GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a platform where you can edit your photos and create something unique with it. You can also do your creative artwork like graphic designing, sketching, and other creative artworks. With GIMP, you are allowed to create logos, slogans, and all other important designs that you need for your business, school works, and other purposes. GIMP also offers Programming Algorithms for you to see the program coding results even more creative and new to the eyes of other people.

This Application Software is very easy to use like Adobe Photoshop, but GIMP offers a lot of features that will cater your needs in editing and manipulating photos. GIMP is a free application software that can be downloaded and install to your devices such as Linux, Windows, and other Operating Systems that you are using. In this guide, you’ll find the top ten best GIMP plugins for all your needs.



Layer via Cut/ Copy is one of the main plugins that you can use and download for your GIMP application. This is very popular with different designers, artists, editors, and creators because it is very simple and easy to use as plugin. Other photo editor and manipulator application have this kind of plugin which helps the application more workable and popular. Layers via copy/ cut can be used to make collages or enhance different types of layouts.



As what the title indicates, it is used to select and edit multiple images all at the same time. This is a plugin that is unique with GIMP that cannot be used in other Photo editor or manipulator application software. BIMP is a plugin that can be used for you to save time, be consistent in every detail, and also be creative with different images.

You can select multiple images if you want to save time, effort, and consistency. You can select as many as you want and you can use to do the same editing techniques that you have done in the previous images. You can rotate, crop, rename, resize, or even put a watermark on the images that you have edited for your rights.



Beautify is as simple as editing in a mobile device because with the features that is shown in the plugin. This lets you play with the images through blemish reduction, filters, colors and other ways to beautify.

You may set the brightness of the image; it is a dragging technique for you to get the right and the perfect combination of the brightness and the image. You may select and adjust the contrast, saturation, opacity, sharpness, color, and all other options to have your images more beautiful. You may also add some filters for your image to have a different effect when you save it and when you want to use it for some purposes. This is one of the most popular plugins because it is easy, simple, and colorful.



Contrast Fix is a plugin that you can use if your photos that you are going to edit is too bright or too dark for you. You can select this plugin for you to fix the brightness and darkness of your photos by just adjusting the scales indicated in the options.

The Contrast Fix will show you if your photos are too dark or too bright and that will be shown in that “Original is” section. After determining if your photos are too bright or too dark, it will now give you options for you to fix your photos. It will allow you to choose the number of blurs that you want to have in the background or in the photo itself, it will also allow you to fix the dark or bright portions of the image for the photos to have a balance contrast so it won’t destroy the image and the background.



This plugin is great because it lets you know about the focal points and all other details that your lenses provide in a photo. This is very helpful tool because it will allow you to change some of the details that you want for your photos. You can apply different styles, colors, and angles.

This app can help perform lens type edits like the “Scale to Fit” and “Distortion”. This will also allow you to change the aperture of the image so you can see the right aperture for your photos. This makes photos more beautiful and sharp.



Refocus will help you focus on the details or the images that you have captured without checking or in a hurry. This is very useful because it will help you fix the blurred areas of the photos. It will also help you determine where are the blurred areas for you to know what to fix and for you not to destroy the captured image.

You can zoom the image up until 100% for you to see the blurred image. Subsequently, you can adjust the matrix size, radius, gauss, correlation, and noise for you to have a balanced and focused image.



As the other panoramic techniques, this will help you in correcting and collecting images that really suites the other image for you to have a panoramic effect. Stitch Panorama in GIMP is the only plugin that is featured in one of the editing platforms because you can only use panoramic effect directly when you capture photos, and some panoramic effect is very hard to use.

With Stitch Panorama, it will help you select photos that are relevant in making Panorama effect. This will also help you correct the colors for the photos to be more balanced. The outcome is definitely a more beautiful and attractive panorama.



UFRaw is a plugin for you to edit and place your raw photos. This plugin has a lot of things to do to make your raw images even more beautiful, creative, and artistic. This will allow you to adjust colors, temperatures, balance, hue, contrast, brightness and other options to edit the raw images.

You’ll see the scales and numbers which refer to the saturation of the photo you’re trying to edit. You can also apply the “Denoise” option for you to lessen the grain in the photo. This is great, so you won’t have something blurry or something way too sharp. This plugin is used by professional photographers and editors who wants their shot or their images to be more artistic, creative, imaginative, and beautiful.



Liquid Rescale is also one of the most popular plugins that you can use in editing, beautifying, and manipulating your photos. Liquid Rescale is like one of the Adobe Photoshop’s plugin that can be used in resizing, removing, and editing a specific image that have been selected in the whole image. This will help you create a unique kind of photo that others can’t copy.

You can select a specific area of the image that you want to edit, resize, remove, or fix by just clicking this plugin. You can adjust the width, the height, and on what unit you want it to be shows is it in pixels, mm, cm, percent, and inches? Liquid Rescale will allow you to preview the image while editing it for you to see what seems to be fixed and what seems to be untouched.

10. Script Fu

Script Fu

The Script Fu Watermark is your signature and proof that you created the artwork you’re sharing via the internet. Most often, images without a watermark are freely copied and used for various means. When there’s a watermark on the photo, it makes it harder for people to steal your intellectual property rights.

You can definitely make a watermark with this plugin because GIMP wants you to label your work and claim it as your own. Watermark can be fixed and edited by choosing the font style, font size, font colour, placement, and opacity.

Bottom Line

When you’re dealing with photo manipulation, it’s best to have the amazing tools that will allow you to do your work without any hindrances. When you get most of these plugins for your GIMP, you’ll find it’ll be much easier to get things done.