Task Managers is one of the apps in your devices that will help you organize your to-do lists, appointments, important errands, and all other tasks. These reminder apps will allow you to sort, copy and paste, set titles, set an alarm and remind you have errands that needs to be accomplished.

Having a Task Manager in your mobile device will help you organize things and will help you learn time management. Task Managers is your daily reminders in your everyday errands, accomplishments, payments, and appointments in life. This will allow you commit to your deadlines, allow you to save time and will allow you to accomplish work and personal related errands. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best task manager apps for iPhone.



Things 3 is a very simple Task Manager.To begin with, it has a sleek and clean design and offers an intuitive layout. Things 3 is a Task Manager that will help you organize your tasks, set your deadlines, and sort all the things or appointments that you need to accomplish. This app has a simple and organized interface. This will easily help remember the work flown you when you’re using it on a daily basis.

Things 3 app includes an inbox if you want to check some messages. There’s also an option where you can check your daily task. You can also set some appointments or deadlines ahead of time. The categorization feature will really help organize your life.



WeDo task manager is not a simple task manager. It is also a health and habits manager that you can access anytime and anywhere.You can arrange and manage your task daily, weekly, and in a monthly basis. WeDo task manager is very simple to use. You can easily look up any task that you set for yourself, so you can get reminded whenever you forget to remember events. You can set an alarm and folders if you want your tasks to be more organized and easy to look for. You can set colors for every category and for every task that you need to do. You can set an alarm for the tasks or due dates that you need to accomplish for the day.

You can also share your tasks with your friends if you cannot do the things you need to do because of your hectic schedule. You can also sync your tasks if you have an internet connection for you not to forget your tasks, your routines, and deadlines everywhere you go. You can check your tasks if you want to at anytime and anywhere.



This task manager app will help you accomplish your daily tasks, weekly reminders, and monthly appointments. There are categories that are included in your main menu that will help you set your appointments, deadlines, tasks, and other things that you need to be reminded of.

You may enter images in a specific task for you to remember what you need to do. This is essentially useful if you need to buy something before coming home from work. You may also add and enter an audio file so you can be better reminded.

You may also add time, date, and locations specifically to your meetings or appointments so you know where your next meeting will be. It’s really a great planning tool. It is a free app that you can use, and you can also purchase the premium version for you to enjoy the extraordinary experience.

4. 2DO


2Do task manager app is a great app that you can use.You can check all your tasks in the “All” section. However, if you want to specifically look for something, you can go use the home screen to check the entire feed. 2Do app is a task manager that you can download if you’re a detailed kind of person. You can schedule a task ahead of time, set due dates, and organize the things you need to do.

You can also set tasks separately according to the nature of tasks like if your task is for your home or for your work. This is useful to prevent getting confused and jumbling up tasks that need to be accomplished. You can also tag a location if you want to be reminded of the place where your appointments or due dates will happen or will be accomplished. There’s a free to download of 2Do and there’s also an in-app purchase if you want to experience a lot more of 2Do task manager app.



Todoist is another app that one of the most simple task managers to enter your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. There are general categories that are indicated in your “Projects” section. The good thing here is you can add categories based on your tasks that you need to do. This helps you become more organized and avoid getting confused. This task manager app will help you in organizing tasks that you need to do and need to accomplish according to the dates that you need to follow.

There are color code when it comes to the labels on where you have entered your tasks. This makes it easy to spot urgent tasks that can be colored red or hot pink. You can also share your tasks or appointments, you can add images and audios, and also, you can tag a location if you want to. You can experience a lot of this task manager app if you purchase this for a low cost every year.



This task manager app is an app wherein you can sort your tasks and put deadlines on specific entries. The app also uses color coding for better labeling. This app will allow you to provide a level of priority for the task to be on the top list or not, from high priority to low priority. Remember the Milk app is one of the unique task manager apps because it allows you to give a reminder even without checking on the app itself. You’ll receive an email or text message if you need to accomplish a task or if your task is due today.

Downloading this app will make your life easier because it is automatically updated whenever it gets the chance. You just need to connect the app to your mobile device and calendar so the task that you need will automatically entered on the app.



Any.do task manager app is easy to use because it is very simple and neatly laid out. This task manager app will help you organize your daily tasks. You may add, delete, organize and schedule any tasks with corresponding dates. This app can be updated if you want to add some tasks to add through sending it to your email. You may get any notification or reminders if you want to be alerted on your tasks.

You may set the deadline and the reminder. You can receive a notification or alert status if your task is due within the day or soon overdue. This app can be shared to others as long as you allow the other connection to access and share your tasks. This is a free app that you can download to your device and you’ll get the whole and advanced features of Any.do app if you’re going to purchase this app.

Bottom Line

Task managing and life organizing has never been this easy, fun, and creative. Try out any of those apps listed above to break free from trying to remember all those responsibilities in your brain. The most important outcome is you get to be reminded of all the important things you need to remember – like your tenth year wedding anniversary.