One of the unsuspecting effects of Instagram is that it’s also a great business tool. It wasn’t meant to be that way since Instagram was mainly a photo sharing social platform but it turned out to be a great tool for brands, businesses, and marketers.

If you’re trying to grow your Instagram following or you’re trying to manage your accounts, doing it manually can be very tedious and it can take a lot of time. Using an Instagram bot will allow you to do tedious tasks quickly and more efficiently.

A bot is a term used to describe something that does automated things. With an Instagram bot, you’ll pay a certain amount and you can tell the bot to follow a group of certain people, like certain pictures, or comment a phrase on different pictures.

Here are 7 best Instagram bots which will allow you to automate tasks:

1. Follow Adder

follow adder

This desktop app works as a platform manager where you can manage multiple accounts in one place, schedule posts for publishing, and gain more followers through automation of simple tasks. The features of Follow Adder lets you follow people, like posts, activate autoresponders and be more aware of Instagram trends.

I tried the Follow Adder free trial and I have to say, it really worked. The program was working and started doing sorts of activity. There was a big increase in my followers because of the activity I was conducting. Further, the program was seeking out the best profiles to follow which yielded a lot of activity.

Follow Adder starts at $49.99 for six months and it’ll allow you to work on one Instagram profile. If you wish to manage more profiles, the plan price will increase and go up to $425 for six months.  This will let you manage twenty-five Instagram profiles.

Follow Adder

2. Social Steeze


Social Steeze promises to help you grow the Instagram account. They have applied several categories for the profiles of Instagram which can be further augmented through the use of hashtags, locations, and industry keywords. The process to get Social Steeze is pretty simple. You only need to sign up and then someone from their support team will be in contact.

It’s $15 per week to start with Social Steeze. This will get you real followers, audience targeting, and someone to help you if things go wrong. They suggest availing the $25 per week which promises to deliver double results of the standard plan.

This seems like quite a legitimate service and is potentially good for businesses that seek to grow their Instagram profile. They allow 30-day refund guarantee and you can cancel anytime you’d like.

Social Steeze

3. LikeSocial


This next one is called LikeSocial. They straightforwardly mention that you are buying likes, views, and followers. They have a system which will let you receive the activity in a more natural way and thus, it allows more leads and activity to occur on your Instagram profile. The service is safe and legitimate because it doesn’t ask for your password.

Automatic likes start at 50 likes for $10 per week and go up to 2000 likes for $99 per week.

Views on videos will go for 100 views for $7 per week and can go up to 2000 views for $49 per week.

Followers, on the other hand, will go for 100 followers for $34 per month and can go up to 10,000 followers $298 per month.


4. RiseSocial


Another name in Instagram growth hacking is RiseSocial. You simply subscribe to their service, provide the industry you want to target or what you are currently in, then they will do the rest based on your chosen pricing plan. They offer real followers that do not get removed when you stop the plan short. They also include smart targeting such as usernames, specific locations like cities and countries, and gender.

The starting price for RiseSocial is $33 per week which includes audience targeting and organic growth management.

The setup is really simple because you only need to plug in your username, email, and hashtags you’d like to target, then it’ll proceed to payment. After you’ve paid, you only need to wait for your account to start getting activity.


5. Gramista


Another way to increase the activity of Instagram is through Gramista. This service also provides real followers, real likers, and authentic views to your profile. They base the activity on human curiosity that people are more likely to follow and interact when you’ve visited their profile and checked them out. The service automates this activity so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

The pricing is really very flexible because they offer single packages for 1, 3, or 7 days. These are priced $1.79, $4.99, and $10.99 respectively. They also have long term plans such as $39.99 for 30 days and $89.99 for 90 days.

When you get Gramista, it would be highly useful to go through their support page in order to read up on common issues and the way to operate the program. There are certain limitations that are set by Instagram so you won’t get inconvenienced of getting a blocked account.


6. InstaQ


InstaQ is a powerful Instagram Bot that can be used to clean up your existing Instagram Profile and automate tasks such as following and unfollowing, sending automated messages, and hashtag generating. The program works like a campaign manager and helps you automate tasks, posts which can lead to building and augmenting a sales funnel.

InstaQ has a ten-day trial period which covers the basic function of following and unfollowing which is more than enough to some of us looking to grow the reach of our profiles and posts. A monthly subscription of InstaQ is $27 while a lifetime license is $87 but was originally priced at $134.

I availed of this free trial and the tool is pretty amazing but it will take a while to try and understand the features and the manner of operation.


7. io is also an Instagram bot that will work well with managing your account towards growing it to full potential. The service lets you do the basic follow and unfollow features. On top of that, there is an auto-direct message, auto like, and post scheduling.

The program is based on hashtags and automation of content. When you are able to post and like and comment, the activity will be generating followers that will add to your reach and organic growth.

I like that the program allows you to filter your search and pull up people, hashtags, and places which will start the auto comment feature.

The service gives you a free three-day trial and then its $29.95 per month for one account to manage. If you’re going to manage more accounts, you can go for $49.95 for five accounts and $99.95 that will allow up to fifteen accounts.

Bottom Line

The results will definitely vary from time to time and for different titles but the functions of the tools remain similar. If you’re looking to grow your profile and become more relevant to your target segment, consider trying one of the tools above.

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