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Sometimes days just go by in a blur and often, we forget what happened last week, or find it difficult to recall what happened yesterday.

I found it difficult to say if I had a good start and end to these past few days.

This can be even harder for people that suffer mood swings or anxiety because keeping track of daily moods is important to overcoming their current condition.

But with the great leaps in technology, there are several mood tracking apps available to support our need to monitor our daily emotions.

Today, I bring together a list of apps that I’ve personally tried and tested for five days. I’ll talk about their features and how they’ll help you keep track of your moods and report back the collated results.

1. Daylio


The first on the list is Daylio and this is a great mood tracker app. The app is easy to use because its interface uses icons to represent moods for proper logging and input.

During the day, the app sends a push notification to log the moods or emotions you’ve felt and these are shown on the dashboard’s graphs.

The app is free to download and you can upgrade to remove ads and get unlimited notification reminders.

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2. eMoods Bipolar Mood Tracker


The second on the list is eMoods Bipolar Mood Tracker. It also does more for a lot of people, not just those who have bipolar disorder.

The design and appearance makes use of numbers for rankings and graphs for easy interpretation.

One great benefit of using this app, especially for those who are undergoing therapy is that you can export the weekly and monthly results as a pdf document and send it straight to your doctor.

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3. Year in Pixels

years in pixels

One of the best things I like about this app is that it’s pretty simple with all of its options. When you open it up, the layout and design looks clean and the buttons are intentionally color coded which may align to the actual emotions that they refer to.

You also have a bigger set of radio boxes which may consider the ups and downs you may have gone through that day.

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4. Stories – Timeline Diary

This mood tracker app is quite comprehensive because it allows you to place a lengthy journal and place it on a reviewable timeline.

This is a new experience in reliving memories as well as tracking down the patterns of your mood and behavior. The app also supports fingerprint lock so you’ll keep secrets in a secure place.

This app is really nice and useful because it’ll show you graphs which consolidate your mood and journal data so you’ll have an overview of your usage and personal progress.

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5. iMoodJournal


iMoodJournal is an interesting and unique mood tracker app to have and you can get it for either Android or iPhone.

The app lets you log your mood, add notes, and even put in selfies with hashtags for a more accurate read on your mood.

The addition of the physical facial data can make data interpretation more accurate. On top of that, I think the calendar overview is a really helpful tool in reading the mood reports.

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6. Mood Log

Mood log

Mood Log is a very flexible mood tracker app. It allows you to customize the data entry of the mood through numbers and colors with the additional feature of words to further describe the entry for that moment.

The app also encourages you to add more details to the entry in order to make it more accurate and comprehensive.

Possible entries include medication taken, severity of nausea, or menstrual-related symptoms. This app is available only for Android.

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7. Diary Mood Tracker

Diary, mood tracker is a nice app to have for your notes and thoughts which will help you get through the day, week, or month.

One of the nice things about having this app is that when you look back at your entries, you’ll be able to learn something about yourself which you can either use to improve or grow.

I tried it out and the app was light and easy on the phone. It didn’t take up much space. The only challenge is to adjust the routine in order to consistently put in entries.

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8. Moods: Mental Health Tracking


I like the appearance of the app and how it feels when you’re using it. The Moods: Mental Health Tracking app is very minimalist and clean in its design execution.

The colors are consistent throughout the experience so logging your feelings and emotions won’t feel like a chore and it’ll fit right into your routine.

Moods: Mental Health Tracking is perfect for anyone who likes to keep things free from complexity. This app is free to download and is available only for iOS.

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9. Timeline

Using Timeline is a good way to track your feelings and moods and put in on a timeline. This is especially useful for reviewing past events and comparing them to future goals.

The app is also a great planning and productivity tool because you can set milestones for the future such as travels or careers.

You can add photos, captions, and colors to your timeline so it’ll end up just the way you want it. The app also lets you share this timeline with friends. On top of this social feature, the app includes a passkey lock to ensure that private matters stay secure.

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10. Mood Notes

For a small premium, Moodnotes is a great app that’s available for iOS. The interface is simple and uses the entire screen to ask your mood for the day.

It’s pretty interesting because you can link the app with the Apple Smart Watch so it’s easier to log entries whenever a notification asks you about your mood.

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11. Moods: Mental Health Tracking

The Moods: Mental Health Tracking is a great minimal looking app. It’ll smoothly fit into your routine and the interface is easy to understand so you’ll have no problems in logging your emotion for the day. s app is free to download and is available only for iOS.

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12. Stigma


This app is more than just a simple mood tracker because it has publishing features so you can create a note on the journal feature and publish it on a blog.

Stigma protects your identity and lets you do this with anonymity.

The app also works as a support system and brings in other people to build a community that provides support whenever it’s needed. Stigma is available only for iOS.

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13. T2 Mood Tracker

t2 mood tracker

The T2 Mood Tracker seems like it’ll be odd to use because of the logo but the app is really comprehensive in features.

The app measures on six pre-loaded scales which are anxiety, depression, stress, brain injury, post-traumatic stress, and general well-being.

When you’ve logged enough entries, the graph can make it easier to analyze your mood entries.

An added feature of the T2 Mood Tracker is the capability of leaving notes on specific dates which can act as a journal or diary of sorts.

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14. Up! – Depression, Bipolar & Borderline Management


Up! is an amazing app which covers several areas of self-monitoring including mood tracking.

Although the app is labeled and designed for people with Bipolar condition, Up! performs well for other users that require constant monitoring.

It enables you to be more self-aware through the logs which will help you overcome challenges such as mental balance and recurring habits.

On top of that, the app also records sleep patterns. The reason behind this is that you have a higher chance of being in a better mood when you’re well rested. This app is available only for Android.

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Bottom Line

With all these mood tracking apps available, it’s easy to log and monitor your daily feelings.

At the end of weekly periods, you can review the data and the apps will give you an overview of the things that happened based on your logs.

I personally think this is a good way to leverage the power of apps and learn more about myself through the process of mood tracking.


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