Mobile games offer an escape from boredom, and lucky for you, these don’t need Wi-Fi. You can play these anywhere at anytime. You’ll find a game for almost any itch you need to scratch. Some are free with in-app purchases and a few that are absolutely worth buying.

Here are 10 mobile games that don’t need Wi-Fi to function.

1. Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic (Role-Playing Game)

Star Wars

Developed by Bioware and published by LucasArts, Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic takes you on a journey 4000 years before the Galactic Empire was even born. Who are you? A Sith? A Jedi? Prefer running around with a good blaster? You can be anyone you want, but here, your choices matter. In the end, they’ll ultimately decide the fate of the galaxy.

Don’t be fooled by the outdated graphics. Originally released for XBOX and Microsoft Windows back in 2003, Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the few games that stand the test of time. The meticulously crafted story, nine unique characters to join your cause, and dozens of combinations for your own character, make Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic easily replayable now and for another 10 years.

If you’re looking to play out your fantasy as a stoic Jedi or rage-fueled Sith, or maybe something in between–you won’t be disappointed.

2. Racing Fever: Moto (Racing Game)

Racing Fever Moto

For motorcycle lovers, adrenaline junkies, and everything in between, comes Racing Fever: Moto. Here, you take control of a motorcycle as you zip and weave your way through to the finish line. Realistic sounds effects and great graphics mix together to give you an immersive experience.

Racing Fever: Moto offers a blend of goodies and quality of life options that increase its value as if free wasn’t already good enough.

The zipping and weaving you’ll be doing can be done in four different camera angles, like first person where your eyes are the racer’s eyes; see what they see.

On top of that, four different control options adds another layer to your play style and immersion, like tilting your phone in the direction you desire and watching as your motorcycle responds with it. If tilting isn’t your cup of tea, you can always control your motorcycle by touching the screen.

As for the motorcycle, you’ll be riding, 16 different motorcycles were painstakingly modeled with realistic detail. You can customize these motorcycles with several different designs. However, it doesn’t stop at cosmetic; further, customize your ride for better performance.

You’ll find in Racing Fever: Moto that the night sky isn’t the only venue you can race in. Challenge yourself as you progress through tens of different levels across four regions against four ruthless gang leaders.

If you’ve ever fantasized about running from the cops, Racing Fever: Moto has you covered with their Escape mode. But that isn’t their only mode. Daily Bonus Mode lets you race daily with the chance to win prizes.

And lastly, a Private Mode, which is, essentially, a creative mode. You’ll have access to any time of the day under any weather conditions, altering traffic and whatnot.

Racing Fever: Moto wants everyone to join in on the fun by supporting 23 different languages.

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3. Limbo (Adventure)

Limbo (Adventure)

Developed by Playdead and published by Playdead and Microsoft Game Studios, Limbo has you control a nameless boy through a forest, encountering creatures and hostile humans alike, all in an effort to find your sister. You’ll solve puzzles, avoid deadly traps (you’ll trigger them often) and, hopefully, escape death.

The most striking feature of Limbo is its black and white tones. You’ll find no color here; only horror in a 2D world. If someone tells you video games aren’t art, show them Limbo and let its dozens of awards speak for themselves.

4. The Battle of Polytopia (Strategy)

The Battle of Polytopia (Strategy)

What do you get when you take Sid Meier’s Civilization, simplify it, and pump it with a low poly pixel aesthetic? Why, you get The Battle of Polytopia. Developed and published by Midjiwan AB, The Battle of Polytopia is a turn-based, 4X-style strategy game. You’ll uncover lands, expand the reach of your civilization, exploit your enemy’s weakness and destroy them.

As a potential conqueror, you’ll be butting heads with up to 14 unique civilizations, each attempting to place their boot on your neck. You must be quicker, smarter and more ruthless than your contemporaries. Always be one turn ahead of them, or else, your civilization will go extinct and scratched from the history books.

