Racing is one of the most popular games that most of you and other people play. Racing is an adventurous game and is a type of game where you can use your driving and exhibition skills. You will be competing and racing with another or other players that are wanting to take the lead and wanting to finish the race in a short period of time. There are a lot of missions and accomplishments and rewards that you can receive and achieve when you accomplish and finish all your missions while racing.

Most of the racing games are not just for your teenagers. You just need to download and research for the games that are for kids. There are a lot of racing games that you will like, and the games that you would want to try our racing games with different genres and different kinds of cars that can be used in playing.

In this guide, you’ll find the seven best kid’s racing games for Android and iOS.



Flippy Race is a game on the water with the use of a jet ski or a boat. You’re going to race with a lot of boats and jet skis that you need to overtake and take on to the leader board. The last rank that you can have is the 16th place where it is unnecessarily happening in a race. You just need to select your jet ski according to the level and performance, and you can start to race with the other player. Your rank or your place will be shown above the screen for you to know what rank are you in the race. There are a lot of boats and jet skis that you can choose, and you can also choose the color and the speed.

There are obstacles and other distractions that you can encounter while racing with other boats and jet skis, so you’re going to avoid those distractions and those obstacles to go through the finish line and to be number one in the ranking of boats and jet skis. You can also pass by coins and other rewards, and you need to get those rewards to higher your level and to speed up your vehicle. You fly high above the water to boost up and pass through the other players.

Android iOS



Hot Wheels Race Off is the hottest and most exciting game in your Android and IOS mobile device. You will be having different kinds of cars that you can collect and use in racing and in any mission or challenges that you will be doing. This is not just an ordinary racing game that you encounter with any other games, and this is an extraordinary experience because you will be going into loops and in different kinds of exhibition roads while finishing your challenges and mission before going to the finish line. You can choose different kinds of car for you to use, and you can collect all the more than 50 types of hot wheels cars.

You can also invite and challenge your friends and race through loops, jump through holes, and use your boost to make it through the finish line. You can see their picture while playing for you to know where the other player is located. You can do stunts in the paths. You can make exhibitions because there are points corresponding to the stunts you’re going to make. You can upgrade every car you collect and use, and you can also receive rewards according to your standing and level.

Android iOS



Race For Children is literally a kids game because of the features and graphics that you can see while playing. This is a game for girls and boys because the characters and the vehicles you will be using are with the determination of a girl and boy theme. Not only a boy and girl theme vehicle you will be seeing, but there are also faces and animal looks that you can choose from one vehicle to another.

There are animals like lion, elephant, pig, and many more. You’re going to choose the car that you want and use it to compete with other vehicles along the way. You will be racing with more than one car, you’re going to race in a highway or in a way where you can encounter traffic and other vehicles which are blowing their horns and noisy brakes.

Android iOS



Sonic Dash is the same with the Sonic X game that allows your character to run over a mission and fight with different enemies. You’re going to let your character run through the whole mission and swipe over, under, and side by side if you want to get some rewards and avoid the mini enemies that you will encounter along your way. Your character have the ability to crawl, jump, and go into loops while running to get more score and to show some tricks while playing. A 3- Dimensional game that you enjoy while getting rewards, treasures, and coins to unlock different levels and other characters.

There are a lot of characters that you can collect and use while playing this game, and they are the friend of Sonic who you can use and choose to take the challenges. This is a different kind of game because you just need to swipe your screen from over, under, left, and right to move Sonic’s way and to avoid the things that will distract him from going further the challenge. You’re also going to unlock characters, accessories, and levels that you can enjoy in playing this game.

Android iOS



Thomas and Friends are one of the unique racing game that you can ever have in your mobile device. You can play with Thomas as your main character and main engine vehicle to compete with his friends, Percy, James, Nia and more. You will be competing and racing with one aim, and you will be finishing the lapses with the unique tracks and unique stunts to lead the game. You can also choose if you want to play a single-player or play with a friend for the game to be more exciting and interesting.

This is a unique game because you’re not going to use any pedals or steering wheels, you’re going to use the button to tap continuously for you to go your fastest way and to use your boost to be the first one to finish the race. You can also see your standing in the race, and you can be the first one or the second one to rank the game.

There are other buttons that you can use like the stunt button because you can use and make different techniques and skills in doing your stunts. You can also go with different kinds of locations for you to show your skills, you can go with tunnels, water, docks and any more. With Thomas and Friends, you can enjoy and go a race with your friends.

Android iOS



Mario Kart Tour is a racing game that needs your time, skills, and effort to make the best out of this game. You needed to have a Nintendo to play this game because Mario originated in a Nintendo company. You’re going to race with Mario’s Friends like Luigi. You’re not just going to race with Mario’s friends, but also you need to accomplish missions and challenges to increase your level and unlock rewards to gain more points, accessories, items, characters, and cars. You need your fingers to control the race in going left-right and in overtaking your competitors in finishing the laps.

You’re going to race with different places on different levels. You can earn points, and those points will be your way to buy a new car, character avatars, and accessories for your car. You can also play Frenzy mode where you can be invincible and play unlimited race at your own time and patience. You will be racing with other characters and see them overtake you and you can also go over some challenges like while racing, you can encounter distractions on your way and bump them to take the lead. You can collect coins and rank number one in your race, and you can also fight with different competitors that number one is not the way to win a race.

Android iOS



Swing Rider is a game where a character swings all over the car ways and make coins for your rewards. A unique game that can make your heart beat faster because of its dangerous yet exciting features. The game lets you go through the ocean and other locations so long as you’re swinging. You compete with other swingers that take the level and the game becomes more exciting and thrilling.

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