The Apple Watch sure can do a lot. It can monitor your fitness and activity, and allow you to check your texts, calls and notifications on your wrist.

But the one thing it doesn’t do, at least not right out of the box, is track your sleep. That’s a shame because tracking your sleep can do a lot to improve your health.

Luckily, there are a few apps available for the Watch that can monitor your sleep patterns. Keep in mind, the apps won’t be as accurate as devices specifically meant to track your sleep, but they will give a ballpark figure.

1. Sleep++

Sleep++ is one of the most popular apps for both the Apple Watch and iPhone. It’s simple and stripped down to the absolute basics. There’s a start button, stop button, and a blue progress chart to show you sleep quality. That’s about it.

All data can be synced with Apple Health, and the information is logged through the companion app on iPhone.

Free | Sleep++ on iTunes

2. Pillow


Pillow stands out because it looks absolutely stunning, thanks to its colorful UI. Plus, it’s totally free, and it relies on several device sensors to track your sleeping patterns. It checks movement, sounds, heart-rate and more.

The data is then presented in easy-to-read, incredibly vibrant charts.

You will have to manually start your sleep tracking before you doze off, and stop it when you wake up — if that matters to you.

Free | Pillow on iTunes

3. Sleep Watch

sleep watch

Like the previous apps, Sleep Watch runs directly on the watch and borrows information from its various sensors to track sleep patterns.

It will measure the current time, heart-rate, sleep stages, movement, and more. This information is all compiled to deliver a sleep score, letting you know just how well you slept or didn’t.

As you continue to use the app, it will provide you with daily briefings and more detailed insights about your habits — such as “you sleep best between the hours of X and X.”

It’s a handy feature and one that certainly encourages you to continue using the tracker.

Free | Sleep Watch on iTunes

4. AutoSleep


The first of two premium apps on this list, there is no free version. That said, AutoSleep is an excellent sleep tracker and is one of the best on the entire list.

It’s lower on the list simply because it does cost money, not because it’s inferior.

AutoSleep, as the name suggests, will automatically kickstart the tracking mode when you go to bed and it’s super accurate too. You can also customize the sensitivity if you find the accuracy is off a little.

As for the sleep tracking features, everything you’d expect is here. It measures motion, heart-rate, and compiles all the information into a neat chart for your viewing pleasure.

Premium: $2.99 | AutoSleep on iTunes

5. HeartWatch


The second premium app on this list, HeartWatch is primarily designed to measure heart health and activity information. But it also includes a built-in sleep tracker which works great.

More importantly, it will help you understand the correlation between heart activity and your sleeping patterns.

For example, when your heart-rate drops below a certain point at night, you’re in a deep slumber.

Premium: $2.99 | HeartWatch on iTunes