Have you heard of no texting while driving? If yes, it’s a good thing, if not, the No Texting While Driving policy is a safety policy around the world. Road safety shouldn’t be taken lightly.

This policy is focused on people who are texting while driving and that kind of action is a violation against road rules and an extreme safety hazard.

It’s dangerous because when you’re texting and driving at the same time, accidents are bound to occur. You can run over a pedestrian crossing without looking at the stop light because you’re texting. You could hit a car because you’re more focused on your mobile phone rather than on the objects in front of you. Here are the five best apps that will help you get rid of this bad habit. Read on until the end to find out the five best no texting while driving apps for the iPhone.

1. Lifesaver


LifeSaver App is a mobile app where you can determine distracted driving. This app will give you the opportunity to know who is driving while using their mobile phones. LifeSaver is an app where you can set-up its functions which will automatically apply to your mobile device.

When you want to drive safely and not cause any harm to people, this mobile app will help you not to get distracted by your driving, because this will detect the motion and speed of your car, once this app noticed or detected that you’re already driving, it will automatically lock up your phone so you can focus on your driving and also, by locking up your device, you can’t make any calls or text messages unless you stop and check if you have important calls or messages to attend to.

The operation for this app can be set whether you like it to be every day, every other day, and at the time you want it to operate. As for corporate or business phones, you can operate it for 24 hours a day seven days a week, and as for personal mobiles, you can just use it during Mondays to Fridays during 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and after that operation, the app will be inactive or deactivated since you’re done using it for the day.



Have you ever heard of earning points when you’re keeping the roads safe with your defensive driving skills?

With Safe2Save, you’ll be rewarded for keeping the streets safe with your knowhow in driving safe. This app allows you to drive whenever you want to go while you earn corresponding points when you’re driving and not using your mobile phone. When you’re done downloading and installing the app, you’re going to create your account. Then, after creating and signing in, you can see your name on the menu portion, you can also see your Home Screen, and your earned points for your motivation.

When you start your engine and begin accelerating to 10kph, your rewards and points will also start to turn. Once you use your mobile phones while driving, your points will be lost and you need to earn it again by not using your phone while you’re driving. This app will tap into the Don’t Disturb setting of your phone.

You can redeem your rewards by checking the app’s business partners, and shops for you to redeem the rewards that you have earned.

3. Drivemode Dash

Drivemode Dash

Drivemode is an AT&T owned company and app which gives you easiest way to answer a call, reply a message, play music, and navigate your location to avoid traffic of course. Drivemode is an app where you can answer, reply to a message, play music, and navigate using a voice command. This app helps you stay focused on the road because you won’t get distracted by the messages and calls you receive while you’re driving.

This app can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. For you not to be distracted while driving, the messages and calls you receive is managed and also can be entertained by a specific voice command. The messages will be read by the prompter and you can always command if you’ll read, reply, send, decline, or reject calls and messages based on priority and importance.

4. Cellcontrol

Cellcontrol is similar to other no texting mobile app but there’s one thing that is unique about this app. You’ll need the hardware to install to your car which goes specifically behind of your rear view mirror for you to connect it to your mobile phone. This allows you to navigate, check traffic, set your destination and perform other road related task accurately.

This app allows you to block or disable the messages, calls, music, contacts, social media, and other apps that you receive and that can distract you from driving and from focusing on the road. This feature can help you track accidents, traffic, mileage, activity monitoring, vehicle, productivity analysis, smart detection, behavior, and other things that can be tracked and that can be a distraction to your driving.

This app helps you to manage and organize which notifications you need to receive like for example messages from your boss, parents, and other relatives that you deem to be important. It also manages contacts on who can call you when you’re driving. This app looks so easy to operate while there are a lots of features that can be tweaked and adjusted for ease of use.

5. Textlimit


TextLimit is an app that set a minimum and a maximum number of text messages to be received when you’re driving. The app also shows you the Speed Settings, GPS Notification, Current Speed, Speed Limit on a specific Road, and if you have a passenger or you don’t have any passenger riding in your car. This helps you control your speed limit at a certain point of the road where you need to watch.

As an added feature, you can set up your GPS Location for you to know where your children or husband or any relative is going. This app can also set up your current speed and match it to the speed limit that you have entered, if there are any mismatch on the speed limit that you have entered, a text message or an email will be sent to you and will be notified on your mobile phone.

TextLimit is an app which has emergency features for call and traffic information. These two buttons are just below the settings and the main options that you wanted to see for you to focus and be mindful of your driving. These options are useful whenever you want to know how heavy the traffic is for the road or way you would be going or taking, and also will take you to less congested roads to avoid hassle. Emergency calls will be useful when there are accidents on your way or you need to call for emergency.

Bottom Line

There prevention is always better than cure. One of the most important things about driving is road side safety and driving courtesy. The road is for everyone to share so safety should not be second guessed. If you really have to answer a call or take a message, it’d be best to use a hands-free device to stop by the side of the road to avoid any injuries, fatalities, and property damage.