Kik is a popular messaging app that is used by millions of people around the world to keep in touch. Although the app is quite efficient, there are modified versions of the app that have been created that users can install to use instead of the normal Kik app.

The modified, or modded, Kik were made by coders who change the app to make it work differently. The modded app might have a different look, a different speed, or a few extra features. Some mods even make the app safer to use if security is an issue for you. Although you may be quick to improve your app with some mods, you should be aware that the mods are not authorized.

You should be careful about where you download the mods from since you could be downloading malware onto your device. If you want to know which mods you should be using, you can find a list of the most popular ones below.


Ghostkik is a mod that alters the app to be faster experience on Kik. Another feature that you can enjoy from this mod is more efficient data use while still having a working and comfortably changed app. This mod is a favorite for many people because it creates a more streamlined experience for their Kik app.


Matrik3 is a mostly cosmetic mod; however, there are a few features that alter the user experience. You can disable read receipts, disable the “Is typing” notification, disable downloading images, and use unique emoticons. There is also a spam blocker and a fake camera feature that is said to work well. This is a mod that crashes sometimes, but overall users seem to have a great experience.


Pikik2 is a mod that fixes many of the shortcomings of Kik. The data use is more efficient. The lags that users experience while using Kik were removed, so the performance of the app is a lot better. You can disable read receipts, stop the “is typing” notifications, and have URLs in the chats. Also, if you want to take an extra security measure, you can disable the forwarding setting.


Pikek mod is one of the most popular Kik mods right now. You can make interface changes, modify your profile image and change the font size, color, and background. For this reason, many users have installed this modded version.


NullKik mod is mostly cosmetic since it changes how the app looks and feels. This app changes the background, user interface, and font. All of these tweaks make the app work quite well and makes for a more unique user experience.

There are a lot of other mods that are available, but you should be careful when downloading those since many of them may contain malware. Make sure you are downloading from a reliable source and beware what the app tries to get permission to access.