When it comes to streaming content–movies, television shows, and music–then Roku has you covered with the hundreds, literally thousands, of channels at your disposal. If you aren’t very tech savvy, Roku’s are the perfect device for entering the world of streaming, what with its easy setup, and can have you streaming in a few minutes.

You could try your hand at some of the popular channels like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Instant Video, but why bother when you have a list of the 20 best private Roku channels below? If you’re looking for some interesting content, then make your way down and pick something that resonates with you. There’s something for every down below.

1. Twitch (TwitchTV)

If you’ve used Roku back in the day when TwitchTV was still available as a channel, and were heartbroken it was removed (thanks, Amazon), then you’ll be happy to know it’s still there. Unofficially, of course. Yes, you’ll still be able to access the dozens of “crazy” Fortnite players you watch.

As for the reason it keeps slipping back into and out of Roku’s official library is a mystery. If anything, it’ll get officially released and then removed again the way things are going. At any rate, you can still pick up the unofficial version of it.

2. FilmOn.TV

FilmOn.TV is a lot like having your own TV service, with access to live channels, especially the news, and free and paid-for on demand media. And to sweeten the deal, it’s available in different languages.

FilmOn.TV is perfect for the viewer looking to expand their palate.

3. Weather Radar (Radar)

How can you go wrong with a weather channel? When you live in areas that are prone to throwing hurricanes and tornadoes at you, then Weather Radar is the perfect channel for you to have in your back pocket. You can never be too safe. You can view radar and satellite loops, including details on tropical cyclones or disturbances.

4. Clikia (Clikialive)

Clikia is a paint-by-numbers channel, offering live channels, on-demand and, if you so choose, some radio stations to listen in on ad-free. The best part of Clikia, and why it makes its way onto this list, is access to a bit of free content. And if you want TNT, Sony, Cartoon Network, FOX News, or ESPN, its bundle price of $31.95/month isn’t too bad either.

5. EuroRoku (296XJKP)

Perhaps American television isn’t your speed and you much prefer European TV stations. Then the aptly named EuroRoku is exactly what you’re looking for. Now, you do have to pay for it. It’s $15/month but with that you get a suite of over 300 channels from a collection of networks that include: France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom, and Poland.

Overall, a pretty sweet deal at a fraction of the price an American television package would cost you.

6. FreeJack TV (YQJ5B)

If by default you wear a tinfoil hat, then FreeJack TV will be the perfect companion. FreeJack TV has all the conspiracy-themed content you could ever hope for, including live streams and movies. Just viewing their website should be experienced in an entire suit of tinfoil.

7. Back From the Grave (BFTG)

Back From the Grave is an interesting beast, which is ironic considering that’s much of the content you’ll find on Back From the Grave. For the lovers of Sci-Fi, vintage Horror, Monster movies, and classic Noir.

8. RokuMoves (zb34ac)

There’s two RokuMovies you should be aware of: the official Roku movie channel and RokuMovies, the home of low-budget films. This is not Roku’s channel.

If you’re a film student, you’ll find some nuggets of fun on this channel. Dissect low-budget films, figure out what works and what can go.

9. Donkey Kong (DonkeyKong)

If you didn’t know already, the Roku has some gaming chops that many never fully utilize, nor know that it’s possible. If you are a big fan of Donkey Kong, then head on over to the channel and give it a try on your Roku.

10. iTunes Podcast Channel (ITPC)

You can’t go on the internet without someone telling you to listen in on their podcast every week. But if that’s your thing, then feed into the popularity of podcasts and head on over to iTunes Podcast Channel. It’s got a pretty big library since it’s connected to the iTunes Podcast Directory.

11. The Internet Archive (NMJS5)

The Internet Archive is a beautiful website that’s sole goal is to keep a copy of, well, everything. It’s an internet archive, after all. It’s in the name. You’ll find movies, videos and TV shows that have made their way to the Internet Archive’s actual repository. With access to all that, you can forever

12. Home Movies (HomeMovies)

Home Movies isn’t a place for raunchy films, no. Instead, Home Movies is of a dying breed; shows that showcased hilarious moments in someone’s life, something they did and it just so happened to be filmed.

If you’re looking to relive some classic home video footage, away from the smartphone videos that don’t seem genuine, but staged, then check out Home Movies.

13. Syntrix (synctrixbeta)

Not so much a channel, but rather a channel that can house all of your cloud-based storage. Google Drive and Dropbox can be a pain to get setup, but if you have a Roku and nab the Syntrix channel, you can pool together your media into one area.

14. The Silent Movie Channel (rollem)

Do you like Sci-Fi? What about Comedy or Horror? Do you dream of reliving the 1920s or, at the very least, experience what it was like to consume silent films? Then the Silent Movie Channel has exactly what you need.

Another addition that film students, or film lovers, should have.

15. Daily Motion (Dailymotion)

If you didn’t know already, or maybe you have and didn’t believe it, but Daily Motion is one of the biggest video streaming sites on the internet, second to YouTube. It’s got a huge library that’s just as diverse as YouTube, but sadly, it doesn’t have an official channel on Roku. But there is a private channel that makes up for it.

Once you’ve added it to your Roku, you can enjoy the thousands of videos Daily Motion users have to offer.

16. LodeRunner (LodeRunnerPreview)

What’s so significant about LodeRunner? Well, if you’re someone looking to dive into game design, then LodeRunner, like the old movie channels above, are perfect for students of gaming. By today’s standards, level editors are commonplace but back in 1983, LodeRunner was one of the first to feature one, which at that time was a pretty big leap.

Head on over to LodeRunner if you want to experience the puzzle-oriented game. Who doesn’t enjoy a blast from the past or experience gaming in its toddler stage?

17. Nowhere TV (H9DWC)

If you prefer podcast videos and audio content, then Nowhere TV is a good addition to your Roku channels. However, as far as video content goes, it’s pretty limited. Its audio content is a bit bigger, encompassing CNET, NASA and even C-SPAN, no installation required. Not a bad addition for news.

18. Spanish Time (spanishtime)

Do you speak Spanish? Are you practicing Spanish and would like to practice? Do you fall somewhere in between or you just really like Latin American television? Then you’ll sate your appetite with Spanish Time.

For a monthly cost of $9.99 a month, you can get your hands on over 150 live streaming channels, and that includes networks with roots in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, with a bit of Spanish-language sports and entertainment.

19. The Odeon Theater (odeon)

Are you free every Wednesdays at noon? Then grab the Odeon Theater for your Roku, that is, if you’re into classic films, cult films and independent films. But here’s the catch: only one movie is shown that falls under the categories listed on Wednesdays at noon. Strange way of running things but clearly people dig it.

20. Science Fiction and Beer (TZG6P92)

This is for the lover of science fiction and, well, beer, of course. A strange name like Science Fiction and Beer needs content that can match and science fiction has that in spades. You’ll find a considerable amount of Sci-Fi movies to go well with beer – you supply the beer though. Try drinking beer that matches the movie you’re watching.

Bottom Line

And there you have it, 20 of the best private Roku channels, a subjective list, of course. If you’re looking for something fun, try out Science Fiction and Beer or try your hand at the Odeon Theater, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t step outside of their comfort zone often. You may be surprised at what they preview.