idolize, and meeting people all around the world with different posts in FastFeed. This app allows you to set- up your own dashboard or newsfeed by going to your settings and you can choose whether to put your dashboard in night mode or you want it in the original theme.

You can select the “Multiple- Tab” option in which you can view your posts or other people’s posts all at the same time, and you’re allowed to exit the tab that you’re done viewing and done scrolling down. You can also filter the searches and the posts that you want to see for your dashboard to be more interesting and lively at the same time. This is a very simple to operate app that you can use without internet and you can share your photos, videos, and all other things that you want to share offline and your posts in FastFeed can be linked in your other Social Media Accounts. If you want to have an unlimited features of this app and you want to enjoy this app, you can buy specific features that needs to be bought and you can download this app without any amount going outside your pockets.




Tumbviewer is one of the easiest ways to download your favorite photos, videos, and other things that in your Tumblr account. You can scroll down, like or react on the posts that you see in your dashboard, you can also do reblogging in which you can share the other people’s posts to your Tumblr account or to your other Social Media accounts, you can also maintain your multiple accounts if you want to manage and check your numerous accounts at a different time frames.

Tumbviewer is one of the best apps that you can download because you cannot experience bugging and this is an advertisement free app so you can enjoy every single thing about this app. There are a lot of features that you can discover and that you can use if you want your app to be more informative and workable at any pace, but you can disable some features that you do not need in downloading, reblogging, or reacting to the posts that you want to create, share, and download.




Tumbletail is one of the best apps that you can use if you want to save a photo, scroll down to see posts, like other people’s posts, follow and unfollow people, and other features. This app is very easy to use and you can you can use it anytime and anywhere. This app lets you quickly react to posts you see via the dashboard. You can also reblog anything you like. If you want the post to be shared with others, you can do it through your social media accounts. You can also follow people if you’re interested in their activities or posts. This app has a lot of things to offer for you and for your own convenience.

If you like handling and maintaining your accounts all at the same time, you can do it with Tumbletail in which, this app allows you to set password for every account that you’re maintaining to avoid hacking and your account to be more private and to have a secured account. This app goes with free and paid version, free version have an advertisement while for paid versions that cost $1.99 is an advertisement free app but, they offer exactly the same features.

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As what the title or the name says, this is an app that helps you download photos, videos, audios, quotations, and other things in your Tumblr app. You need your Tumblr app before you download the things that are inside it, if you’re scrolling and wants to download the images or things that interests you, you can just click the share button and go to your Downloader for Tumblr app and it will not download and located to your mobile storage. This is not just applicable to your Tumblr app but is also applicable and compatible with your Instagram and you can share it to your favorite social media accounts.

Do you want to know the unique feature of Downloader for Tumblr app? That is you can select multiple items like videos, photos, audios, quotations, and other things all at the same time and you can now download it all at once. The physical appearance of this app is very simple, plain, and interesting because its simplicity drives the app more useful, fast, and saves a lot of space to your mobile device. This is a free download app with advertisement, if you don’t want ads popping around the app, you can purchase the premium version costing $1.99 for six months and $9.99 for a lifetime subscription.


Bottom Line

Tumblr is one of the greatest blog sites for artistically inclined people. The community is vast and the content is always interesting. It’s no surprise that there are spinoff apps that help you navigate through Tumblr in a more convenient way. Check out one of these apps now so you enhance your Tumblr experience. Reblog.