Music composition isn’t as easy as it sounds because it takes a lot of time. You’ll consume all your talent and your skills when you want to produce good music. You need the equipment along with the ability. It will be hard for you to write and arrange all the things that you need to do to produce music.

If you don’t have enough money to buy the right equipment in making your music, you can download apps that are the same with the physical device that can be bought outside your home; you’re free to look at the app that offers more than the functions and features that a physical device have. If you have the right gadget, maybe your music composing dreams aren’t too far away. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best music composing apps for Android and iOS.



Music Studio is an app where you can make and produce good music with only your mobile device. This app offers you a lot of instruments, features, and functions that you will enjoy while using this app. You can mix and match the sounds that you want to make to create a unique type of music. Since there are a lot of musical instruments that you can use, there are also six (6) categories that you can choose from like symphonic, classical, band, electronic, world, and drum kits. With these categories, you will know what kind of music you will be producing.

You can also see the wavelength of the music that are copied and pasted into your Music Studio app, in which, you can zoom in the wavelength so you determine where to cut, remove some notes or tunes that shouldn’t be included, and you can also add a tune that fits on the music you’re creating. This app only goes for $14.99.

Android iOS



Do you like reading notes? Does your mind at peace if you use a music sheet to compose and to create good music? You will have an app that helps you create good music and original songs to express what you feel and to show your talent as a musician. Score Creator is a simple app that you can use in composing, adding, editing, removing, and creating notes, music, and sound based on the genre that you want to make. This app is effortless to use, and you need to tap or click the musical note that you want to include, to add, and to remove to create perfect harmony.

You can tap the musical notes, and it will automatically appear on the music sheet that you’re working on. You can also select notes that are in different instruments like the piano. You’re also allowed to playback the whole composition if you want to like you can have a playback from start to finish. You can be selective of the instrument that you want to hear. With these features, you can determine whether to edit, add, or remove some notes to have a better outcome. This app is free so you can enjoy making and listening to music.

Android iOS



Do you plan to become a Disk Jockey someday? Do you want to have your music studio if given a chance? Or do you want to create and make songs to other people who need your talent in making music? The long wait is over; Music Maker Jam is here so you can make and publish professional music. Music Maker Jam has a lot of features that you can use to create beautiful, unique, and creative kind of music. There are more than 300 mix packs and more than 500,000 music tracks that you can use to be able to know what kind of music you’re going to create; there are RnB, jazz, classical, rock, pop, metallic rock, and a lot more.

You can record and edit vocal recordings on your own because it is a feature that should be included in every music apps. You can also mix tracks based on how you would want your music to be known. You can adjust volume, pitch, velocity, instrumental noise, and all other aspects that you can do to have better results. You can be the producer of your music because all the things that you need to have in a studio are in Music Maker Jam app. This app has a free and premium version. Great for trying it out and getting a good feel of the app.

Android iOS



This app contains drums, piano, and cymbals instruments, in which you can use in creating, mixing, and producing music based on the genre that you want to do. Groove Mixer app is an app that you can use if you’re going to make a beat for a specific song because, you can see the patterns, sequence, notes, and the instrument that you can use for you to be more organized, creative, and know the start and endpoint of your music beat.

With Groove Mixer, you can change the pitch, the velocity, and the pace of every beat you make to come out with a genre that you want to hear. It isn’t just the instruments that make your music and beat more creative; it is the sound effects that you can use to make it more beautiful. Yes, sound effects are included in this app; you can select several sound effects to make your music more beautiful, creative, and right to hear. There’s a free version and pro version of this app. The premium version is only $7.49 and you enjoy an ad-free experience.




Maestro is an app that is the same with Score Creator app that lets you make and compose a song in a music sheet. This app supports a lot of instruments that will help you in writing and creating good music based on the style that you wanted. Maestro app supports bass, percussion, drums, piano, organ, violin, cello and other string instruments.

This app allows you to read and put a note on the music sheet; you can also remove any note that isn’t fit in the tune of the music that you’re making. You can change the tempo of your music; you can change the velocity, the pitch, and the tone if you want to. There are a lot of notes to be discovered like Staccato, Beam, Tie, Slur and any other notes. You can playback the music that you’re making from start to finish, you can also playback a specific tone or note for you to know what can be added and what can be removed from your music. This app has a free and premium version.



Walk Band App is suitable for beginners and advanced musicians like you. Walk Band is an app that you can use to compose and make excellent music to share with other people. This is an app that is very easy to use because you need to choose and select an instrument that you’re going to use first for the necessary tune or beat of the music you’re making. This app supports Piano Keyboard, Solo Guitar, Chords Mode, Solo Bass Guitar, Drum Pad, Drum Machine, and others.

There’s an allotted space for you to compose the music that you want to create. If you have friends who are also musicians, you can encourage them to download this app and you can play the instruments with them to produce great harmony.




FL Studio Mobile is an app that you can use if you want to have a simple and easy to operate music composing app in your mobile device. This app offers a lot of options and gives you an extraordinary feeling of mixing, tracking, and making music on your own. This app lets you use a lot of instruments mainly piano and drum kits, in making essential music composition. FL Studio Mobile gives you wide variations of music genre that you can do because you only need to adjust the volume, pitch, velocity, and pace of every beat that you’re going to make.

There are a lot of effects that you can choose from, like Auto Ducker, Chorus, Compressor, Limiter, Distortion, Parametric Equalizer, Graphic Equalizer, Finger, Reverb, High- Pass, Low- Pass, Band- Pass, Formant Filters, Delays, Phaser, and Stereorizer. These effects will help you produce good music and you can create different music platforms. You can save and share your composed music. You can purchase this app for only $13.99, and you can enjoy making music everywhere and any time you want.

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Bottom Line

If you’re an aspiring musician, you can go places with a phone in hand and your passion for musical creativity. Consider downloading some free apps before subscribing to a premium service. This way, you’ll get a good feel of the app before shelling out.