The Kindle Fire is actually a combination of a laptop and a smart phone into one service product. The Kindle is actually designed or focused on reading books and consuming information that you need. However, on top of that, you can get the most of the experience by adding other functionalities like web browsing. Usually, you can do this with the Kindle Browser.

Kindle Browser or Silk Browser is one of the products of Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet that will really exceed user expectation but since the tech is new, there may be some surprising roadblocks which will require app maintenance and troubleshooting.

Since the Kindle is mainly operated by the core of an Android system, you can be sure to find Android apps that are compatible with the Kindle tablet. Since this is the case, you can try out other browsers for your Kindle tablet which will help you out if your Kindle browser goes out of commission. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best Kindle browser alternatives.


You can download Google Chrome for your Kindle Fire Tablet since Google Chrome is very compatible with any kind of device that you may have. With Google Chrome, you can browse anything you want, read e-books if you’re fond of reading online books, and get more productive with web related work. You can also use the Incognito for your private browsing needs.

You may use Google Chrome with or without a Gmail or Google account but it would be best to log in with one so data is synced across the accounts and devices that utilize the same account. Google Chrome can be easily operated because of its simple features and intuitive design.



Dolphin is a web browser that can be downloaded to your Kindle Fire Tablet for a more exciting and enjoyable experience. This browser looks unique which adds to the fun elements. It also has a voice input feature that will make your life easier.

This also provides incognito mode like the Google Chrome, dark mode or night mode, full screen, and also desktop mode for websites that aren’t mobile optimized.

Dolphin is a safe web browser for your Kindle Fire Tablet because of its security and embedded privacy features. On top of that, it will allow you to sync the bookmarks that you have saved, view your browsing history, and save passwords that you want to remember. Dolphin is compatible working with Android and iOS so you better try this one with your Kindle Fire Tablet for a unique experience.



This is one of the best browsers compatible with Kindle Fire Tablet. When you go to the main page, you’ll see that it looks like the Yahoo Search Engine layout. This browser also helps block pop- up advertisements that will slow down your browsing progress.

One of the unique features of this browser is that it will allow you to browse in data saving mode so you can save on the data consumption. This helps you watch more videos, search for more things, and read more books online. This is very compatible with Kindle Fire Tablet



Firefox or Mozilla Firefox rather, is one of the most popular web browser that you can download for the Kindle Fire Tablet. It’s a safe web browser that will helps you download, browse, search, watch, read, and many more. This will also allow you to sync all the data between devices.

Firefox also has add-on features where it will allow you to add what you want and need. Firefox also has this video downloading feature that will amaze you because you can now download your favorite videos for you to watch offline. This browser will let you browse privately, like in Google Chrome’s Incognito, but it’s called Private Browsing.


Maxthon is popularly known for its fast speed as a web browser, and also its extraordinary features that you will discover while using this browser on your Kindle Fire Tablet. This has a lot of features like the other web browsers that you usually use. It will allow you to take screenshots, go into dark mode or night mode, reader mode, safe mode or what you call private browsing, and a lot more.

This is a simple web browsing app that you can download to your Kindle Fire Tablet because of its simple function operators. This will show you the download portion in which you can download images, videos, and such for your offline browsing. This will also show you the favorites section in which you can sync and drag to your favorites for future browsing.


Naked Browser is also one of the simplest web browsing app that you can download to your Kindle Fire Tablet. This app is a web browser which will allow you to download and upload videos, photos, and any other things that you need. Naked Browser will also allow you to browse the things that you need. Naked browser will only take up a small space in your Kindle Fire Tablet, because it is simple, straightforward.

The good thing about this is, it is not just simple, it is a private browser that will not collect or ask any personal information from you. This is a limited browser and it is perfect for private browsing that will let you block ad pop ups so what you see is what you get. This browser will also show your browsing history.



This is one of themed web browser for one of your Kindle Fire Tablet. With this, you can actually select the theme that you want to appear in your home page, you can also set up a night mode or dark mode for your web browser if you have a problem with a bright screen for you to enjoy more of your browsing time. With UC Browser, you can see your downloaded files, favorites, the site that you bookmarked, and also the history of your web searches.

UC Browser, will can be shown in full screen, or desktop mode or you can choose what mode you like for your convenience. It is a very simple app if you come to think of it, but it will make you more satisfied, convenient, and safe. This is the unique web browser that you can download because of its adaptability, it will adapt the speed of your internet, and when your connection is weak, the tabs that you have inserted above will be trimmed down.

Bottom Line

There are a handful of great browsers available to the Kindle tablet. You just need to try them out so you get a good feel of the work flow which will really help you improve the experience. Consider trying Google Chrome and Firefox because they’re popular names in the net browsing category.