You may be wondering why people need to have other mail apps even if you already have the Gmail App or you’re browsing through the web version on your computer. You’ll most probably ask, is there really a need to know other mailing apps rather than Gmail? To answer your question, different Mail apps have processing capability that enhances the use of email and Gmail in particular.

This is why it’s important to know other mailing apps rather than Gmail because those mailing apps are usually the alternatives if you don’t have Gmail, or used when you want to process different accounts. Further, if you want to send mails all at the same time, then you ought to look around for available options.

Technically, the important aspect for looking for a mail client or app is its capability to use IMAP. IMAP is short for the Internet Message Access Protocol. If you’re not too tech savvy, it’s basically the way to send and receive email over the internet.

In this guide, you’ll find some information on how to choose and improve the mailing app you’re currently using so you can save space, be more efficient, and enjoy mailing people because of the speed of sending, receiving, and composing.Here are 7 best Gmail apps for Windows:

1. Mailbird


In January 2012, Mailbird was created for mailing clients smoothly, spontaneously, and effectively. This app was made after the Thunderbird and Postbox mailing app was released. Mailbird has the same features, internal systems, and content with Outlook, which is usually the built-in mailing app for Windows.

From the year 2013 to 2015, Mailbird app has been awarded for the title Best Windows Email Software Program by different companies. The mailbird app looks clean and neat. Although there may be some kinks, you probably won’t notice any if you’re using the Gmail IMAP on this client.

2. Thunderbird – Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird – Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird lets you easily communicate with your friends and business partners. One of the unique features of this clients is that it has a “chat message” option where you can just simply click the name of the person you want to talk to and chat with them easily. This app has “newsgroup” option where you can see the links, attachments, and photos that the other people posted within the group. It also works like twitter which has a newsfeed interface where you can see the “home” button.

Mozilla Thunderbird was released after the development of the Mozilla Firefox Browser. So if you’re using Mozilla Firefox for net surfing, you may find an interest in using Thunderbird for your mail client. The dashboard is quite comprehensive so you’ll easily organize your tasks with this mail client.

3. Inky Mail

Inky Mail

The Inky Mail Client is a new player in among its competitors in the same field. The major advantage of using Inky Mail is that it provides top notch security against mail phishing attacks. By using Inky, you can determine who your clients are, no matter the interface. Moreover, you can also identify the credibility and security of the emails that you’ve been receiving.

As part of the basic features included, you can sort messages to boost your productivity. Place emails in separate folders labelled unread, spam, archived, sent, and drafts. Inky supports various mail providers like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail.

4. Touchmail


TouchMail is one of the most colorful mailing apps that you can download for your computer. The reason why this is the most colorful is because the dashboard separates emails to different colors so you break free from the monotonous gray, white, and black. This way, you’ll easily be able to sort the messages that you see. Moreover, this is best for touch type laptops which allow you to simply drag and drop colored boxes to various email folders.

The app also lets you place profile pictures, icons, emojis, and other trademarks to remember the sender of the emails you’re frequently in contact with. One thing that’s unique for TouchMail is that, you can make a group thread so you can send emails faster, easier, and in a matter of a few clicks.

TouchMail easily supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and other web based mail service providers.

5. Opera Mail

Opera Mail

Opera Mail is a simple and straightforward mailing app for people who want to simplify emailing. It also has the basic features such as categorizing, labeling, and organizing but you can enjoy accessing multiple email accounts on a single Opera Mail client.

There’s no longer any official release for the Opera Mail but you can still use the most stable version through different download affiliate websites.

6. Zimbra Desktop

The Zimbra Desktop allows Gmail access so long as the IMAP option is set in your Gmail account. Zimbra is great for cloud collaboration and high performance teams. The mail client is an open source software so it can be flexible to fit various business needs.

One of the major aspects that sets Zimbra apart is the smart search feature which allows for finding important emails in seconds. The dashboard is also framed well so the mail client looks quite easy to use.

7. Em Client

Em Client

eM Client is a simple and easy to use mail app that can integrate your Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail accounts. It has a simple dashboard with minimal frames so you can focus on the actual email. It also has calendar, tasks, contacts, and chat features.

The app is most suitable for people who want a straight forward client that gathers all their accounts in one accessible window.

Bottom Line

So if you’re out shopping for the right Gmail app, then consider the features, contents, and pricing. It’s best to try out free programs before you purchase a license. This way, you’ll easily understand how it’ll fit in your daily work routine.

Pro Tip: If you’re still switching from your personal Gmail account to several other business accounts, and have difficulty logging in and out of these emails, then it’s time to find a mail app that consolidates these accounts together. This way, you’ll break free from the confusion of looking through various profiles, the hassles of remembering multiple passwords, and operating at a very slow pace.

If you found this guide useful, consider checking out other app reviews and articles throughout the site.