IRC means Internet Relay Chat which is an application or a system that allows you to communicate and have a good relationship with different people. This system allows you to join a group chat room or lets you create your own group chat with people who are your business partners, or friends, or family. This system is very practical because it’s easy to setup, low cost, web-based, and light on system requirements.

A system like IRC makes your life more convenient and fun because of the services that this system offers. These are, but no limited to, instant messaging, multimedia sharing, and convenient access. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best IRC clients for Windows 10.



MIRC comes with multiple features that will lead you to make meaningful deals, better commitment, and enhanced communication. MIRC Software lets you share ideas, files, and other documents between yourself and the entire chat group.

You are also allowed to create a multiple communication channel that MIRC called group conference, in which, you can add multiple people to join the conference that you have created and you can share photos, files, ideas, and other important things that you need to talk about with the people who are in the conference. You can also play with the people who you are communicating to for you to relax and have some spare time regardless of how busy you are communicating with each other.

This software can be downloaded and can be used all around the world because of the broad network that it reaches. This software is easy to operate because of the simple features it can offer. The program is very clean, and stable because this has been around for quite some time.



One of the notable things about IRC is that it looks pretty retro. The interface is usually in fonts that you’d only see in the command prompt program of windows. You’ll see that it has basic colors which is great because you only want to focus on the chatting and getting things done, like chatting.

Wee Chat is one of these types of IRC clients. Its supports eight (8) languages so major dialects are considered. This is a light software so it runs pretty fast and smoothly. This application also allows you to split up screens for you to open up multiple windows.

There are 256 colors that you can choose for you have a colorful chat features when you open it. There are also smart filtering, you can also view the time of the chat message that you have received and that you have sent. This also allows you to create a group chat for you and for your business partners for example to share files and projects that you all need to see and check. This can also be download through your android devices for you to communicate well and timely.



This is a simple and free to download software that you can use in your everyday communication system. This also includes file transfer capabilities which is great for work teams. This software also supports keyboard shortcuts so it becomes easier to navigate around. You’ll end up sending and receiving in a quicker manner.

X-Chat allows you to create a group conference to talk to the important people that you need to talk to about a business or a proposal or just a simple communication, this also allows you to join a group conference regarding some business meetings or other matters that you need to discuss. Download X-chat for free on your Windows PC now.



Ice Chat is one of the most unique software that you can download for your Windows PC because you can customize the physical features of the interface. You can change the theme and the design of the pop up messages to your liking. You can also nominate command key that you can use so the experience is highly convenient. This also allows you to see who has been connected to the group that you have joined for you to know each other. With Ice Chat, you can join multiple servers for you to connect with multiple people.

This is the software allows the use of emoticons so the messages that you send can appear to be more expressive. This software also allows you to set a nickname for each participants or each communicators in the conference that you have created or joined for you to remember the members in easy manner.



This software is easy to use as other Windows Software for your daily life. This software looks like you can code a program. HyrdaIRC allows you to send and receive files that you want other people to see. You can also communicate with a lot of people by connecting to a channel or you can just talk to one person if you want to communicate privately.

You can split the windows of the pop up messages so you can open a file for multitasking purposes. This way, your productivity improves because HydraIRC allows you to open multiple windows within its program. HyrdaIRC shows you details of the group you’re in. This includes the names of the people who just joined the group.



Like other messaging Software, Pidgin is also a chat software that will help you communicate with people in one channel or multiple channels. This is also a simple operation software that may be connected to or may be linked to other messaging application software. Since it’s very simple, you can log in to your account and you can now start communicating with people. This software also supports up to 83 different languages.

This software will show you who’s online from buddies list. This means also displays people who are away or offline. The profile pictures are displayed beside the names of the members who are online and who are away.



HexChat is easy to use, free to download, and simple to understand. HexChat offers a lot of options and commands that will let you communicate with people who are in your list. The physical feature of HexChat is neat and comprehensive. This software is user-friendly because you can see the people who you are communicating with. You can also see the time and date that the messages have been sent and received. There are designated colors for the messages that you will receive and sent. This software allows you to connect with different multiple connections for you to communicate, like pidgin, and such.

This also allows you to translate different language that are available in HexChat, it supports translation for you to understand each other when you communicate. You can do the one-to-one communication in which you can only communicate with one person privately, and also you can join and create different group chat for you to communicate and talk with people who you really need to discuss things with. You can also share files and all other documents that you need for purposes.

Bottom Line

One of the main functions of the internet is to establish and maintain a network which allows people to be connected with each other. This means that you’re able to connect with other via electronic calls, messaging, and relay chat. IRC is a great way to stay connected with your family and friends. Just agree on the type of software you’ll be using and you’re all set.