SoundCloud is an app that allows you to listen to your favorite music whenever you like, where you are. You can search per genre, artist, album and so much more through the SoundCloud app. They also allow you to listen to your favorite kind of music and upload your own music, may it be A-cappella, remixed, or just your voice record. This app is compatible, available, and can be downloaded to your Personal Computers, Laptops, tablets, and your mobile device.

SoundCloud can be downloaded for free. They also offer a premium version for a better experience. The free version has its limitation on streaming and other services but you can still listen to a lot of music. On the other hand the paid or the premium version offers an unlimited streaming experience. Moreover, you can stream music without any advertisements in between the music you choose to play.



Mixcloud is also an app that you can browse music or radio shows, mixtapes, you can also listen to your favorite music may it be a trend or a classical music, you can also share your own music by uploading and sharing other music to the other registered members in Mixcloud. After downloading and installing Mixcloud to your devices, you may or you may not sign in or log in to your account, you may also link your Facebook, Google, or other account for sharing and for podcasts.

You can select different categories if you want to have a specific genre of music in mind, or if you want to listen to different variations of music. You can also create your own music in this app directly and share it to everybody whether in Facebook or in any other Social Media Networking Sites. You may also select a specific radio show or talk shows that you want to hear because there are specific genres and classifications that you can choose from because of the Mixcloud’s availability in your device.



Spotify is multiplatform app that can be easily downloaded through your favorite app marketplace. There is a free version of Spotify and also, there is a premium or paid version of this app for you to enjoy and make an extraordinary experience in listening and saving music. With Spotify, you no longer need to wait for the music to play, because there is a feature where the music automatically plays except when you search and look for a specific song.

Upon downloading and installing, Spotify will ask you to log in or sign up to your account for a better experience. You can sign up or log in through your Social Media Account, like Facebook, and you can now enjoy streaming, saving, downloading, and selecting your favorite music in one sitting.

3. RADIO4000


Radio4000 is an app that allows you to stream and listen to radio stations that play different genres. Since a lot of music are being streamed, Radio4000 helps you browse through an extensive category listing which goes according to genre, artist, album and many factors that it consider to be in one category. You can also select or search for radio channels that you want to listen to for your convenience and relaxation.

Radio4000 is a free app that you can download and install for your mobile device. Since it’s free, you can do a lot of things with this app like download your favorite radio station, share the station link or id that you frequently listen to, and discover new music from all over the globe. This app requires a network connection, like all types of cloud services to maintain a consistent level of service.



Pandora is a music streaming app that you can download so you can listen to different music of your choice. You can search for your favorite music and you can download it if you want to hear your favorite music offline.

Pandora is free and offers a premium service. The free version is great to have because you get to listen to an unlimited number of song but advertisements can be heard in the middle of the music streaming. If you download the paid or premium version, you can smoothly stream music based on where you’re because this app for a premium version is a free to advertisements meaning, there are no advertisements in between streaming.

You can search for different genre, artist, albums, and all other stations if you want to stream a different station. Since it is very easy to operate, you can clearly look for the things that you want to look and stream. There are a lot of music that can be streamed here in Pandora so you won’t be bored at all.



This a unique app that you can download for your devices because of the features that it has. Bandcamp is a band company in which they allow you to stream and purchase music according to your preference. There are also different genres of music specifically for a band that you can choose from like alternative rock, punk, folk, pop, and all other genres that you may think of.

They also give trivia about the artist or the band that you want to be updated with. One of the great features of this app is that you can purchase the music so you can listen to it offline. If any artist or band or song isn’t available via Bandcamp, you can place it on a wishlist and check back later to see if they’ve been added to the roster.



Google Play Music is an app that you can download through your mobile apps if you want to have a simple music streamer that is very easy and simple to operate. With Google Play Music, you can stream music at any time anywhere, you can stream music if you’re online or if you want to listen to music offline. This app allows you to categorize and sort all the music that you have been downloaded recently and before. You may sort it according to the artist, album, genre, and classification of the music.

You can search the music that you want to stream, you will just go to the search bar and type the music that you’re looking for. The app can store a lot of music according to your choices, this is an unlimited storing of music if you want to have a lot of music in your app. This is a free app that you can download on your devices.

7. LIVEXLIVE (Formerly Slacker Radio)

LiveXlive is a simple app that you can have to stream music and listen to your favorite artist anytime and anywhere you’re. There are different stations that you can choose from, and you can listen to it as long as you want. There are many stations that can be streamed. They may be focused on music, or it may be a talk show, or a news and all other specifications depending on the stations that you have selected.

The app dashboard also has a list of the latest songs that you can add and download to your own device for you to listen offline. There are also genres that are listed in the app, genres of music that are unlimited and easy to search. You can also search for the name of the artist and it will offer you a list of the music that that artist sang or made.

Bottom Line

You can easily gain access to music due to the recent developments in communication and technology. The internet has made it possible to make music become easily and readily available at all times. Go and get your audio fix with these great cloud streaming services.