Photo viewers on Windows PCs allow you to have a perfect view of all the photos downloaded and uploaded to your PC. Most viewers also allow you to customize and edit your photos how you like.

Windows Photo Viewer has been the best viewer that’s been released by Windows until they decided to replace it with the Photos app – the default viewer on your Windows PC. Windows Photo viewer allows you to see a preview of your Photos, align your photos, draw and edit your photos, and share them with your friends.

You may prefer Windows photo viewer to the new Photos app so going to show you a list of the best photo viewers that are as good as Windows photos viewer and better.

1. Windows Photo Viewer

Windows Photo Viewer

Windows photo viewer is the best image viewer on Windows since its first release on Windows XP, but only recently has it been taken away and replaced by Photos.

This has to be at number one because it fits the description of a photo viewer the best and it’s so easy and simple to use. It’s also the most common photo viewer that’s been used by Windows users since its release.

Developers of this great app haven’t completely removed it from the operating system, so you can follow the steps down below to download it again.

Best Features:

  • View animated GIFs
  • You can rotate pictures and save them
  • Create a slideshow with your photos
  • You can share photos with friends
  • Print pictures via an online print service
  • Attach photos to an email


Pros: The photo previews are loaded very quickly so you can scan through the thumbnails easily and open a picture you want.

Cons: The app isn’t accessible right away and you’ll have to add it back to your drive to access it.

Get Windows Photo Viewer Back

  1. Download the Windows Photo Viewer registry files
  2. Open the downloaded file
  3. Double-click on Activate Windows Photo Viewer

Download Windows Photo Viewers

  1. Click on Run when prompted
  2. Windows Photo Viewer should start installing on your PC

2. IfranView


If you want to completely get away from any applications made by Windows, the best photo viewer would be Infran View.

If you ask people who have replaced the default Photos app with a better photo viewer, they’d say that IfranView is the best photo viewer on Windows 10.

It’s gained so much popularity amongst Windows users due to its vast range of features and I’m sure you’ll find them useful too.

Download IrfranView (free)

Best Features:

  • Edit images by changing brightness, contrasts and colour depths, remove red eye, gamma correction, and lossless JPG rotation
  • Print images with an online print service
  • It can open the photo on Google maps by reading GPS data
  • Robust batch converter
  • It can Read the text on an image so you can edit the text
  • Add watermarks to your pictures
  • You can add borders to images
  • Rorate images and save them
  • You can join images side by side with panorama view
  • Create slideshows and burn them on a CD

File formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, JP2 & JPM, EMF, FSH, ICO

Pros: it’s a very lightweight app so it can be saved on a portable external drive and it can be installed on another device. It can also open huge sized images with no problem.

Cons: The design is quite poor and complicated which can ruin your experience.

3. FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is another very powerful tool that can be used for viewing photos on your Windows PC.

You’ll know that this application is powerful because of the editing features that come along with it.

If you want an alternative photo viewer that’s doesn’t take up a lot of storage and has advanced editing software similar to Photoshop, I’d recommend FastStone Image Viewer.

Download FastStone Image Viewer (free)

Best Features:

  1. It has many editing tools like cloning, healing, red-eye removal, adjusting brightness/colours, cropping, and rotating
  2. Create slideshows with your photos
  3. Set an image as your wallpaper
  4. Print images via a printer
  5. Attach images to email to send to family and friends
  6. Importing photos from your external drive and mobile device
  7. Screenshot with the application


Pros: The app provides you with a vast range of editing tools and it’s a very lightweight app so it won’t take up much storage on your PC.

Cons: The range of editing tools can be a downside if you don’t know how to use them because there are limited resources to learn from online.

4. HoneyView


HoneyView is a very basic and polished app that does its job as a photo viewer, well – it’s probably the closest alternative to Windows Photo viewer on this list.

Download HoneyView (free)

Best Features:

  • Batch image format conversion without resizing the image
  • No virus or malicious pop-ups are included in the app
  • GPS information is provided with each of your images
  • You can bookmark images
  • Link images with Photoshop, so you can edit them

Formats: BMP, BPG, JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD, DDS, JXR, WebP, J2K, JP2, TGA, TIFF, PCX, PNM, and PPM.

Pros: It’s a very simple and easy application to navigate to.

Cons: There are no editing tools if you feel like your photos need correcting.

5. XnViewMP


If you’re looking for a photo viewer as well as an image organiser, XnView would be the best option for you.

This premium photo viewer is a great alternative to Windows Photos Viewer and it comes with premium editing software; so premium that you have to pay for a license.

Download XnViewMP ($29.00)

Best Features:

  • The editing software includes resizing and cropping, red-eye removal, and rotating images.
  • You can batch rename photos
  • Send an email to friends with photos attached
  • Create slideshows with a selection of images
  • Support for video playing so you can play videos
  • You can set pictures as a wallpaper
  • Create panorama by joining images
  • JPEG lossless transformations

Formats: PNG, GIF, JPEG, APNG, TIFF, GIF, ICO and many more file formats

Pros: The application has a built-in folder tree so that you can access different files and open them within the app.

Cons: The purpose of the app and the built-in features don’t justify the $29 license key.

The photo viewers above do a way better job in my experience compared to XnView – they have way more useful features.