Stickers are one of the most creative and colorful options to show emotions, to set the mood, and to show colorful characters while communicating with your friend, loved ones, and relatives. The stickers are symbols of emotions, actions, and facial expressions of a person. Stickers can are in all your other communication platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Vivo, and others.

Sticker Maker creates unusual kinds of stickers; you make a sticker out of your face, or your friend’s face. Sticker Maker shows you different kinds of designs, symbols, quotations, pictures, and other images that are related to the emotions you want to share with others. You search the sticker you want to send because there are different kinds of stickers, from the characters, to designs, and to the emotions each characters portray. In this short guide, you’ll find the seven best sticker maker apps for Android.



This simple app allows you to create your stickers through your photos, memes, pet, friend’s face, family member’s face, or any object that you want to make your stickers. When you’re done picking photos of the subject or category that you want to make a sticker, you outline to cut the specific part of the image you want to use in making your stickers. This app doesn’t have any numbers in making your packs and your stickers, so, you can use and make stickers as many as you can.

You create a list of packs of the stickers you’re going to create; if you’re done doing it, you can now start making a sticker on your own because it is very easy to use the app. You can save the stickers you made and share it with your friends in different social media like Messenger, Viber, or any other communication platform. This app can is for sticker making, ads, memes and other images.



Sticker Studio helps you cut out a particular part of the image that you want to make as a sticker. This app is applicable and compatible with different kinds of communication platform like Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, and a lot more. You can use your camera to take a photo of an image or a particular object to be your sticker design; you can also select a specific image to your gallery and make them one of your designs in making your sticker. You outline the specific part of an image to be a complete sticker design.

You can also cut the particular area into shapes to have a more funny and creative sticker. You add texts in your sticker idea, you insert colors, and you choose the best color for the sticker you want to make. You can download the stickers that you make and share it with your friends in your different social media networking sites. You download this app for free, and you pay the in-app purchase if you want to have an advertisement free app.



StickIt! allows you to cut the background or the subject of a photo to create a beautiful sticker. You place it to a different place of the sticker to have realistic features and to have effects that can make it attractive and fun. You can also take a photo directly to your mobile camera and make it one of your subjects in making stickers. You merge the cut image to another image and make it more playful, nice, and creative at the same time.

You can add text to the image that you cut from a specific location, you’re also allowed to draw a line to a specific part of the image, and it will automatically be recognized if you want to work easily in making stickers. You select the color of the image that you want to stand out or that you want to be noticed and save it to your storage. You can now start sharing and sending your stickers to the people you often talk to like your friends, loved ones, relatives, and others.



StickoText is a third party app in WhatsApp app to enter your emotions, your greetings, and your messages to your loved ones, family, friends, and relatives. You use your image, other people’s image, animated clips, or any character in doing your creative stickers to have a creative, fun, and artistic sticker outcome. You also use texts, shapes, and any other clips that can make your sticker more lively, colorful, and attractive in the eyes of the receiver of the sticker. StickoText lets you make your sticker on your language and your own preference so the other people who will receive the sticker will understand.

There are a lot of stickers you can make happy stickers, greeting stickers, love sticker, sad stickers, eating stickers, mad stickers, and any other occasion that you want to make stickers. From sketch to a bold kind of stickers, you see the different versions of stickers if you download StickoText app. You don’t only share your talent in making stickers, but also it entertains the receiver of your sticker messages.



Sticker Make will test your creativity when it comes to making stickers. You can make stickers out of memes, the faces of other people, your face, and anything else you can think of. You upload the image you want to cut and edit as a sticker may that be PNG or JPEG. You can also remove the background of the sticker you’re going to make and make the subject more outstanding. You can cut the particular part of the image to make it as a part of a creative sticker.

After editing, you can add text to the image, may it be below, above, or in the center of the image. After which, you can add some shapes, colors, and lines if you want to add a figure or a shape to make your sticker even more funny, attractive, and colorful. You can add borders if you want to because it adds beauty to the sticker you make. You can download this app and enjoy creating and sharing your own made stickers.



Graphic Design app is the easiest sticker maker that you can download. This app allows you to create as many stickers and logos as you can, you can upload a photo or an image that you want to use as a sticker design, and you can crop, rotate, cut, and remove the background if you want to. You can also create or make a new one if you don’t want to upload an image. You can add texts, shapes, colors, and size if you want to add for greetings and simple message. You can also choose which font style and font color you want to use to make your sticker beautiful, colorful, and creative.

Graphic Design app is also a Logo design app which can help you create a unique style of the sticker. Graphic Design app features a lot of option to make, like icons, emoji, logos, and stickers. You choose the options while making your sticker and make the most beautiful stickers; you can save and share it with your friends in any different kinds of messaging platform.



My Stickers Maker app is the broadest and an all- in sticker maker in your mobile device. You can take a photo of yourself directly and edit it in the app itself, you can also take your selfie, and your face will be placed and edited on a background that you like, and you can also upload your photo and edit it through the options given by the app. You can choose the background where you want your photo should be depending on your facial expression and mood.

If you want your photo to stand out, you need to push the white background in your photo to make it more obvious, creative and fun. You can also save your edited photos through this app to your storage and use it for drawing and putting some shapes on it. If you want to add some shapes or text or any decorations to your photo even without a background, you may do so. It is not a boring app because it is easy to use and there are a lot of options and features to give you.

Bottom Line

One of the fun things about messaging and chat is you get to send a lot of interactive messages. You can send images, short video clips, sound bites, and stickers. The latter is a fun and exciting way to share your emotions. It’s even happened before, and maybe happening now, that an actual conversation was made up of purely stickers.