Camera apps are made for you to take a beautiful photo and take a video for a particular matter. Cameras in your mobile phones are installed in a default manner for you to use in your everyday life. Some cameras offer basic options and fundamental features that can be used if you want to use your cameras in any given situation. The default cameras that are on your mobile phone are apps that have basic photography settings.

To experience an extraordinary camera features, you can download and have camera apps to have unique and different options if you’re taking photos and videos. You can have a lot of camera apps that you can use to have good pictures and videos as a result. With different apps that you can have on your mobile phone, you can discover the uniqueness of its features when the app is already installed on your mobile phone. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best manual camera apps for Android and iOS.


VSCO camera app is top-rated in the photography world. You can easily operate this app, but, there are a lot of options that are powerful in making your photo and skills at the next level. This app is very minimalist in design, but the inside gives you a lot of features that you can do to make your photo more beautiful.

VSCO camera app makes your photo even more real and colorful; it has a lot of effects that you can choose and select to relate the picture to the effect that you have chosen. VSCO offers a lot of techniques in doing your photo more unique and creative. This is something that VSCO offers; the editing components are like editing tools in a professional editing app, you can remove blemishes, add some filters, regulate colors, blur the background, adjust the contrast, and adjust the sharpness and brightness of your photo. You can never go wrong with this app because aside from it is free, there are a lot of things that you can do to make your photo more beautiful and shared in your accounts.

Android iOS



Cymera Camera app goes with different kinds of selfie filters, and there are more than 100 filters that you can choose from when you’re taking your photo. With the Cymera app, you can take a picture with different options of your choice, and you can select some effects that make your photo more beautiful and creative. There are seven (7) different kinds of lens that you can choose from, and you can use the different lenses in taking photos according to the subject you want to take.

There are also basic options in editing the photos that you take, you can remove the red-eye that affects the picture and you can also beautify your photo with this app. You can also make a collage out of the images that you have taken in this app, without discovering any of the options, Cymera shows the options directly for you to select the necessary option that you want to have to have a beautiful photo. There are a lot of features, effects, options, and filters that you can use and enjoy when you use this app.

Android iOS



Moment Pro Camera is a manual camera that uses simple buttons to operate. This app gives unique options for you to take a good photo on your mobile device. You can adjust the shutter speed, ISO, and focal point like a DSLR Camera. There are options like HDR form, Panorama, Square, Video, and also a camera with filters that you can select and choose before taking a photo.

The colors that this app offers you is that it is pronounced, balanced, and straight forward by looking at it. The kinds of modes that you can choose in taking photos are Anamorphic, Wide, Tele, Macro, SuperFish, and no lens. These kinds of modes determines what type of photo you’re going to take, it has a normal mode that captures ordinary photos, there’s also a wide-angle in which you can take a photo with a complete background, there’s also a macro mode that shows you a zoom-in mode, and super fish which offers a fish-eye kind of photo taking. Moment Pro Camera will give you an extraordinary feeling of taking photos, and you can select what type of mode you want and take your photo into another level.

Android iOS



ProShot is like a DSLR camera when you try to compare it; there’s nothing different aside from you having a DSLR camera on your mobile phone. You can adjust the mode of this app, whether you put it in a manual mode or automatic mode. Manual mode allows you to adjust your Aperture, ISO, brightness, and Focal Length, you can adjust the focus of your camera if you want to have a portrait style photo. When it comes to Automatic, you need to click the capture button of your mobile device, it will automatically adjust everything for you without hesitations, and it will give you a different level of photo when you use it.

ProShot allows you to choose what mode of the photo you’re going to take, is it a night mode, portrait, sports, and movie. This will enable you to take a video, and it offers you a DSLR like an effect. You can also adjust the colors and select the variations of colors whenever you want to have a different kind of result in mind. ProShot is a very creative app that you can have in your mobile device and you will not go wrong if you want to have a unique and straightforward DSLR camera using your device.

Android iOS



Halide is a gesture type of camera app that you can use any time and anywhere. Halide Camera app lets you take a photo like a DSLR camera with a touch of unique features. Some of the cameras that you have are analog cameras, meaning, you can set up a setting that is based on your preferred brightness and based on your time and location. Halide is a unique app because all you need to do if you want to set up your camera is that, you need to swipe it left or right and up or down, with simple gestures, you can easily command your camera app to complete your settings.

You can adjust the brightness, white balance, ISO, Focal Point, and shutter speed manually using your gestures. You can also change the angle of your photo by choosing and selecting whether you want to have a telephoto angle or wide-angle or square using the settings given by Halide. This app gives you an option if you’re going to use the RAW kind of photos or a filtered or beautified photo. You can save your photos by JPEG or TIF mode.

Android iOS



Huji Camera App offers an old type of camera resolution and provides an experience kind of camera. This app shows you an orange font color and an old style of dates indicated in the photo after taking. Huji Camera App looks like an old developing camera that you can take a look at the lens, and you can also zoom in.

The photos that you took are automatically saved in the library of Huji App. There’s also a flash button if you’re taking a photo from the night or dark area for you to have a good shot after. In viewing your photos in the Lab area or Gallery area, you can download the photo that you have taken and there’s also an automatic saving if you want to, you just need to set up the things in your settings area.

Android iOS



NOMO app gives you a vintage and classic type of photography. Like the Huji app, it has a specific kind of buttons and options that you can use in taking photographs. NOMO is like a developing camera that needs some skills in having a good photo. There’s a yellow camera button on the app, and you can also select the shop button, with the shop button, you can select and choose what kind of camera that you can download, use, and purchase. It allows you to select a type of camera which gives you a different vibe in taking photos, the one being offered is beneficial and if you want to have a lot of camera kinds, you can click the yellow camera button and the shop for you to have a lot of choices.

This offers an analog-style camera in which, you’re adjusting the settings like the ISO, Focal Point, Brightness, shutter speed in the analog or a manual button for you to get your taste of photography result. With NOMO, you can just directly save the photos you have taken, because there’s no need for you to edit the pictures because there are effects included in the app if you’re going to take a photo, the brightness and the sunlight will adjust to get the right mixture of colors contrast and sharpness of the photo.

Android iOS

Bottom Line

If you’re an aspiring photographer, having a manual camera app on your device of choice is going to be proper training. You can play around with settings and learn how they affect the photographs in your gallery. Check out any of these manual camera apps and get them for your phone today.