In the battle for digital supremacy, digital and ecommerce giants turn to the entertainment side of things with products that help connect traditional TV with the internet. So what do you mean by Fire Stick? Is it something that causes fire? Well, it surely isn’t anything related to fire but it sure is hot item right now.

Fire Stick is actually short for the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It works much like a remote control so you can turn your TV into a content streaming device. When you purchase a Fire Stick you get two things. The first is the remote and the other is a device with an HDMI port which you insert to your TV. When you plug it in, go through the setup process, and then boom, you’re all set.

The Fire Stick lets you stream TV Shows through Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Youtube. This small device lets you view 1080P quality videos when streaming. You can also search and play casual games. It’s like turning your regular TV into a Smart TV.

So at this point, you may be wondering, what does Fire Stick run on?

Fire Stick runs on Fire OS which is built on Android. However, you won’t be seeing the Google Play Store in the device by default. If you go through the device’s dashboard, you’ll see that it’s hooked to the Amazon App Store so there, by default, is your app market of choice.

Now, going back to the thing about Fire Stick, you can actually stream videos and content straight to your TV with this device. You can even get sports apps into the system so you can view them in the comfort of your lazy boy. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best sports streaming apps for Fire Stick.



ESPN is short for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, which is a pay to watch television sports channel owned by ESPN Inc. and later joined by The Walt Disney Company. This company is one of the largest sports channel companies in Unites States which delivers News Sports, Live Streams, Sports Conference, and Sports Analysis.

As one of the successful streaming channel company in United States, ESPN didn’t get away from criticisms from people that maybe are watchers, broadcasters, and analysts who thinks and feel that they are having biased coverage, conflict of interest and other controversies with individual analysts and/ or broadcasters that’s working under ESPN channel. The criticisms that have been issued to them are most likely their motivation for their continuous success up the present.

After being criticized and praised, ESPN channel made their way to the top. In order to remain competitive, the channel and streaming services allows you to stream or watch any type of sport like soccer, basketball, football, tennis, cricket, and golf. This channel is a paid streaming channel that you can purchase in Amazon. After you purchase, you just need to download ESPN to your Amazon Fire TV, create your account or log in to your account, and enjoy streaming sports in HD.



The main event is here. Watch your favorite Wrestling superstars duke it out on-demand when you get the WWE Network app straight to your TV. Watch your favorite wrestlers go against the odds and finally do their signature moves.

This channel is also one of the best channels that you can watch when you have Amazon Fire TV Stick. You get live streaming, replays, and Behind the Scenes exclusives and other juicy clips. You’ll never miss out on any of the action.

WWE is short for World Wrestling Entertainment, formerly known as Titan Sports, Inc., until it became World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. This channel allows you to stream Live wrestling actions, replays, commercials, and Behind the Scenes telecasts. This channel is also a paid channel in which you can purchase in Amazon and download it to your Amazon Fire TV for premium streaming. Like ESPN, you can register and log in to your account to watch the latest wrestling actions together with wrestling analysts and broadcasters.



Pluto TV is one of the free Sport Streaming Apps for your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Since it’s free, you can access several channels that you really like, and of course, stream sports channels. Some sport channels that you can stream here in Pluto TV would be Fight, World Poker Tour, and Impact Wrestling. On top of that, you can access the Sports News Network, where you can watch the latest updates on a specific sport you want to focus on. You can even get stuff like Glory Kickboxing and Big Sky Network.

Pluto TV is a network owned by Viacom. Like the other Sport Streaming Apps, there’s also a channel for Pluto TV like Fox Sport, in which, you can watch game highlights, latest news about the entire sporting industry which includes football, MMA Updates, opinions, and also game analysis. Pluto TV is also good for other non-sports channels. Download it on your Fire Stick to check out this great app.

4. NBA for Fire TV

NBA for Fire TV 

NBA, also known as the National Basketball Association, has a sports streaming app for your Fire TV Stick. In order to get access to all things NBA, you need to have an NBA League Pass Subscription. This allows you to stream and watch games, as well as gain access to exclusive content.

With the NBA app installed to your Fire Stick, you can watch live games, and playoffs in full coverage, plus, you won’t be bothered by annoying breaks and commercials unlike live streaming via the web browser.

There are also some things that you can watch or do via the NBA Fire Stick app. You can view the league statistics, get full game video recaps, schedules for the next game, team standings, news on players and team who will be playing for the coming games, and more NBA related content.

5. NFL


NFL, or the National Football League, is equally divided into two (2): (1) National Football Conference (NFC); and (2) American Football Conference (AFC). You can be sure to access games to these conferences when you download the NFL Fire TV Stick app.

Similar to the NBA streaming app, you also need to have the NFL League Pass which you will need to subscribe to so you can stream the latest season of a football game. You’ll also get to know the standing of each football teams, and know who was traded to the other teams. The NFL app and the NFL League Pass also lets you watch live streams of a game, game recaps of your favorite football team, and inside editions on teams and coaches. The app is great because you’ll know the schedule of the games, get football updates, and more.



MLB.TV is an app for Fire Stick. It’s a paid app for subscription pass. You might want to choose a plan between a monthly or a yearly plan. The plans depends on the level of access you like so the corresponding prices might vary. This is an app where you can watch baseball at your own convenience. You can watch every day because there’s a free game to watch every time. Also, the app has a hide the scores feature so you won’t encounter spoilers through the dashboard.

MLB, or Major League Baseball, can be purchased and downloaded through Amazon for you to enjoy your streaming. You can watch baseball at MLB via Live Stream or game recap. Like NBA, and NFL, you can also be updated to the latest game updates, team players, game schedules, game standing, and other things you like to know about MLB.



Another app to try for the Fire Stick is the Red Bull TV app. You can download this from the Amazon app store. It showcases extremes sports like F1, WRC racing, Motogp, and more.

You’ll find live stream videos for sports, replays, and exclusive content. If you’re out to complete the whole sports setup, you definitely need this app on your Fire Stick.

Bottom Line

Fire Stick is a new technology that’s developing over time. The available apps are still limited to a few titles but if you stick around and watch the developments, you may see an emergence of a new platform similar to the success of mobile phones. Try out these sports apps for the Fire Stick and see how it works for you.

Pro Tip: Often everyone gets a different experience when they download apps and use technology. It’s important to consider that some factors may be different so reliability is not 100%. So if videos tend to buffer, consider checking network connection and device compatibility.