Having a virus in your computer is a big problem. Usually, origins of virusus cannot be determined and infected files can be hard to find. This is where the Anti-virus software will come in. It’s intended so you can determine, clean, delete, and take necessary action against threats surrounding your computer.

There are Anti-virus that are cheap and very easy to use. If you’re a busy person, and you cannot check if there are threats in your computer, you can just click the software and it will allow you to scan and clean your computers automatically. There are also some Anti-virus software that are expensive and complicated yet very useful and very detailed upon using for you to clean, comprehend, and analyse what are the threats that infected your device. It is very useful for you to avoid repairing, restoring, and changing your computers in time.



TotalAV is a software that you can download, install, and use to your Personal Computers because of it compatibility, convenience, and easy way to operate every button and function that it offers. This software allows you to determine whether your computer is attacked by a Malware, Adware, Ransomware, and other virus that can infect your files and can affect your computer’s performance.

TotalAV is a free software that you can download and you can use to determine what kind of virus are threatening your computer. You can also use it to determine what files so you can avoid using or opening those files. This is not just for viruses that are can mostly be encountered in your computer but, it also offers security manager like it will allow you to provide passwords, have a safety browsing, and other options for you to avoid viruses and for your computer not to be affected by a slow and problematic performance.



PCProtect is a software that you can use every time you need protection against malicious websites, software, or files from external sources that infected your computer. This software will help you determine and check the files that are indicated during the virus scan. PCProtect is very helpful and very easy to operate if your computer is infected by a virus and the performance of your computer is affected. This software will help you identify what kind of virus infected your computer like Malwares, Adwares, Ransomwares, and other virus types.

PCProtect will help you scan the files that you’ve downloaded and installed, websites that you’re browsing, and external drive files that you plug into your system. This is one of the best Anti-virus app that you can use because it is a real-time software to protect your device, before the virus will infect everything in your computer, it will automatically stops it and you may check and delete the unnecessary virus.



This software is one of the top rated Anti-virus software to be downloaded to your Mac, Windows, and other device. It is very convenient, compatible, and it is an in-app purchase. You may buy this software for only $140 per year for you to use it in a different manner and for you to enjoy the experience of having this software. It is not just compatible, convenient, easy to use, but, it is also fast and reliable to determine what kind of Virus is into your device.

You may notice that there are some similarities that you can find in this software to other software but they also have a few differences. You may schedule your computer scanning for you to witness what are the apps or files that are indicted or that is infected by a virus, you may also have a safe browsing. VPN Internet Security for your privacy and security, and it will also allow you to block websites or apps that can trigger the virus to infect your computer. The good thing here is, you get Phone Support and Live Chat Support when you encounter concerns.



McAfee Software has a free subscription and a paid subscription of your choice. If your free subscription is expired you may go to McAfee Website and you can purchase the one (1) year subscription which will cost you $49.99 and can be used unlimitedly and you can renew it until you cancel your subscription. This software is very compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad, and Android as long as it supports the software.

Like any other software, this has a feature in which you can block and remove Malware, Spyware, Ransomware, it will also allow you to have a web protection for your security, it will also allow you to schedule scanning of your device, and you can have a tune up for you to choose some tools for your computer or any device to have a better and faster performance. They also have a 24 hour Phone Customer Service line for you to inquire or raise some concerns if you cannot fix, repair or scan your computers.



There are three versions of Avira Anti-virus Software, the free version which is the Avira Free Security Suite for Windows, then there’s the paid version which is the Avira Internet Security Suite for Windows, and lastly, the other paid version, the Avira Prime. This all respectively goes for only $40.99 and $69.99 every year. Those versions have different features which you can use to clean and scan your personal computers.

This software will help you organize, delete, clean, and scan your computer. This will also help you in having a better and faster computer. This will provide for you a more secured, private, and Virus will not triggered in affecting and infecting your devices. It offers you password management in which there are certain websites that will be limited if this software will notice that there are some malicious operations that are happening inside the website, it will also help you in contacting and talking to a customer service representative if you have any concern with your software.



Norton Anti-virus is the most common Anti-virus software that you can have and download. This is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and other devices. There are three (3) versions of this software in which they are called Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. The difference of these three subscription is the features that are included in the package when you download it. For Standard subscription, you can only use it for your one of your devices. As for the Deluxe, you can use it for up to five (5) devices. Lastly, the Premium version is meant for corporations which can go up to 10 devices, and there’s a bonus feature – the parental Control and Backup.

When subscribing to this there are subscriptions that you need to consider, how long would you like to subscribe with Norton? Do you want One (1) year? Or Two (2) year subscription? This will refrain you from costing so much money for subscription. This software will prevent you from infecting your device from viruses like Malware, Adware, Spyware, and all other Virus that will affect your computer’s performance.



This will protect your devices from getting infected by viruses which will also drastically affect device performance. This software will help you determine what kind of virus will attack your device.

The Avast notification will pop-up when you’re browsing to make sure that the website or the page that you’re browsing or looking at is safe and secured. This is a software that will remind you to clean up your device, it will give you a rundown on what devices have been threatened for you to delete and be safe. Avast will also help you in making your devices like Windows, Mac, Android and other device fast and better during the performance. This is a free download software that you can safely get it from its website.

Bottom Line

There are so many anti-virus programs out there to protect your devices from malware and suspicious adware. This is very important to have nowadays because people tend to save sensitive personal information and financial information on devices. Hence, in order to keep your data and computers safe, it’s highly advised to download any one of these superb anti-viruses.