It’s not uncommon to hear people talk about how bad the economy is or give their opinion on the bleak outlook of the current job market. Much of this is only half of the big picture because no one person can really determine the exact condition of trades, employment, and businesses.

If you think about it, almost all the available means for entrepreneurship is at the tip of your fingers. Information can be found and learned through the internet. E-Commerce is on continued growth behavior, and smartphones are so versatile that it can be almost anything you need it to be.

Here are seven best invoicing apps:

1. Billdu


Billdu is a professional invoice maker for small businesses. It promises to save you a lot of time and effort through its seamless workflow and convenient multi-platform availability. It offers various features like simple invoicing, expense recording, estimate forms, inventory tracking and more. Billdu positions itself to be a one-stop processing shop for small businesses.

One of the things you’ll like about Billdu is that it’s easy to integrate. It has a clientele of over 160,000 businesses and has high user ratings. You can try Billdu for free before you choose a plan to use. Since it’s all for small businesses, they offer very minimal monthly rates that start at $1.99.

The premium version goes for $14.99 and unlocks all the features. If you’re just starting out, the starter plan may help you with the core functions like the invoices and expenses. When you’re starting to see some traction, you can opt to upgrade to a much more comprehensive plan.

Billdu is available through its website, the Google Play Store, and the iTunes App Store.

WebAndroid | iOS

2. Easy Invoice

Easy Invoice

One of the simplest invoicing apps to use is Easy Invoice. It’s simple to understand so using it won’t be a problem for newbies. This was meant to be accessed through the iPhone or the iPad so the layout and input has been thought out well. The app also syncs with Easy Books for better service and all around bookkeeping.

At first, Easy Invoice gives you a free trial which goes for only 60 transactions. After that, you can continue using the app but through a monthly plan called the Steel Plan.

Easy Invoice also takes the extra step to add security to the process. Whenever you generate invoices on Easy Invoice, the PDF file is constructed in the app and saved on the device. It doesn’t leave your device until you send it out. Other web based invoicing apps will utilize their server to generate the invoice, thus making your transaction details vulnerable.

This app is exclusively available via the iTunes App Store and the Mac App Store.

iOS | MacOS

3. InvoiceBerry

invoice berry

InvoiceBerry is available whenever you need it, wherever you access it. This online invoice solution is a great way to conduct your business in any place you decide to be in. You only need a web browser and a stable network connection to start processing transactions.

The core features of InvoiceBerry is invoice sending, expense tracking, receive payments, and report generation. It also allows you to manage clients through its dashboard. InvoiceBerry offers thirty day free trial so you can test out the features. After that, you can either go for a $15 or $30 per month plan.

This type of program is only available through its web platform but you can also access it through your phone’s web browser.


4. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a web based accounting solution that provides various services like invoicing, expense tracking, bookkeeping, and more. On top of its current features, it also has time tracking for freelancers and other time-sensitive industries. It positions itself for self-employed individuals and agencies through automation tools and easy to use features.

The service can be tried and tested for a short period but after that, it’s starter plan is valued at $15, while the premium plan is $50.

FreshBooks is available through its web platform, the Google Play Store, and the iTunes App Store.

Web| Android | iOS

5. Quickbooks


One of the popular multi-platform accounting solutions is QuickBooks. It’s developed to help business owners manage their day to day financials and bookkeeping concerns. The app is very useful because it has multiple services in one dashboard. You can send estimates and invoices, monitor expenses and revenue, and have access through mobile or web. The service provides your own dashboard so you can go about tasks anyway you want.

QuickBooks is available as a web based service, or through mobile from either Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.

Web | Android | iOS

6. Invoicing


Invoicing by Wave is a great app to have when you absolutely need to get the invoice done and sent out. The app lets you create the invoice and customize it in any way you wish. There are options to do recurring billing, and accepting online payments.

One thing you’ll like about Invoicing by Wave is that it’s free. No need to sign up for a plan or go through a trial then need an upgrade for more features. Everything is already accessible and Wave only takes small percentage as a transaction fee.

This app is available through the web platform or can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Web | Android

7. Zoho Invoice

zoho invoice

Zoho Invoice is another easy invoicing app to use. It’s messaging directly communicates to business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. It’s free to sign up, and can be perpetually free so long as you have five customers or less. The Basic plan starts at $9.00 while the premium tier is at $29 per month.

One of the things you’ll like about Zoho Invoice is that it has a fairly integrated system. This means you can invoice, track expenses, and create reports.

Zoho Invoice is available through the web, Google Play Store, or iTunes App Store.

Web | Android | iOS

The most important aspect of owning a business is arguably the monitoring of invoices and sales. This lets you know the situation of the business at any given time.

When you use a dedicated software to track revenue, you’ll be able to pull up earnings for the period, types of products that are frequently sold, or types of products that have minimal sales movement. In the end, the benefits of using dedicated invoicing apps superiorly outweigh the situation if you didn’t use any invoice generator or tracker.

However, this means that the app or software you’re using should also be a flexible enough to fit your reporting needs. It would be counter-productive to use a software that’s purely dedicated to generating a form.

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