One of the biggest things in this life is the boom of the smart phone industry. Every year device manufacturers try their very best to release the highest performing smart phone based on specs and needs of many users.

However, the limitation of the smart phone is that you can only fit so much into such a small screen space. This is why app developers have come up with the “Split pic” app. This means you can add more photos into a single frame or add multiple frames within a single photo.

If you’re an avid social sharer, you’ll definitely have good use for split pic apps. Here are 7 best split pic apps for Android and iOS:

1. Diptic


Diptic is an app that allows you to easily create beautiful photo collages and share them with your friends. It has a simple design and its features are easy to understand so you can have fun creating beautiful images no matter the level of photography skills you may have.

With the Diptic app, you can use photos from your camera roll or gallery, Facebook or Flickr account or just an instant snap from your mobile phone’s camera. When you take a photo for the app, you can have your photos saved on your mobile phone; share it via email or on your social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram.

You don’t have to worry about your photos getting pixelated since the app gives you a high-resolution image output along with the options to adjust its brightness, contrast, hue, and color saturation.

The Diptic app also has 61 layouts for you to choose from so you can combine up to nine photos in one layout. You can further customize your layouts by sliding interior frame lines for better fitting.

The Diptic app is available for Android and iOS so you can get them through the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.




Moldiv is another photo editing app that lets you do a lot of amazing things with your photos. This app has beauty tools using its beauty camera with live selfie filters. You can smoothen your skin, have your face become slimmer, enlarge your eyes, and even add lighting effects on your photos.

The Moldiv app allows you to edit your photos but also your videos with its live video filters, motion graphics, particle effects, and others. It also lets you create split pictures and combine and edit many photos on just one canvas or layer your images or create a collage and customize it however you want.

Moldiv is free to download and is exclusively available for iOS devices through the iTunes App Store. Moldiv supports in-app purchases and the upgrade pack only goes for $8.99.


3. PicPlayPost


PicPlayPost is dubbed as the best split pic creating apps with a variety of selections of templates you can choose from. This is an amazing way to add style to any of your simple photos.

You can choose from over thirty-six different templates so you can make your own collage of photos with two images as its minimum and six as its maximum.

PicPlayPost lets you create collages with your phone and you can also add the video clips into the collage frames. You can add video clips with a maximum length of 10 minutes and export or share your creation directly to your Instagram, Facebook, or any social media accounts.

The PicPlayPost app is available for Android and iOS users and it’s free for download so you can download the app through the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store. PicPlayPost supports in-app purchases that ranges from $2.99 to $19.99 only.


4. Fuzel Collage

Fuzel Collage

Fuzel Collage is also a simple and easy editing app for your photos. Unlike other apps, the Fuzel Collage allows you to add any number of photos into your creation. You can start with a minimum of two images and go up to ten or more. You can select any photos from your mobile phone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other sources.

The app has auto-generated templates so you have an easy time in selecting potential collage layouts. Fuzel also lets you add photo effects, stickers, patterns, labels and frames on your images. The app also regularly updates its decoration packs weekly.

The Fuzel Collage app is available for Android and iOS users and it’s free for download so you can download the app through the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.


5. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicArt Photo Studio app is a great collage maker or a split pic editing app. The app has over a thousand tools which will help you in creating the best version of you split pic layouts. This lets you create cutouts, along with basic tools such as crop, stretch, and clone on photos. It even lets you add text and adjust its curves. You can choose among its different artistic photo filters including HDR, frames, backgrounds, borders, callouts, and many more.

Using the PicsArt Photo Studio’s collage maker, you can make creative photos from over a hundred free templates and choose from new images uploaded by the PicsArt community. As a suggestion, these free images can be used as your split pic backgrounds or to simply be part of the entire collage.

This app is free to download from the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.


6. Pic Jointer for Photo Collage

Pic Jointer for Photo Collage

Pic Jointer for Photo Collage app is one of the fastest apps you can use for creating your split pic collages but can also be used for different purposes like illustrations for digests, posts on your social media networks or your blog contents.

You can choose from 16 collage templates to create your image and edit the size of the collage itself or its individual sections and add effects and textures when you use its premium version.

The Pic Jointer for Photo Collage app is exclusively available for iOS users so you can download it through the iTunes app store. The app is free to download and it allows you to subscribe to premium content for only $2.99 weekly. You can also choose to get the basic filters pack for only $0.99.


7. Split Pic Collage Maker Layout

Split Pic Collage Maker Layout

Split Pic Collage Maker Layout is an app which lets you create photos that are both artistic and stylish. Using this app is very easy and simple, you just have to select the template you want to use, add the photos you want from your photo library or take ones with the app’s camera, add signatures and any decorations you want.

One of the things you’ll like about this app is that it lets you add photos of one person with different poses on the background as if you’re cloning yourself. You can also add in filters on your images to be more creative.

This app is only available for iOS users so it’s exclusively available for download through the iTunes App Store.


Bottom Line

There are many split pic apps available through the app markets. You’ll find the best one when you download a few titles and try them out for yourself. There are easy edit templates while there are apps with comprehensive tools. Each has its own unique benefits so you may end up with two or three apps on your device.

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