Golf is often a misunderstood sport but if you really go into understanding the game, you’ll find that it’s easy to become a golf fan. This could happen while watching Tiger Woods, on the green, or via your mobile device. This game requires strategic planning, skill, and luck. How you get the ball to go in with just one swing is another story.

This game is requires physical strength to get the ball into the hole. Each stroke has a corresponding score. The less strokes or swings it takes for you to get the ball in the hole, the better. This game needs you to focus to achieve the goal. Golf isn’t an easy game but it’s quite fulfilling. If you don’t have the luxury to buy a set of clubs and to visit the green or driving range every so often, then you can opt for the next best thing.



Desert Golf is a paid Android app in which you can enjoy and play offline or online. This app gives you a vibe of golfing in a real desert because of its setting and because this game will take you to every desert places that the game provided. The game has simple controls so it’s easy to master. You can also see the distance of the hole so you can estimate the force and/or the strength of the ball so it shoots in exactly in the hole.

This app only costs $1.99 but you can enjoy playing it all over again until you memorize the strategy of each level. The setting is pretty the same but the level of difficulty is different from what you’re expecting. This app allows you to show your scores above the game itself and it shows the remaining life you have left.



Flick Golf Extreme is one of the most popular Golf games in the Android world. This allows you to be in different game environments while playing because the game environment has multiple levels of difficulty and strategy requirements. This app will really excite you because the settings of this game is hard which goes with the difficulty level of the game.

With this game, you can see your score in your current game, you can also see your best score or the highest score rather, it can also show you the distance that you’re hitting, and also you can see how many goals you’re still going to hit. Once you hit the goal consecutively, your golf ball will light up which shows that you have a boost to add more score. This Android app only costs $2.99 and is definitely worth the purchase.



This app can be considered modern golf. This will allow you to play with teams like six (6) versus six (6) players, or a one on one play. This app lets you customize your clubs through different colors and styles. Golf Battles will lead you to different levels with different levels of difficulty. You can also select and choose the color and style of your golf balls. This app has an arcade game mode where you can play golf in various courses.

This is an app where you can play unlimited levels and in different settings. When you play six (6) versus six (6) game, you can play and throw your golf balls all at the same time, like a racing game. The first to shoot the golf ball in the whole the first wins. Golf Battle is a free app that you can download to your Android phones and play it offline or online.



Golf Clash game is one of the popular golf games in Android devices where you can see who is your opponent in the game. Since it’s online PVP, you can chat or message your opponent; you can also chat your team mates if you’re playing a team game. With this you can see how strong or how weak your hit will be because of the control bar that will show up when you’re about to hit your ball.

This app will also show your level in the game, may it be in expert 1 or expert 2. This app will also show you if you shoot the ball to the hole or not. You can play this game online or offline whenever and wherever you’re. It’s just enjoying not because you see your opponents but because you enjoy playing with them.



This is an arcade game that puts a unique twist on Golf. This is a thrilling game because of its features and also because of the settings that the game has provided. You can freely play it online or offline and get challenged on every course and every level that you enter. This looks like an easy game but this game will actually make you think of strategies on how to put the ball in the hole without the ball going out of the course.

This app also allows you to chat with the multiplayer feature. The visuals is very attractive because of the 3D effects.



This app has 2D graphics from the old classic consoles that you usually see from your arcade games in the past. This is a very simple game because you can choose who will be your character that will be playing the game, you can also choose the place where you want to play the game, and also, there’s a setting for every setting. This app allows you to see the distance on how far or how near your hit to the hole is. There’s also a multiplayer setting to this game so you can play with other players wanting to play with you at the same time.

Neo Turf Masters will actually show you the speed of your hit, also the positioning of the player and the possible location where the golf ball will direct according to the bounce, speed, and weather of the play. This app will only cost you $3.49 and you will play it online and/ or offline without advertisements.



This is one of the most unique app that you can download to your mobile device. This app has simple mechanics so it’s very easy to play. OK Golf also has multiplayer with online playing functions When you play the game, you go through levels which allow you to figure out on how to go into the secret areas whenever you have the chance to play with that specific area. This game will actually take you to different places to play golf. Those different places add more excitement for you to play the game.

This app also sets a day and night game depending on the place that you’re in. This app will only cost you $2.99 so you enjoy gold and advertisement free gaming.

Bottom Line

Golf can be simple and fun, or serious and complex. It’s really all about your perspective on the matter. Nevertheless, you’ll find something to your liking when you check out the golf games above. Give one or two of these apps a try and get a good feel of how the game play works. You might end up a golf fan, if you aren’t one already.