The lands you rule over will need proper management. You’re taking care of a civilization, remember? Your people need food, an income, places to live and a purpose. As your civilization grows, you’ll get access to new technology and new ways of beating your enemies into the dirt. And of course, you’ll need an army to protect it all.

5. Angry Birds Go! (Racing Games)

Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds Go!, which takes place on Piggy Island, you’ll be instantly transported into a colorful cartoon world with opponents who will race to get ahead and adventurous tracks that offer obstacles at every turn.

By gaining first place out of five different tracks, all of which are entirely unique, you will earn rewards and gain the ability to customize your cart and every aspect of this game to your choosing.

What many individuals love about this fast-paced racing game is the fact that it mixes competitiveness with childhood fun that every age can appreciate.

You can choose to either become a bird or a pig in your adventure, choosing from a variety of characters with different personalities that sync well with your own.

By learning various stunts and using techniques to take out opponents along the way, you’ll feel empowered and eager to become first and take the trophy in a game that feels like childhood dreams of racing.

A bonus for this game is the fact that you can play multiplayer against friends and even teleport your favorite characters directly into the game through your device’s camera. This gives you an opportunity to add a whole new layer of adventure to your game in a groundbreaking way.

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6. Really Bad Chess (Board Game)

Really Bad Chess (Board Game)

Chess is already easy to learn and hard to master. Really Bad Chess takes chess and injects it with randomness. For example, have you played chess with nothing but pawns? That’s Really Bad Chess, Developed by Zach Gage and published by Zach Gage and Noodlecake Studios Inc.

You see, chess comes with strategies that are inherent to its specific set of pieces. These strategies were created from studying the very opening of a chess game, not the first move, but before anyone has made a move. Imagine mapping out the move of every piece. Really Bad Chess takes those strategies and tosses them out the window.

The pieces still act the same way they always have. In the end, it’s still chess, but it’s like someone took several copies of chess and threw them together.

7. Fallout Shelter (Simulation)

Fallout Shelter (Simulation)

Fallout Shelter has you set out to do one task: survive. Set in the fictional world made famous by Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout franchise, you are the overseer of a numbered vault. In other words, you’re the boss. You’re the one making decisions on how well, or how badly, the residents of your vault are doing.

For the uninitiated, the Fallout franchise is all about an alternate history where the “Great War” took place. This resulted in nuclear warfare, leaving behind nothing but a wasteland for survivors to pick apart. Before the Great War started, the U.S. government spearheaded a nationwide project in an attempt to protect any surviving members of the human race if ever a nuclear war struck. They were aptly named “vaults.” And that’s where overseers come in. They see to it that the functions of the vault are looked after by a selected few and the inhabitants are taken care of. You are one such overseer.

At its core, Fallout Shelter is all about resource management. Your “vault dwellers,”–which you are given a few to start with and many can join later or be born within the vault–can be assigned to three basic resource generating rooms: power, food, and water. From there, you’ll slowly grow your vault and eventually acquire new rooms to create optional resources like stimpaks or radaway–you’ll desperately need both. You’ll have the opportunity to send vault dwellers out on quests to fetch supplies.

The question is: can you survive in the nuclear wasteland?

8. Asphalt 9: Legend (Racing Game)

Asphalt 9

From the creators of Asphalt 8: Airborne, Asphalt 9: Legend continues its trend of street racers and high octane action.

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and even W Motors lend their cars to Asphalt 9: Legend’s impressive roster and race these beautiful, metal beasts across sandy shores, midnight vista’s, and urban streets.

Asphalt 9: Legend boasts HDR and particle effects that lend a helpful hand in its realistic environments and cars.

If you’re looking for a racing game that not only feels good but makes you look good doing it, you’ll have over 50 unique vehicles to choose from. Each unique car can have their aesthetics customized like your rims, the color of your body and even the material.

Nitro has been used in many racing movies, and here is no different. Nitro Pulse is utilized as, not only a speed boost but an opportunity to spin your car like a top and use it as a weapon. Master this skill as you start your career over 60 seasons and a whopping 800 events.

