Image hosting has been around for quite some time. In fact, it’s either a major or main part in an internet user’s life. Images and photos simply add life to a website, article, or a user profile. If you think about it, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are image hosting in their own way. However, their services are not purely dedicated to the upload of photos and images.

This is where image hosting comes in. Their sole purpose is for the hosting of images that can be linked from other sources of web traffic. They will usually be public and can display itself on a website. Here are seven best image hosting sites for your photos:

1. Flickr

Flickr is one of the oldest image hosting sites and is quite popular among people into web and image hosting. It’s easy to upload to Fllickr. You can do so through the website, a mobile browser, email, and other apps that allow syncing with Flickr.

As part of their features, you can store photos and edit them with their extensive image modification tools. It has a clean interface with tagging features. They also support viewing and downloading at a variety of resolutions.

Flickr makes organizing photos hassle-free with their drag-and-drop system. Moreover, you have the capability to edit the privacy of your photos to limit or filter the audience. The site even has a way to track to see who’s looking at your photos.

In the past, Flickr became popular with photographers because it gave out 1TB free storage. However, the limits have been set to 1000 images per user.

Flickr is also a social networking site since it has a community where you can share your works for others to see. The tags can help categorize the photos so it’ll be seen according to its contents and interested demographics.

2. Google Photos

google photos

Google Photos is one of the best image hosting sites for high-quality photos. It has special capabilities such as uploading large quantities, and an automatic backup feature.

If you have a Google account, then the setup will be quite easy. You can view and access photos via or through the Google Photos free app. They can be synced to your account and device so you can access them anywhere at any time.

This site also allows you to easily look for your older photos with visual search. On top of that, you can edit your photos, organize them according to people, places, or events and share them online even with non-Google Photos users.

You can upload as many photos as you can because there’s unlimited storage so long as the photos follow the upload restriction, which is simply the photo must be 16 megapixels or less in terms of resolution. You also have the option to use your Google Drive storage space from for your professionally taken photos from DSLR cameras or videos higher than 1080p HD.

3. ImageShack


ImageShack boasts an excellent interface similar to Pinterest’s home dashboard. You can sign up for a free account with ImageShack and organize your photos in albums. While you’re doing that, you can add tags to keep track of your photos and let others discover your work. You’ll also get 10GB of storage.

If you want to keep your work private, you can filter the audience for your photos to hide them from the ImageShack community.

ImageShack offers a free 30 day trial of their premium service. If you go premium, you can enjoy customizable privacy options, unlimited storage space, direct linking, watermarking, and image analytics.

4. Imgur


If you’re constantly on Reddit, then you probably know about Imgur already because it’s one of the favorite image hosting site by Redditors.

This site gives you unlimited storage without any expiration, and you can upload photos quickly and effortlessly so long as you have a quick and stable network connection.

You don’t need an account to upload photos but if you’d like to create albums, add captions, and upload your images via email attachments, then you should consider creating a free account. The upload process is hassle free because there are several apps available that’ll help you upload photos from your desktop and mobile devices. You can even share your photos on any social networking platform because it provides a unique URL that links straight to your image.

Imgur supports the following formats: JPEG, PNG, APNG, TIF, GIF, Animated GIF, TIFF, BMP, PDF, and XCF.

5. TinyPic


TinyPic is owned by Photobucket, one of the most popular image hosting sites a few years back. You don’t need an account to upload photos. The platform lets you directly upload photos to share. It also lets you add tags for other users to find your photos through the search features.

Unlike other sites, TinyPic only allows you to upload one photo at a time with a limit of 1600 pixels in length and/or width. If your photo is too large, there’s no need for you to resize it as the site will automatically resize it for you. You can also upload videos of up to five minutes in duration. It supports JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP formats.

This site is your best option when you’re only looking for a quick and easy upload to share through email or on your social media especially if you frequent forums and message boards. The process is fast and hassle free. However, this may not be your best option if you’re looking for permanent storage as the site deletes photos that aren’t viewed for 90 days.

6. PostImage


If you’re looking for a site to store your photos permanently, PostImage may be the site for you. This site is very simple and it allows you to upload images of up to 8MB using the website, the desktop software or straight from the image URL.

PostImage allows you to upload JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PDF, and PSD files with no registration necessary. You can also upload multiple images at a time and choose to resize them for avatar use, message boards, email or lower resolution monitors.

This site lets you upload individual files and create a gallery, which can be shared through a unique link so others may view them.

Unlike any other sites, PostImage lets you share an image with an expiration date. You may choose to let the photo expire in day, a week, a month or maybe never.

7. 500px


500px is a popular networking site for both amateur and professional photographers. This site actually works like a community where you can share your best photos, comment on other people’s work, and follow your favourite accounts.

Although anyone can post any type of image or photo they want, this site is mainly used for photography.

On this site, you can upload photos and earn from them as you’ll be able to build a profile to help sell the usage rights to your photos.

500px offers free membership for starters so you can upload up to 20 photos on a weekly basis. Premium users, on the other hand, can create their own “pro profile” and will be provided with a customizable website and an online store. It only takes $25 to get the annual membership, unlimited photo upload, access to online classes, tracking of photo analytics, and a listing in the site’s directory.

There are many image hosting sites available nowadays. There are new and old ones but the most important aspect is that they are reliable. Consider trying a few hosting sites and see which feels better to use. They usually have similar features so it would all come down to which felt easier and simpler to use.

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