Karaoke is one of the activities that you do every time you want to relax. Every time you feel anxious, sad, happy, or if you just want to sing and let your voice be heard. Karaoke is not just about having a party or a get together, it’s also great for practicing your singing voice so you’re ready for a great performance. Whenever you’re in a group, karaoke will always be a good bonding activity for everyone who like music in general. You don’t even need to have a good singing voice to like karaoke.



This app is helpful for you if you’re a tech savvy person, because this app has a lot of things to do in operation while you’re enjoying the night of party. PC DJ Karaoki allows you to set up the features of the app, in which, you can choose menu colors, screen display, lock screen and such. PC DJ Karaoki also features a search option in which you can search on the title of the song, or the artist of the song. This app will also help you look for the history of the song that you just have sung earlier for references.

This app is a stand-alone software that allows you to create playlists and celebrate at the comfort of your home. You can even use a Bluetooth remote control to input the number of the song just like in a real karaoke bar.



This is an app software that will really make you enjoy your whole duration of performance because, this app allows you to record your voice, and your whole performance. Kanto Karaoke is a simple karaoke machine software which gives you a most satisfying karaoke experience. This software will allow you to enjoy singing and recording. The house party is going to be great when you whip this out.

If you want your performance to be in full blast and fun filled, Kanto Karaoke will allow you to view the lyrics of your favorite music and song in a full view for you to see the lyrics clearly and for you to enjoy your performance. This software will also allow you to change the pitch of the song that you have selected. This includes pacing and tempo.



Karafun Player is included in the list of most popular Karaoke software and has a lot of exciting features to show you. This software will allow you to save your favorite soundtrack so you save time instead of going through the entire library of songs. You can sync the songs that you want to sing so you can play it with or without internet connection. This software has a wide library of popular songs that you can choose from. This is perfect for your house warming party this coming weekend.

This software is free to download. So no need to think twice about trying this out. You’ll definitely enjoy singing, performing, and bonding with your family or friends. As an added feature, if you want to host a singing contest, the playback history can help you keep track of which song was already sung so you can keep a manual score.



This software is also free to download and very simple to operate like other Karaoke Machines in entertainment bars. This software is an app that will let you enjoy your performance because it’s very simple to operate. In the end, you’ll be more focused on singing your favorite songs.

When you open the app, it will show you a full screen of lyrics. Towards the bottom, you’ll see the playback list, play and pause button, volume, power, stop, settings and more options to choose from.

This software can also play a ZIP file or on an archive file, you can also drag and download the song to the player. This is perfect for showing off your karaoke skills in front of your loved ones. This will also help you in adjusting your key or your pitch so you can sing the song better and for your voice to match to the song you’re singing.



This software is like a modern type of karaoke machine because of its features and options that you can find when you download the app. This is available for download through the Microsoft app store.

One karaoke lets you create videos with filters while you’re performing so the file is social media ready. This means you can share your videos to the community for other people to see it. If you sing really well, you can generate a following and others can comment on your videos. This could be your ticket to stardom.

This software offers classical hits and recently released music. This means you can enjoy the app completely. You can also watch the karaoke videos of the people you’re following and, you can also follow people who are following you to possibly collaborate and share the videos that you want to share after performing.



This software is the same with all other karaoke software that you need to download, but the uniqueness of this software is that this is a professional karaoke system that will help you run your club or go into a karaoke business. This software is playing your favorite songs that you like to sing directly from YouTube, so it’s easy for you to search the song and the singer without wasting time going through a songbook.

What’s good about this software is that you can search the song, the title, the artist, and even the catalog number for you not to be confused who really sang the song or what kind of tune that your song sounds like because of the same title of the song that you have searched. Siglos Karaoke also allows you to record your performance. This is a great feature because you can playback your performance so you know how you look like before going to a singing audition for a contest.



This is a free software that you can download for your PC. This software allows you to search your favorite song through searching the Artist, or the title and such without any hardships because the feature of this software is very easy to operate and very easy to find what you’re looking for. This software also allows you to record your whole duration of performance for you to have a playback afterwards.

There is a feature of OkeOke.net Karaoke that you can skip the song that you don’t want to sing. This helps if you’re not familiar with the song. You can also see the list of songs that the software offers because there are a lot of songs that are listed in the song library.

Bottom Line

Get ready to sing your heart out. The Frank Sinatra hits and those beats from Nicki Minaj can help you kick your party into high gear. It’s suggested that you try out the software prior to using them in your actual party so you know how things will work and you won’t waste precious time in setting things up.

Happy singing everybody.