It is said that before every workout or exercise session you should stretch, not just to prepare your muscles but warm up your body for strenuous work. Sometimes, it’s also great to stretch to relax and loosen up your frame.

Of course, it’s not always apparent which stretches are the best to do. Even worse, stretch the wrong way or extend yourself too much and you’ll end up with an injury. Personal trainers and coaches aim to prevent such a thing, but what if you cannot find one nor do you have the funds to hire them?

Queue mobile stretching apps and flexibility apps, designed to help you loosen up your body and frame, or spend a little time warming up your core. They walk you through the stretching experience with detailed instructions and guidance so that you get the maximum effect with minimal damage.

The best part is they exist on mobile so you can take and use them anywhere, from the comfort of your home or away on vacation.

The Best Stretching Apps (Our Top Picks)

Best stretching app overall: Stretching Sworkit Google Play | iTunes

Best visual stretching app with videos: StretchIt Google Play | iTunes

Best stretching app for beginners: Stretching Exercises Google Play | iTunes

The best stretching apps on the market are the ones that included a wide range of different stretches and flexibility movements. They should have easy-to-follow videos and instructions, allow you to track your workouts, and should include timers so that you’re staying on top of your workouts.

All the best stretching apps should have a free trial but if not, they should have a low entry option and exercise routines that are only for stretching and mobility.

Here are the best mobile stretching apps for Android and iOS:

1. Stretching Sworkit

Stretching Sworkit

Don’t let the name fool you. Although a bit silly, Sworkit is an incredibly capable app that helps you extend the flexibility of your body absent injury.

It includes a library of over 100 different exercises, each with their own highly-detailed step-by-step guide.

Before stretching, you get to choose from three different workout types: full body stretch, head-to-toe stretch, and Pilates. Just choose which section matches your current needs best and you’ll be served a variety of appropriate exercises to follow.

You can also build your own custom workouts spanning categories like Yoga, strength, stretching, and cardio.

Stretching Sworkit is free to download and use on both Android and iOS, but it does have in-app purchases and the option to subscribe for access to additional content.

Google Play | iTunes

2. StretchIt


If you’re more of a visual learner, then a good stretching app is StretchIt. It offers a variety of images and video-based courses on stretching that can help you improve your flexibility.

Over 40 hours of video content is available through the app, for free. You can also filter exercises by experience, from beginner to expert level movements.

Like many of the other apps, you can shoot for a full body workout, or focus on certain areas instead. The app also includes a built-in tracking mode so that you can keep an eye on your performance over an extended period.

Google Play | iTunes

3. Stretching Exercises

Stretching Exercises

Another capable and free flexibility app, Stretching Exercises offers guides on a variety of movements. Like any of the other apps, you can filter exercises by skill level, body area, and even flexibility types.

Some of the more unique movements purport to boost the energy in your body, giving you an extra push.

Google Play | iTunes

4. Stretch HD

Stretch HD

Stretch HD offers a wide selection of HD-quality videos with instructions on stretches and movements. All videos are the result of research so you can be sure they are always safe and effective.

Although the videos are the focus of the support, you can play music from within the app to improve your workout and your stretches.

Google Play | iTunes

5. 5 Minute Pilates

5 minutes pilates

As you may know, Pilates and Yoga are exceptional activities that help you stretch the core of your body and improve flexibility. Many stretching exercises are taken directly from the world of Yoga.

That’s where 5 Minute Pilates comes into play with a growing library of movements and exercises, all of which you can see to completion in five minutes or less.

Start using this app, and you’ll soon find you turn to it at any time of the day, not just before more strenuous workouts.

Google Play | iTunes

6. Start Stretching

Start Stretching

The goal of Start Stretching — and its inherent design — are to help you work towards more physical flexibility.

But the nature of most movements means that you can also use this app to stretch out before any workout or exercise regimen.

Many of the movements are basic yet effective, with both text and graphic based instructions to guide you through. As you do movements, the statistics are tracked allowing you for more insight into your performance and improvement.

iTunes ONLY

7. Stretch Exercises

Stretch Exercises

Although the name is generic, the app itself certainly is not. It offers a variety of stretch-based exercises many of which you can complete in minutes. Access is free, and you can immediately access any and all content.

The downside is that this app does include ads, but it’s a far cry from the premium, subscription model most similar apps offer.

Another thing to note is that this app is not as attractive visually as some of the others listed, but it gets the job done and that’s what matters.

Google Play ONLY

8. Home Workout

Home Workout

Most apps — even some on this list — require a paid subscription to access the best content. That is not the case for Home Workout, an app that boasts over 60 HD-quality videos of exercises and movements.

Everything from simple stretches to bodybuilding and strength-focused exercises are available.

Additional options include body area specification, varying skill levels, and synchronization with more strenuous workouts. Keep in mind; it also includes home-based workout routines so you can both stretch and tone within the same app.

Google Play | iTunes

9. Flexibility


As the name implies, Flexibility is an excellent stretching and exercise app that can help you boost your limber nature.

It offers detailed stretching guides for a variety of movements, alongside exercises from Yoga, dynamic warm-up, strength, and cardio categories. You can also widdle down exercises based on an area of your body like groin, neck, and quads.

At the top of each guide, you’ll find an image of what you’re supposed to be doing, accented by audio-based instructions.

The app is free to download, as is a week of premium use. Beyond that, however, you’ll need to pay a subscription to access content.

Google Play | iTunes

10. Stretch Timer

Stretch Timer

Although not technically a stretch guidance app, Stretch Timer offers much in the way of your exercise routines. Suppose you already know a wide variety of stretches but need assistance in holding them for the right amount of time, this is your app.

Just choose the stretch length, reps and rest time and you’re good to go. The app will even repeat sessions, so you can stretch out both sides of your body equally.

Google Play | iTunes

Bottom Line

In general, apps meant to offer assistance in stretching and exercise do so in a great many ways, each of which in their feature-rich environment.

From HD-quality videos, to long yet picturesque guides you can rest assured there’s something here for everyone.

If you have any trouble with the list or run into problems while using these apps feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help.