Because of the power computers have had access to for a number of years, they have had full reign over enjoying PS2 emulation. When it became a possibility, phones were running pixelated games. Well, thanks to advancements in hardware and software, your Android phone can now enjoy the fruits of running a PS2 emulator.

However, you don’t want just any old PS2 emulator, you want the best PS2 emulator. Unfortunately, that’s hard to pinpoint, but the best PS2 emulators do come with a set of prerequisites that make them the best.

What a Good PS2 Emulator Needs

Some PS2 emulators are passion projects, and others are simply projects to fiddle with. You can get an idea on the kind of work and time that was put into a PS2 emulator if it comes with certain features.

With that being said, all of the best PS2 emulators do share some common ground. The best PS2 emulators are:

  • Capable of emulating games at or near perfect framerates.
  • It’s capable of running a large library of PS2 games, not just a handful.
  • Comes with a nice suite of emulation settings to fiddle with.

To be fair, some games are incredibly hard to emulate. Once you dive into the emulation scene you will end up seeing the same games pop up among different PS2 emulators, games that have proven to be near impossible or difficult to emulate. This is to prepare you that, in the event your favorite game is such a game, try different emulators until you find one that works.

Many developers host their own websites for their PS2 emulators, usually with list of games that can be emulated. This information can be invaluable in your search if that information is available.

With that out of the way, what are the best PS2 emulators for Android? Let’s find out.

1. DamonPS2 Pro – Emulates PS2 Titles and More

DamonPS2 Pro

While this list hasn’t been set in any particular order, DamonPS2 Pro is certainly one of the best PS2 emulators you can get your hands on. And with it being available on the Android, things just got better.

Not only does DamonPS2 Pro have the capabilities of running a large library of PS2 games, it can run them really well. DamonPS2 Pro is one of the best examples of a PS2 emulator to this date.

The best part about DamonPS2 Pro is it’s one of the very few great PS2 emulators available on the Google Play Store. The rest of the PS2 emulators listed here are found on the APKpure website–a reputable website for sure, but you must be careful you aren’t download malicious content.

You’ll want the Pro version because the free version does not support saving on memory cards (virtual), and some emulation settings are locked off.

Download DamonPS2 Pro for: Android

2. Gold PS2 Emulator (Pro PPSS2 Gold)

Gold PS2 Emulator (Pro PPSS2 Gold)

Many PS2 emulators need a specific file called “BIOS.” It’s what is required to run the actual system. It may be software, but it still acts like a PS2. Gold PS2 Emulator doesn’t need that.

With a large support library of PS2 titles, and supporting multi-format ROMs, Gold PS2 Emulator can be your next obsession. You can have Gold PS2 Emulator scan your SD card for any available games it can play with ease.

Download PPSS2 Golden

3. Play! – PS2 Emulator

Play! - PS2 Emulator

Play! is one of the few PS2 emulators still being actively developed, patched and tweaked. It even has its own dedicated website and news you can look into for more information. And best of all, there’s an Android port available.

Dive into games like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus all from the comfort of your Android smartphone.

Download Play!

4. PTWOE – PlayStation 2 Emulator

PTWOE - PlayStation 2 Emulator

Another emulator that, at one point, was available on the Google Play Store, but has since been removed–the reasons not being entirely clear. However, PTWOE still remains as one of the best PS2 emulators to this day.

On top of that, the developer has been kind enough to release two versions of PTWOE. One version of PTWOE is very stable, but runs a little slower. The other version of PTWOE is faster, but you have a higher chance of running into bugs.

Download PTWOE

5. Golden PS2

If you were hoping to jump into games like God of War and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, then it’s time to consider Gold PS2. With the ability to run many of the PS2 library, you can’t go wrong using Golden PS2.

Sit back and enjoy your games in 16:9 ratio, 1080p HD. And it’s really nice to have an emulator that supports multi-format game ROMs.

Download Golden PS2

6. Pro PlayStation

Pro PlayStation

Contrary to its name, Pro PlayStation emulates PlayStation 2 titles, not PS1. With that being said, Pro PlayStation is another emulator that does a well enough job to make its way on this list. However, if this were a competition, Pro PlayStation would certainly be at the bottom of the list.

On the other hand, Pro PlayStation gets a thumbs up for supporting different hardware controllers and a solid PS2 emulation library.

Download Pro PlayStation

Bonus Entry – DobieStation

DobieStation is an in-development PS2 emulator being created by PSI. On top of that, PSI plans on creating an optimized Android port for others to enjoy. The goal is to provide an answer to many emulated PS2 games being incredibly slow. It’s not uncommon for a PS2 emulator to be poorly optimized for running the actual speeds of a PS2 game.

If you would like to consider supporting a passion project, head over to the DobieStation Patreon page and see what PSI has to offer.

[NOTE]: PSI is not a sponsor of Techzillo. PSI’s project just so happens to be relevant to the topic. Also, good PS2 emulators on the Android are in short supply.

Bottom Line

The PC master race no longer has a monopoly on the PS2 emulation scene. You now have the power of a PS2 in your backpocket. All it takes is installing the necessary files–legally, of course–and enjoying your favorite games.

But remember: Techzillo doesn’t condone piracy. If you install a PS2 emulator, be sure you retrieve such files legally, including the video games you’re emulating.