Keyboards are one of the most important features a device can have. Computers and laptops would not function without it. Mobile gadgets cannot simply go or exist without a touch keyboard.

There wouldn’t be any way to input text and that would be a big problem. Luckily, phones can now have a new type of keyboard, other than the pre-installed keyboard that your phones may have. Other keyboard apps usually have distinct features that are enhancements of the current core function.

Here are 7 best keyboards for Android phones.

1. Gboard – the Google Keyboard


Gboard has everything you need and will love about a Google keyboard. This app allows you to do Glide Typing which makes you type faster by just sliding your fingers from one letter to another. It also has Voice Typing so you just need to dictate the words and the app will type it for you.

Gboard has a built-in Google Search feature so you can type and it will pull up search results. On top of that, you can share anything from Google just by pressing G on your keyboard.

The app also lets you find an emoji faster with its Emoji Search feature and lets you search and share GIFs that’s suited for your reaction to every message.

It has a multilingual typing feature that allows you to type in any language without the need of switching between languages manually. It will autocorrect and suggest from any of the languages you’ve enabled. Among the languages included in this app are Chinese in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Dutch, Russian, and Sundanese.

Gboard supports a variety of languages and also includes Google Translate which does the translation as you type in your keyboard.

2. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is a swipe keyboard app from Microsoft. The unique feature of the SwiftKey Keyboard app is that it learns and adapts to your way of typing. This includes your slang, nicknames, and favorite emojis. It has a built-in Emoji keyboard containing a variety of options and choices.

With this app, you can customize your keyboard’s size and layout just the way you like it. This is an added bonus to those with small hands or big fingers. Choose from a variety of free colorful designs and layouts including having your own picture as your keyboard background. It also includes many features like swipe typing, tap typing, predictive emoji, and a GIF keyboard.

The SwiftKey Keyboard has multilingual support that boasts more than 300 languages including German, French, Arabic, and Polish. Aligned with this, you can enable up to five languages at once.

3. Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard

The Chrooma Keyboard is a fascinating, lightweight, and fast keyboard app that adapts the to the color theme you’re using on your mobile device. You can customize your Chrooma Keyboard to whatever fits your style. It gives you a high level of personalization where you can choose from a series of themes, font styles, emoji styles, and keyboard size.

The Chrooma Keyboard is a beautiful keyboard and is also a smart productivity tool. You can activate its one hand mode to type with just either left or right hand if you type faster that way.

The other feature of Chrooma which you may want to check out is that if you have the split screen layout, it will potentially help you type faster. With Chrooma Keyboard you can opt to just swipe your thumb over the keyboard or to tap the keys to write your message.

The app also features a night mode where it automatically changes the color tone when it detects low light. You can also set a timer to this in order to setup the night mode.

4. Flesky: Fast Keyboard + Stickers, GIFs & Emojis


The Flesky app is dubbed as the fastest keyboard application. This app makes you type and lets you erase in a faster rate. It lets you easily add a punctuation mark, space, words, and much more. You can even just swipe a word to the left to delete it. Flesky uses a next-generation auto-correction that lets type accurately without looking directly on your phone and lets you save time using intuitive gestures.

The Flesky app also allows you to share music and videos through just a push of a button. It allows you easy access to the number row with quick keyboard shortcuts and a fun rainbow pop effect when you type.

5. Ginger Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs, Themes & Games

Ginger Keyboard

The Ginger Keyboard app has a unique feature which checks your whole sentence using a unique Grammar and Spell Check proofreader that’s perfect for your business related emails which you usually composed through your phones. This app supports over 50 languages such as Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew, and Italian. This means the app can also double up as a translating app.

This keyboard is also quite interesting because it has in-app games for those times when you’re waiting for a reply for an email or message you just sent, or it’s also to your benefit when you’re bored. Ginger keyboard lets you play a quick game of Snake, Squash, or Sliding Puzzle.

The Ginger Keyboard app also lets you become more proficient in English. You can just tap into Ginger Page and enjoy editing tools to easily review your text for any spelling, punctuation mark issues, grammar, and many more.

6. TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal Keyboard

The TouchPal Keyboard lets you type fast and easy with its TouchPal Curve feature that boasts the best kind of swipe keyboard letting you slide smoothly through the keys to input your message. It also has a customizable keyboard so you can change the color, wallpaper, and layout. It even lets you add your personal photo as keyboard themes.

The app also has the auto-pair feature for symbols like the parenthesis ( ) or the quotation marks “ “ where you only have to long press on the symbol to get its pair automatically.

7. Cheetah Keyboard – Emoji, Swype, DIY Themes

Cheetah Keyboard

The Cheetah Keyboard is an app that claims to make your typing fast, accurate, and fun. It lets you save time with its Smart Reply function which suggests responses based on the messages that you receive and send over time.

It’s also the first 3D Android keyboard app that lets you display cool 3D effects when typing. You can customize your own theme with its wide array of backgrounds, font styles, dynamic effects, keyboard color, and even add on music.

Keyboard apps are a great way to customize your mobile phone. It works with almost all messaging apps so if the keyboard app comes with emojis, then there’s a high chance that it can also be compatible with the messaging app that you’re using.

The keyboard app can also improve your typing and spelling through built-in gesture recognition and spell checkers. Consider trying out a few of the keyboard app’s that we’ve listed above. You’ll surely find the right one to use when you’ve tried a few options out yourself.

It’s also not suggested to have multiple keyboard apps on your phone because it would take up precious storage. Thus, if you did download a few, once you finished testing them out, you can uninstall the ones you won’t have any use for.