Credit to you if you are using Mac for quite a long and still using its default screensaver. Sure, there is nothing wrong with using the default screensaver, but there comes a time when it starts looking boring. You haven’t spent a lot of money on your Mac just to be bored by a monotonous screensaver, haven’t you?

You may have given up on finding vibrant screensavers just like many other users, but actually, it is quite easy to do so. Here are the top screensaver apps for your Mac that will make the job easy for you. Have a look at them and download the one that suits you best.

Unsplash Wallpaper:

You may not have changed your Mac’ screensaver or the wallpaper, but you may have heard about this wonderful app. If you want to check how good of this app is; Google free stock photos and you will find Unsplash on the top. Basically, it’s a website that features 10 new images every 10 days. All these images are full HD, Retina compatible, and makes for beautiful backgrounds as screensavers.

Talking about the app, t’s a free menu bar utility that will cycle new wallpapers every 12 hours or when you ask it to. Just 7.7Mbs in size and free to download, many distinctive features of this app will make you love this app. This app also automatically changes the menu bar theme to dark mode when the wallpaper/screensaver is dark as well. So, if you want to up your screensaver game, this is the app you need to have.

Download Unsplash Wallpaper on Mac.

Padbury Clock Screensaver for Mac:

If you have a nag for classic screensaver apps then this is the one for you. If you are a type of person that doesn’t often shut down the Mac then you will love this app more. Download this app and choose the screensaver. Adjust the time and your Mac screen will start displaying the current time in big bold beautiful letters.

The only downside is that you won’t be able to directly download this wonderful app from the Mac Store. The good news is that downloading it as a third-party app isn’t too difficult. Follow the link below, download the zip file, unzip it and you’ll see a .saver file. Double-click it and you’ll be asked to install it. That’s it. Head to the Desktop & Screen Saver option in System Preferences to start using this amazing app.

Download Padbury Clock Screensaver for Mac.

Dribbble Screensaver:
Dribbble Screensaver:

Another top app that will help you change the outlook for your Mac. This app includes a bundle of wonderful screensavers that will bring all that beautiful and flat design inspiration right to your monitor when it’s been idle for more than your set time. There are so many good options to choose from but rest assured, all of them offer something different and makes for a great screensaver. Again, you will need to follow the link (mentioned below) to get your hands on this wonderful app. The app works smoothly and doesn’t possess any threats or glitches whatsoever.

Download Dribbble Screensaver for your Mac

Kuvva Wallpapers:

Before describing how different and wonderful this app is, you just need to know that this app will cost you $4.99. The main reason why you will be required to pay such money is the fact that the developers believe in paying the artists who submit their artwork (which is used as screensavers) on their website. What it means is that you will be able to get some of the best artworks for using as your screensavers, and people who have made the efforts will get rewarded for their work.

You will be able to download this app from the Mac Store. This app offers some of the most spectacular polygonal and minimal art wallpapers that you’d see. Not only that, this app updates quite frequently which means a lot of options to choose from. You can see the sample work to make your mind before spending money. However, if you decide to spend money then it will definitely be worth it.

Download Kuvva for your Mac.

Wallpaper by Behance:

The last app on the list is wallpapers by Behance. Just like the Kuvva, Behance also features some of the finest work from the artists who want to earn from their craft. Almost all the work submitted on Behance is top-notch and therefore makes for wonderful screensavers and wallpapers. Wallpapers by Behance is a menu bar utility that lets you browse wallpapers from the drop-down menu. You would be able to save the wallpapers or you can just appreciate them. All in all, it’s one amazing app for the Mac users to feast on.

Download Wallpaper by Behance on your Mac.


This article has just provided you with the top screensavers app for mac. Now, it is entirely up to you to choose one of these apps for your Mac. If you are more into raw artwork then Behance or Kuvva would better suit you. If you are looking for free options to get full HD and Retina compatible screensavers then you can go for the first three options. All these apps offer something different and therefore, you can go for multiple apps as well.