Have you ever experienced receiving a call from an unknown number? Have you been threatened or harassed by someone whom you don’t know through a phone call? Or have you been stalked by someone who calls every now and then?

You shouldn’t worry anymore, because Trapcall is there for you to track and reveal the unknown numbers that has been harassing you. Trapcall is a service or a tool that will help you know the unknown numbers that makes you feel uncomfortable. This tool will allow you to know the caller’s name, real contact number, and location where that person is calling from. This app allows you to block the number if given the chance that you really need to and if you really don’t know the person who’s calling you.

Trapcall is the most popular mobile provider to know the unknown callers that has been calling you, but there are also alternatives that really looks like and have the same feature as the Trapcall. Here are 7 best alternatives to Trapcall.

1. Truecaller


Truecaller is a mobile app that can be downloaded to your iOS or Android device. This app will help you discover who is calling you in the middle of the night. Those anonymous numbers, telemarketers, or prank spam callers better beware. TrueCaller allows you to search for the phone number of the person who is calling you if you don’t know who that person is.

You only need to key in the phone number that called you and the app will work its magic to show you the name of the caller. It will also let you know where that caller is from or what the address of that caller is. If you know the person who is calling but you’re hesitant to know if that person is a friend, or a relative, or a family member, or just an acquaintance, you can just search for the name and Truecaller will list down the name of people together with their Profile Picture, or address, and location with the same information that you have entered in the search engine.


2. Calls Blacklist PRO – Call Blocker

Calls Blacklist PRO - Call Blocker

Calls Blacklist PRO – Call Blocker is also one one of the best alternatives that you can download in your Android phones. This mobile apps allows you to block unknown calls and unknown messages that you can’t entertain especially when you’re busy. This app will help you avoid telemarketer’s calls, or spam calls or messages. Calls Blacklist Pro costs $1.99 to download on your mobile phone. This is helpful for people who are busy and at the same time doesn’t want to be bothered by a call at night because this app allows you to schedule the days and time that you don’t want to receive calls or messages.

One of the strengths of this app is that, if someone anonymous is calling you, your mobile phone won’t ring and it will just have a notification that someone missed you a call. There’s also a feature that the Calls Blacklist Pro have, and that is, you can click or tap “Begins With” button to put some specific extension to the person or people you want to be blocked, and a “Whitelist” that will make some exceptions to the ones you have out in the “Begins With” blocked section. This app is better with person above 18, if there are kids who are using it’ it’s best to use it with parental guidance.


3. Hiya – Caller ID & Block

Hiya - Caller ID & Block

Hiya – Caller ID & Block is one of the best mobile call blocking app that can identify callers that you receive from time to time. This app allows you to identify whether the calls that you’re receiving are spam calls, telemarketer calls, calls from your contact section, private calls or business calls. Once this app identifies the suspicious number from its database as potential scam, it will automatically send a warning to you so you can either reject or accept the call. Each of the unknown numbers that is calling you have a caller ID, except for the calls that’s coming right after your phone contacts.

This app identifies if telemarketers and scammers are calling you, It will automatically record the phone call and send it directly to your voicemail so if you have the time, you can just listen to it. Hiya – Caller ID & Block can also detect or determine suspicious numbers that is messaging you. Once this app notices that the number is suspicious, it will send an automatic message to the suspicious number and ask for his/her identity.


4. Mr. Number – Caller ID & Spam Protection

Mr. Number - Caller ID & Spam Protection

Mr. Number is an app that can easily block calls or phone numbers or messages from specific numbers, country codes, area codes and other options available. With this app, you’re allowed to block suspected spam calls or messages that might disturb you from everything you do. It will also help you know if the number that called you or messaged your phone number is a spam by the comments that are written below the number and states how that specific number is a spam.

While dialing the number that you want to call, the name who owns the number will appear below the number itself. If My. Number identifies the number is suspicious, it will give you an option whether to report it or block it. When you block it, there are comments that will pop up why it became a spam, how many times they have called, why did they report it, and the date will appear when they have reported the number that called you for you to be informed.


5. NumberGuru


Numberguru is a mobile app which determines or identifies the unknown phone numbers who are calling you. You can search the unknown number and find out who the owner of the number is. It can also locate the owner’s address, age, name, social media profiles and many more. This app allows you to leave a comment if the person who calls you is a telemarketer, scammer, or debt collector. This app is a unique app in knowing unknown callers.


6. Real Caller : CALLER ID & spam blocking

Real Caller : CALLER ID & spam blocking

The Real Caller mobile app is like the Numberguru app that used to be a mobile or telephone directory, which means, you can search phone numbers that are unrecognizable to you and to your phone contact.

With Real Caller, you’re allowed to search the number which is unknown to your contact and detect the owner of the number. You can also search the name of the owner or a business partner for you to have a more accurate phone number in hand. These are the options that you can see in the screen of this app.


7. Whoscall – The best caller ID and block App


Whoscall will help you detect unrecognizable numbers and will show you who the owner of the number is. It will also show the location of the owner and where he/she is residing. This mobile app is very organized and simple, whether the phone number that is calling you is in your contact list or not. This app is an app which can be downloaded internationally and will give you a different feature when installed in your mobile phone.

With this app, like any other mobile apps that will help you detect unrecognizable numbers, this also allows you to block numbers that you can determine if they’re spam or part telesales. You don’t have to worrying even for a little because you can simply click the spam button so you won’t be bothered by numbers or callers who you don’t know and recognize.


Bottom Line

Get protected from unwanted callers with these mobile caller ID services. Download a few of these apps to give them a try. When you get a good feel of how the apps work, you’ll find the one that’s most suited for your needs.