Asphalt 9: Legend uses a driving system known as TouchDrive. TouchDrive attempts to simplify your steering so you’re less likely to miss a beat.

Even though Asphalt 9: Legend can be played offline, you can further test your skill with its online community.

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9. Eternium (Role-Playing Game)

Eternium (Role-Playing Game)

If you’re a huge fan of Blizzard’s Diablo franchise, Eternium will bring you plenty of fun. Developed by Making Fun, Inc. and Dream Primer, Eternium is all about slaying creatures and collecting loot. Rinse and repeat. Simple, but its gameplay loop is satisfying and way too easy to get addicted to. You can customize your character with the loot you find while also giving you the opportunity to fight harder and harder enemies.

However, while its loop is easy to fall into, the best part of Eternium is its spell-casting mechanic. In order to cast abilities, you have to swipe your screen in a specific motion. This breathes some life into its isometric goodness. You’ll find yourself frantically tracing the signs in an attempt to nuke hordes of creatures after your head.

Choose between three classes: warrior, mage and bounty hunter. When you’ve chosen your vocation, jump into the fray and battle your way to glory.

10. Plague Inc. (Simulation)

Plague Inc. (Simulation)

Plague Inc. takes the concept of biological warfare and turns it into a game. Your job is to infect as many people as you possible can with your pathogen. Rather than saving the populace, you’re actively cutting its mortal coil. How far and wide can you spread your pathogen?

Plague Inc. does an excellent job of designing realistic scenarios by applying real-world ways of spreading disease. For example, all it takes is one infected individual to board a plane and enter a country that is free of the disease. You’ll cackle with glee as you watch a country go from a blotchy red to full on dark red, signifying the spread of your pathogen.

Plague Inc. is not without its challenges. Mankind will actively fight against the pathogen by slowly, but surely, developing a cure. They’ll work against you by closing off docks and airports. They’ll even reduce the spread of your pathogen by handing out bottled water, rather than drinking from contaminated water.

How fast can you spread your disease?

11. Race The Sun (Racing Games)

Race The Sun

This is for speed racers who want to leave the ground and take to the sky. Race The Sun focuses on three aspects: the sun, your aircraft and time.

You can see the sun in the distance and your solar-powered craft has to reach the end before the sun finally sets. Your reaction time will be tested in this breakneck racing game.

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12. Hovercraft: Takedown (Racing Game)

Hovercraft takedown

For fans of physics and Minecraft’s blocky aesthetics, you should try your hand at Hovercraft: Takedown. You’ll be free to customize an 8-bit hovercraft with their in-game editor.

Your reflexes and reaction time will be tested, yet again, in this destruction and highly amusing 8 bit styled racing game.

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13. Alto’s Adventure (Action)

Alto’s Adventure (Action)

Pulling away from death and destruction, you have Alto’s Adventure. Control Alto as he  snowboards his way across various procedurally generated landscapes. You can grind and chain together tricks in surprisingly cinematic ways.

Alto’s Adventure doesn’t aim to overwhelm you with its visual design. Instead, it goes for a unique art design with impressive lighting effects. Alto’s Adventure was developed by Snowman and published by Snowman and Noodlecake Studios Inc.

14. Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition (Fighting)

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition (Fighting)

Yes, that Street Fighter. Capcom Co., Ltd. brings their Street Fighter franchise to mobile with Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition in all its fighting glory. Take command of 32 unique fighters in an attempt to subdue your opponent. Pull off juggling combos to show your opponent who the superior fighter is.

15. Breakneck (Racing)

Breakneck (Racing)

Breakneck takes racing and injects it with a frantic element. The world you’re on is being invaded, and it must be your bad day because they’re coming after you. Breakneck gets its name from the ludicrous speeds you’ll be driving in an attempt to escape capture and death. Even worse, you’ll be weaving back and forth to avoid unfamiliar terrain.

If you fail, restart and you’ll see the ghost of your previous self and the path you took. Use that to your advantage.