Medieval RPG or Medieval Role Playing Game are games that you play with a character, and you will be the one to control it while playing. You will be playing a specific game, and you will choose a character that suits your personality, and that is your favorite to play in a battle.

The character will be played and controlled by you whatever mission you’re into. Medieval Role Playing Games are similar in some features but different from some content. Those games will be portraying different genres of games that you will enjoy while playing.



King’s Throne is a good Medieval Role Playing Game for you because of the features that it offers and that you can enjoy while playing. This is a game that you and rule your kingdom, build your empire, create your dynasty, train your knights, create your own love story, and defend your empire from enemies. You have a lot of knights and other people who you rule in your kingdom, you can use them to strengthen your kingdom, and you can use them to expand your kingdom by using your resources. If you do not have enough knights and maiden, you have the ability to recruit and train them to fight every battle for you. While they are in a battle, you can do a lot of things to make your empire more powerful and protected from the enemies that you can encounter.

This game is not just about dealing with your knights, fighting in a battle, recruiting knights and keeping your resources more useful, but you can also court your maidens to keep your love life on fire. You can court your maidens if you want to, you can have them as long as you want, and you can create a different love story with them.

If you’re contented with your empire and your love life, you can now create your own dynasty, by nurturing children and expand your influence through your town. You can make all of this if you have this app, you can go into battles, defend your empire, and expand your empire with the help of your knight and maiden.

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Grim Soul app is a Medieval Role Playing Game that is all about survival. You will be in a province that is a happy and imperial then, but it was covered with fear and darkness. You will be able to learn on how to defend yourself from zombie-knights that attacks you every time, you will also learn on how to build your own empire and on how to defend it, you will also learn on how to craft your weapons as a defense to the citizens and knights that are wanting to hurt you. It is not just about survival; it is also a collection of treasures that you can use in buying your weapons and other needs in building your own castle.

While you’re surviving your day to day life in a province, you’re allowed to explore some other lands and talk to them to help you in surviving and in fighting enemies for you to get out of that place and bring it back to its old happy and imperial feeling and help the people live their prosperous life in the village. You’re also allowed to befriend ravens, for you to have a messenger and ask them to send a message to your nearest islands that you can see.

Ravens will help you in surviving in the province because they will be the one to send and receive messages from other islands who are willing to help you and who will be the one to attack you at any time of the day. For you to survive easily, you will be joining a clan. A clan will be there to communicate with you, and they will be the one who will defend you since you’re living along. Your clan will be your way to look out for treasures and to fight back to the monsters.

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Heroes and Castles 2 is an army action kind of Medieval Role Playing Game. You can enjoy this if you want action games on your mobile device. Unlike any other RPG with a cartoon-like graphic, the graphics of this game is truly a 3- Dimensional action type because you can feel the intensity, you can see a real enemy in front of you while fighting, and you can see skills that are only beside. You’re not alone when you play this game, and there are a lot of characters that can be with you to fight in a battle. Your weapons are displayed on your screen for your easy access. With that being said, you can customize your skills control and your character itself to be stronger and more powerful.

You can also defend and upgrade your castle into a bigger one like other empires. This is not just a single-player type of game, and you can also do multiple players and join tournaments to accomplish the mission and to open up some rewards for your empire.

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Evil lands is a 3- Dimensional fantasy game that you see similarities with the new Role-Playing Games. You’re going to choose your character if you can be a warrior, sorceress, or assassin. You can evolve them and make it stronger by customizing it before you into a battle. The good thing about this character customization is that all your skills and your physical attributes and other costumes can be customized, you just need to choose the best ones and choose the most powerful and strategic kind of skills that you can use to fight in a battle.

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Barbarian Legend is a unique Role Playing Game because you’re going to fight with different kinds of enemies, like spiders, knights, and other enemies that you can encounter. Here, you’re going to be alone and explore different worlds along your way. This is not just an ordinary game that you need to fight and conquer, and you’re going to customize your character, equip them, and train them to fight with every battle. A 3-Dimensional game that makes you experience a different kind of game. Controls will be the same as other Role Playing Games, but the difference here is that the skills that you can do are to swim, jump, climb a mountain, and other skills.

You will be going to a different location or world on how they call it, to explore the world and find different creatures. This will help you level up your skills and your character. By exploring different worlds, you will encounter a different level of difficulty. You enter the world that you just have explored, you can find enemies, treasures, and other missions to accomplish it.

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Arcane Knight is a single-player Role Playing Game that you can enjoy if you’re an adventurous and more of a sword player online. You can just use your sword to fight your enemies while riding your horse. You can simply attack and fight enemies in your missions. You will be the hero of one of the hometowns in your game, and you will be defending yourself with the knights same as yours. Arcane Knight is a simple game that you can enjoy.

In playing this game, there are no limited weapons because there are a lot of equipment and sword weapons that you can choose from before you enter into battle. By using such weapons and equipment that can help you win a battle, you can achieve a lot of things that will make your level increase. This is a simple and free app that you can have when you download this, and you can now start fighting with other knights and continue your adventure with different maps and achievements and rewards.

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Iron Blade is a Role Playing Game that looks like a modern RPG game in this year. You will be having a 3- Dimensional graphics in playing and you will be choosing a character that suits you and that you want to battle with different wars. There are a lot of weapons, features, and locations that you can enjoy when you play this game because you will be able to collect weapons and different treasures and different rewards, you will have a skills that will help you defend yourself and kill monsters when in war, and you will be into different locations while accomplishing your missions.

Not only you can go to another place, while your level s increasing and your powers and skills are being difficult at the same time, you can also make your hero and character be more powerful and beautiful. You can evolve and beautify your character by buying your character clothes, weapons, and other accessories that can beautify and strengthen your character before going into the battle. You will not just fight for your enemies and defend yourself from monsters, and you will also fight for the bigger monster and enemies to finish your mission and move to next location and next level of the battle.

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