Visual technology has sure come a long way. You can now use screen recording to convey information in almost limitless ways on your Mac. Make awesome tutorials, visual explanations, or report problems with screen recording software.

Even better, there are many screen recorder apps on the market that are compatible with macOS systems. All screen recorders don’t work on the same level of performance or quality. Many of these apps are free, while some can be very expensive investments.

It is very important that you choose the right screen recorder software for your Mac. This article will present you with information for 5 of the best screen recorder apps around that can be used on Mac.

1. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow by Telestream is one of the best screen recording software apps around. Create awesome video tutorials or even professional movie clips as well as other types of content with only a few simple steps. ScreenFlow offers high quality recording and powerful editing tools for video and audio. The app comes with a built-in Stock Media Library with more than 500,000 original media clips and Streamlined Media Management features. Make video and text animations as well as freehand notations transitions, and multi-channel audio. Make your videos on Mac and publish them directly from the app.

ScreenFlow offers a free trial. However, after the trial ends, the price is $129. This is rather expensive for a screen recording tool. If you only need to use basic screen capture and recording features, you may want to choose one that is free.

2. Snagit


Snagit is another great screen recording app, but this one offers a lot for word processors too. Record yourself as you work through steps using the Snagit Screen Recorder. The app comes with great features such as All-In-One-Capture scrolling screen and almost 2,000 pre-made stamps. You can create visuals and insert them in your documents. Create screenshots, graphics, or recordings with tools that are really easy to use. Use the Simplify tool to convert standard screenshots to simplified graphics. Or, use the Magic Wand to move objects around. Turn your short screen recordings into animated GIFs! Panoramic scrolling capture is a power feature that even allows you to capture objects such as drop[-down menus.

Snagit is lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh your Mac down with a massive size so it ranks high as a screen capture and recording utility. You can export the projects to the cloud for storage and sync with a mobile app using WiFi.

Snagit 2019 also offers a free trial, after which, the price is $49.95 with a money back guarantee. Once you purchase Snagit, you can install the app on two devices for the price. The app comes with a version for Windows and one for MacOS. If you only need basic screen recording or capturing tools, you may want to use the built-in app or one that is free.

3. Monosnap


Monosnap is primarily also a flexible screenshot editor software as it is also a screen recorder when you use the video tool on Mac. This app does much more than capture or take screen shots. The Monosnap tools are very simple to use for beginners to laymen. Use Monosnap for many different projects that require screenshots, video recording, or both. Annotate from several options and copy hex codes to spread your choice of colors from the clipboard. Instantly upload your projects to the Web, then copy the URL to edit with screenshots.

Monosnap is ideal for web developers and artists. Best of all, you can get Monosnap from the App Store for free! (The app has an in-app purchase option.) Store your Monosnap data in the cloud for $4.99.

4. Camtasia


Camtasia is a veteran screen recording app in that it’s been around since about 2002. You may recognize some law enforcement commercials were created using Camtasia. Also developed by TechSmith, Camtasia is a highly effective, All-In-One video editor and screen recorder that allows you to import several video formats. Record your screen with the click of one button and upload it to Facebook or Twitter! Create the most professional looking videos and movies using this app on Mac.

Screen recordings made in Camtasia for Mac are stored in a ~/Movies folder which can be located in Finder. Like Snagit, once you purchase Camtasia, you can install the app on two devices for the price.

The Camtasia 2019 software suite offers a free trial, after which, the purchase price is $249. You can then add Snagit to your purchase for an additional $25.

5. QuickTime


QuickTime has also been around as a medium to play digital video and audio files on Mac since the early 1990s. Of course the built-in QuickTime Player on your Mac has a screen recorder that you can use. Play .mov, MP4, WAV, and many other video file formats; record parts of or an entire screen with the screen recording tool; and capture moments or still images with this media app.

Then, you can also add audio, trim, and share your projects with your colleagues or friends. Your screen recordings in QuickTime are saved in the Autosave Information file (which is a hidden Library file) unless you save them manually to a selected location. The recordings are saved as H.264 QuickTime movie format. Retrieve the screen recordings by entering Command + Shift + G in Finder. If QuickTime is already installed on your Mac, access it from the Applications folder in Finder:

You can convert video or movie file formats in QuickTime Pro. QuickTime X is available for MacOS X Snow Leopard and later. There is a free version and a purchase version of QuickTime that may be installed on your Mac.

Note: Although QuickTime is still available on Mac, that may change soon due to the history of QuickTime security issues that have been reported by Windows users.