For the longest time, media has been divided in its portrayal of graffiti. Nowadays, graffiti is a form of art and a great way to express one’s self and however you are feeling. However, in most cases, you can get in trouble doing them especially when you do them on trucks or walls – any public or private property for that matter.

If you’re a fan or interested about this form of art, this guide is worth checking out. Here are some apps that you can use to check out awesome street artworks, artists, and even create your own artworks right on your mobile phones without the real mess or trouble.

1. Street Art NYC

Street Art NYC

The Street Art NYC lets you get updated with respected and established street art organizations in the whole of New York City.

In the app, your home feed timeline shows you the latest street artwork in the city of New York including its locations. The app gets regularly updated so you won’t miss any work of art and it gives you hundreds of art pieces and locations. You can filter your map by artist so the app can quickly search for anything you key in. You can use your mobile phone’s GPS tracker to get you to the artwork’s location. You can also share your discoveries with your friends from the app to your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

Get this app for $2.99. The app is exclusively available via the iTunes App Store for iOS devices.


2. Street Art Cities

Street Art Cities

Street Art Cities app is another app that lets you explore street artworks. This app is great because it just doesn’t focus only in one city, but instead it lets you see art throughout the different cities around the world.

You can discover street art around your city using the app. Just check the overview on the map or in a list mode. You can also use the app to see artworks when you’re in a different or new city. Think of it as a virtual tour guide for street art. With the app, you can check out your favorite artists’ new pieces, like their work, and see what other users have liked as well. You can even follow the app’s walk and bike routes.


3. 3D Street Art

3D Street Art

The 3D Street Art app focuses on showing you stunning and amazing 3D street artworks which are often known as 3D chalk art that is a two dimensional artwork drawn on the street and gives life to a dimensional optical illusion from a perspective.

The app allows you to visit these 3D street artworks by showing you its location. On the app, you can save your favorite artworks and share them to friends and family on your social media accounts. The app is exclusively available via the Google Play Store for Android devices.


4. SketchAR: How to draw with AR


SketchAR is an app dedicated for anyone who loves to draw especially the ones who have always wanted to but rarely gets to do it. It can also be for pro artists to easily and quickly trace their sketches onto a canvas or a surface.

The app allows you to sketch without a pre-installed marker. You’ll only need to show a piece of paper to your mobile phone’s camera and the app gives you a virtual sketch. You can also go through different courses in drawing lessons so you can improve and develop your skills more with the help of the app.

This app is available for free with in-app purchases for you to access all functions. You can also subscribe for a month, a year, or even have lifetime access.


5. Graffiti Spray Can

Graffiti Spray Can

Graffiti Spray Can’s features allow you to unleash the artist in you. Its new look, improved controls, and more artistic features will let you improve on your creative side.

The app features artist packs with different tools that include hand-written font tool and signature stencil tool. It also has high definition backgrounds that you can use with your art pieces. With the app, you can choose from a variety of different tips and brushes including the dripping effect. Its classic shake animation and rattle sound has just been updated for retina display and you’ll have a million of colors to choose from its color-wheel. It also has enhanced its touch-screen interaction so you won’t have any trouble creating your masterpieces.

The app is exclusively available via the iTunes App Store for iOS devices.


6. Spray Painter

Spray Painter

The Spray Painter app is Android’s app to simulate spray painting which allows you to create artistic graffiti pieces on your mobile phones.

The app is simple and easy to use. It allows you to spray paint anything you want on a virtual wall right on your phone. It features over ten spray cans with different colors which you can use. The tools that come with the app also has three spray sizes and strengths that you can customize.

You can also take your pick of background patterns for your artworks. It has 30 graffiti templates that you can use too and you wouldn’t have any problem with mistakes as it lets you undo and/or redo your actions or erase any unwanted parts. Shake your phone to mix any spray cans and just have fun creating your artworks.

The app is exclusively available via the Google Play Store for Android devices.


7. Fat Tag Graffiti Katsu Edition

Fat Tag Graffiti Katsu Edition

Fat Tag is an app that has been co-created with NYC graffiti artist Katsu. The app has a new scale and 3D angle tools that lets you position your tag to a surface in a photo realistically to make it look like it’s on a wall.

With the app, you can choose from multiple pen and brush tips with different colors. It also has a full accelerometer based drips and different backgrounds for you to choose from. You can choose to add additional backgrounds from your camera or mobile phone’s photo library. With this, you can also do overlaying tags onto your camera images and photos and save your image to your photo library to have them as backgrounds.

You can get this app for just $1.99. The app is exclusively available via the iTunes App Store for iOS devices.


Bottom Line

No matter what type of graffiti you may be interested in, it’s still best to keep everything safe and legal. It’s definitely not cool to do graffiti on public and private property however great the outcome of the art medium may be. If you’re highly interested in this type of self-expression, the apps listed above are going to be perfect for you.