Song lyrics are an essential element of the music everyone listens to. You will not know the meaning of the song, you will not feel the emotion of the song, and especially, you will not know the lyrics when you sing the whole song if you don’t have a reference guide. You should know the words and it is better if you have them in your mobile phone for you to sing a song correctly, to understand the pronunciation, and also, to know the meaning of the song itself.

When you understand the words of a song, you also receive the message the artist is trying to convey. With every lyric that you sing, you feel the emotions, and you feel the extraordinary experience of the melody. Sometimes, it’s hard to catch the title of the song, but with just a few phrases from the entire tune, you’ll find out the song and you can finally add it to your playlist. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best lyrics app for Android and iOS.



Genius is an excellent app that fits your mobile device because it’s convenient for you to search and look for lyrics of a song that’s been on your mind. Even if you search for a classic genre or classic type of song, you can find it via the Genius App. You can search for the title of the song in the search section, and since Genius app offers you a lot of songs with the same title that you’re looking for, you can search for the lyric of the song or the artist who made the song for you to find it easily.

This app has a website which you can check out if you’re on your laptop or computer. This app is an excellent resource for singers because you can get accurate lyrics.

Android iOS



Quicklyric is the same as the other lyrics app that you can download and have in your mobile device because it is effortless to operate and there are a lot of things that you can discover with this app. You’re free to search songs and music that are available in the library of Quicklyric app, upon searching, the lyrics of your searched song will also be displayed and will be played while the music is playing. You’ll see the words displayed through a small window, and it will not distract or disturb the music that you have searched.

This app has a night mode feature that allows you to protect your eyes from getting tired. You can also select a lot of themes that make the app beautiful, and that makes the lyrics more visible. This has an advertisement free feature in which you can use this app in unlimited time. And the best thing about this is, you can use this app online and offline whichever you’re comfortable of.




Do you prefer listening to music in your favorite cafes? How about while walking? Or even at the convenience of your own home? Shazam is a great app that works two ways. It listens to a song and lets you know the title and artist of the song. The other function is related to lyrics. The app will instantly display any available lyrics so you can sing along to that catchy new tune you just discovered.

If you want to share it to others, you may share your favorite music to your different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, with the social media accounts mentioned, you can share the music together with the video of that song, you can also share the lyrics of the song you’re listening to, the title, the thumbnail, or just only the music. You can link the words of the song to your Spotify account as long as you turn on your Device Broadcast Status.

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Do you like listening to music while singing songs offline? Or, you’re listening to your favorite music but singing the wrong words? Here is the answer to the lyrics you’re singing wrongly. While listening to the music that you like, you can sing the words shown in the music player.

If you want to translate the language of the lyrics because you want to know what would be the outcome if the song comes with a different style or you’re learning the song with a different language, you can automatically translate the lyrics and it the translated version will automatically appear below the original words of the song. And lastly, if you want to memorize the words on your own without opening the app, you can download the lyrics and you can automatically save it to your storage.

This app can go online and offline, so if you cannot access any internet connection. This comes with a lot of songs and gets continuously updated as time goes on. You need to specify the music that you’re looking for so you can get accurate results. If you have Spotify and you want the lyrics to appear in while listening, you need to turn on the Device Broadcast Status option and the words will be linked from Lyrics Mania app to your Spotify.

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SoundHound is one of the unique apps that you can have in your mobile device. If you’re looking for a voice command lyrics app and if you’re looking for a most convenient app that you can use every day then SoundHound is the answer to these kind of feature. SoundHound is very simple to operate, with just “Ok SoundHound…” you will automatically directed to the music that you’re looking for, you can look and check if the music you’re looking for is the same with SoundHound found. It will not already be hard for you to search for songs because SoundHound is direct, straightforward, and caters all your concern.

Lyrics will be provided if SoundHound find the music you have searched, you can also link your Spotify to share and put the lyrics as long as you turn on your Device Broadcast Status. For the newly released songs and/ or music, the lyrics will also be provided and you will be notified if the words of the song that you searched is available or not yet available for the meantime. This app is free to download and goes with online usage.

Android iOS



Musixmatch is one of the most popular and one of the most featured apps that you can download and use throughout your mobile device. If you want to have a lot of connections and account links here in the app, you may do so. Musixmatch supports your YouTube account, Spotify, Google Play Music, and other music platform account that is compatible to be supported by this app. Lots features need to be considered, like for example, you can play your favorite music even if you locked your mobile device, you can control your favorite music through playing, pausing, and skipping songs if you’re looking for a song that you want to listen to.

While you’re playing your favorite music and listening to it, the lyrics will be shown automatically in your mobile screen, you can also select the music platform of your choice if you want to have the words of your favorite music, you can search the music that you want to listen to, you can watch the music video of the music you’re listening to and also, the lyrics of that music together with the music video will appear on your screen, full screen and landscape mode. This is an advertisement free app so you can enjoy the unique experience of this app online or offline.

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Lyrix is like the other app that you use in your mobile phones, you’re allowed to search the songs that you want to listen to and you should be careful in looking at the artist’s name or the title itself because there will always be an instance that the song you search has a lot of results that you will be confused on. Some titles are the same with the title or with the song that you’re looking for so what you need to is that you should take a look at the artist’s name and the title of the album that is included in the list. Lyrix app has so much to offer; you’re able to do voice command for you to search the right music that you want to listen to.


Bottom Line

Singing your heart out is best when you have all the words at the palm of your hand. Luckily, you can get all the information in a few taps when you download these lyrics apps. Consider having one tucked in your phone’s app menu so you can whip it out whenever you hear a catchy tune playing in the background.