Mobile reminders are one of the easiest reminders that you need to have to know our dues, appointments, and other important matters that you need to be reminded or notified on. Reminders will free you from missing your important appointments that you need to do. For instance you may have forgotten to pay a bill or attend a family gathering. Reminders will save you from the inconvenience of a bad day.

The reminder will always be the first one to alert you before the event occurs because you’ll always see it on your phone upon checking calendars and alarms. With mobile reminders, you find a solution for bad time management, bad paying habits, and tardiness problems. Reminders will also help you remember special occasions. Here are the 7 best reminder apps for your iPhone.

1. Due – Reminders & Timers


Due is one of the simplest apps that you might want to download in your iPhone because you can just basically do a few taps and you’re set to remind yourself for whatever the task or occasion. Due allows you to delete, duplicate, email, message or tweet about your appointments. You can also save or sync your set reminders via iCloud or in your Dropbox. Due helps you create your due dates, alarms, and daily appointments.

Due is just a simple apple app that gives the most attractive features. The features let you set your appointments at your most convenient way. You can just tap and select if ever you want to set your appointments beforehand and the display seems quite attractive. Get this app for only $4.99 via the iTunes App Store.

2. Fantastical 2 for iPhone

Fantastical 2 for iPhone

Fantastical 2 is a calendar reminder app which allows you to set your appointments and arrange it according to the days, weeks, and months. Using Fantastical 2 is just like setting any appointments with your friends, the only difference is that, you’re setting it virtually, easily, and timely. The features of Fantastical 2 is simple, colorful, and wordy. You can set your appointments according to the level of importance that Fantastical 2 is showing. Fantastical 2 is just a traditional mobile reminder for the people who wants to be notified easily and accurately.

When you download the Fantastical 2 App, you’ll see the calendar at the top and the task list towards the bottom. You can customize the color, as well as the reminder type, occasion, time, importance, and title of your choice. On top of that, you can set the level of priority so it’ll be easier to decide on which tasks need to be attended to first.

As an added feature, you can also put the location of your appointment or meeting so you get a comprehensive reminder. There’s also a field for remarks which is essentially useful if you’re taking medications.

3. To-do List & Tasks

Fantastical 2 for iPhone mobile app is a day-to-day basis mobile app which can be linked or connected to your other iOS devices like the iWatch and iPad. This app lets you set your daily appointments through a to-do list. You can tap the date above the reminder to input time, location, description of your appointment, and the title for quick reference. Since is a day-to-day reminder app, all you need to do is to set time and the date and a pop-up notification will appear in your lock screen simply because it’ll remind you what to do for that day or for tomorrow’s errands and appointments.

The app is easy to use and will fit really well into your daily routine. The app is free to download and premium only goes for $2.99 per month.

4. Clear Todos

Clear Todos

Clear Todos lets you build simple lists and reminders so you can be more productive each day.

The app lets you list down all the things you need to do, pay for, purchase, and so on. The dashboard is very intuitive so you’ll find it easy to understand the navigation of the app.

After listing down all things you need to do, pay, buy, or whatsoever, you can simply just swipe or drag it out to clear the section for you to be more organized. This way, you won’t be repeating the things that you already finished.

Clear Todos isn’t only just for simply listing down everything you need to do or something else, you can also put important reminders especially special occasions that you don’t like to miss. You can also put colors in each category or in each title that you have placed to make it look more attractive. Get this app for only $4.99 via the iTunes App Store.

5. Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is unique because of its name and added features to common to-do list and reminder services. The app is really detailed, clean looking, and very organized which makes you think that you might have integrated your daily planner to your phone.

The app lets you sync through other devices so you’ll get various notifications which means the possibility of forgetting gets closer to zero. It also has a comprehensive list builder which allows you to improve on the lists you’re making. For instance, you can input complete information such as numbers and remarks for shopping lists, or personal notes for task lists. On top of this, you can delegate with the app by placing tags and names who are assigned to finish specific tasks on your list.

6. Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks

Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks

Todoist is very helpful in saving time getting organized. The app is a productivity reminder which can help you track your progress with tasks during the day, week, or month. It’ll show your progress percentage and know whether you have been productive with the tasks you set out for yourself. When you complete tasks, the productivity percentage increases to let you get motivated to complete more items.

This app lets you delegate as well as measure progress based on a specific time period. The app looks great overall. It’s free to download via the iTunes App Store and the premium version only goes for $3.99 per month.

7. Things 3

Things 3

Things 3 is a well-organized reminder app that has already intuitively categorized the objects of your to-do lists and reminders. This reminder app will help you prioritize and accomplish your day to day tasks depending on the due dates that you have entered for every item.

By entering the tasks in their designated categories in Things 3, you can also put time, date, and notes or remarks whenever you need to especially if the tasks you have to enter is the most important task that you need to do.

There are useful icons such as a yellow circle, red flag, and a yellow star which will refer to a reminder’s importance. Overall, this is a great app to have because it’s very organized and well thought out. Get this app via the iTunes App Store for only $9.99.

Bottom Line

There are so many other reminder apps via the app markets. However, the best ones will really standout, have good ratings, and will have a significant amount of downloads. You’ve just read the guide on the seven best reminder apps for the iPhone. Try them out for yourself so you have a good feel of how well they may fit in with your daily routine.

Pro Tip: Try a free app before committing to purchasing one. This way, you’re sure to find the app that you like because you’re actually going through the various features as well as the available options in the market place.

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