Rally racing is exciting for players who like to have an exciting and adventurous kind of feeling. Rally Racing is just one of the best games that you can have in your mobile phones because it gives you a thrill, adventure, and freedom to race and shows your skills in driving even in virtual driving.

Rally racing is a motorsport that you can see and experience everywhere in the world, and it would take you to places that you have never been while racing. You will go to a highway, forests, and other places that rally racing is legal. This is a kind of sport where professional drivers will compete for laps and an award to they will take home. If you like rally racing, here are some apps that will help you decide which kind of rally racing game to get.



M. U. D. Rally Racing ranked number one on the list because of the fantastic features and offered that will give you in playing this kind of game. Since this is a rally racing game, you’re given a 3-Dimensional graphics that will let you enjoy the game while playing. You race from the mud, asphalt, dirt, and snow if you want you, you have the right to choose which place you’re going to play and race for achievements. You’re going to compete from different cars and different kinds of nationalities and places.

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A 2-Dimensional graphics rally race game that will determine your skill in drifting and in driving. Like some other rally racing game, you’re going to race with different racing cars, and you can also run with yourself. There are two visual perspectives to this game. The driver’s view and the viewer mode which makes you more interested in playing this game. The cars you’re going to use are amazing, and you can choose from one car to another.

You can set the speed, model, brand, color, and the drift that it can do in a race. You will never go wrong in choosing your cars because it will display all the numbers and all the details that you need to know before picking one. You also select the mode of the game you want to play, and these are (1) Challenge mode; (2) Survival Mode; and (3) Real-time Multiplayer mode. You will be the one to choose the mode of the game for your convenience and feeling before the race.

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This app is an extreme racing because of the service, thrill, and features it gives you. You’re going to compete with yourself or compete with your friends or other people who want to join you in the race. There is a single-player meaning you will be racing against the best time and racing according to the category you chose. There is also a multiplayer online option in which you can compete with your friends or with some people who have the same level or who want to play with you online.

Rally Fury is a game that tests your driving skills and your management while driving, you will be given time to finish the race, and it will be up for you on how to get on the finish line with the given time limit. You will be following a map wherever place you want to race for you to avoid wrong ways and turns.

The controls are extraordinary because it gives you some special controls to race, the drift button, it will provide you with an idea on how much you can drift on the place you’re racing, and the nitro boost button which will give you enough speed to be on the finish line. You will be seeing on how you overtake your co-player in the game and you know how much effort you put in to be in a place where you’re up until the finish line.

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Asphalt Xtreme Rally Racing Game is a monster racing game for your strategic and skilful mind. This game app is not just a simple rally racing game that you can have in your mobile device, and this is a lot more. You’re going to compete with your friends or with other racing on different sides of the world. You choose the map you want to be racing, and you select the kind of place you want to run like dirt, snow, or asphalt. There are no rules in this game; you need to finish the race, overtake with your co-players, and drift as much as you want as long as you reach the finish line.

This is a high definition graphical racing game that you will enjoy every inch of it. You can choose your car depending on the feel you want, and you can choose a muscle car or a 4×4 car to race. Each set of vehicles have its branding, and you will be giving a name to your vehicle and let you control the car that you chose. The cars being offered can be customized and can be well detailed, it will show you the brand name of the car, the model, the speed limit, the machine, and anything that you need to know. After selecting your car, you’re now ready for racing with your friends and you’re now prepared to win the race.

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Real Racing supported by EA is an extraordinary game that you can have. This is the most exciting rally race game that you can ever have in your mobile device because this is a game that you’re not expecting to be this good. Real Racing 3 is more than a 3- Dimensional game graphics. You will be encountering a lot of real-time characters, cars, designs, maps, and all other details that this game has.

There are more than 20 cars that you can have in your collection, and you can select the color, the design, and the kind of car that you want to have. The race will be a real-time race because you can see that you’re in a real way or a real type of place in racing, may it be in a highway, mud, or dirt.

You will be competing with a lot of players who want to win. There are names displayed above the car you want to overtake, real pictures of the players you’re racing, and an actual map and road to go through. You can race during the day or night time so you can enjoy racing at any convenient setting. All the things that you can see in Real Racing are extreme, beautiful, and high definition, you can never go wrong with this game so you should give it a try.

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GT Racing 2 is a game where you can enjoy playing and racing with your friends. It is like a Real Racing 3 like graphics that will make you enjoy every track, car, and people you play with. There are a lot of cars that you can choose from and to choose the best car for you, you can select which kind brand you want to have, a Mercedes- Benz, Ferrari, Nissan, and a lot more. All the cars are well detailed when you’re going to choose one, from the speed limit to the engine, maximum drift it can have, and how much boost it can give you to finish the race early.

You will be given 13 tracks to choose from, and all those tracks are exciting and are in a real-time display. The views you can do while playing is the driver’s view and the watcher’s view wherein, if you’re in a driver’s perspective, you can see your hand, the windshield most specifically you can see the cars in front of you, and also, the way that you’re heading through. As for the watcher’s view, you can see the road, your car’s whole appearance, and the color and details of the outside. You can watch your car heading through the finish line and see the car happening in real-time.

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Pocket Rally Lite is one of the simple yet fun games that you can have in your mobile device. You can select your cars depending on the taste and depending on the speed you want to have. The graphic is a real-time setting that you can ever see. The vehicles are almost from classic to the modern kind of car you want to be collected. There are a lot of tracks that you can choose from, but the most popular one is a simple track that all of the racers are having.

The controls that you have are like in a real car, and you have a clutch, an accelerator, brakes, and all other controls that you have in your car. There is also an extended version of your controls, but it is up for you to add on it. For other kind of rally racing games, you can only see the two (2) kinds of camera angles, the driver’s angle, the viewer’s angle and the whole frame of the race or the long angle that you can see all the cars racing.

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One of the most enjoyable games to hit arcades, consoles, and mobiles would be the racing games. Just imagine watching an F1 Race on TV and being able to ride like the Mercedes or Ferrari drivers. It gets even more exciting when you’re a fan of rally racing between top names like Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Renault. Well, when you download these apps, you get to simulate how it feels to be a racer.