Flower crowns have become widely known and popular. It has become an accessory to every girl and women especially in certain events like an 18th birthday and a wedding.

There are flower crowns you can make yourself and there are ones you can also purchase but would it be better to skip the effort of making one yourself or spending an amount to get one? You can actually just add them on to your photos with just a few taps on your mobile phones. Here are 7 of the best flower crown photo editors you can use to have more stunning photos for Android and iOS.

1. Flower Crown Photo Editor

Flower Crown Photo Editor

The Flower Crown Photo Editor developed by Astone Martine is a free app offered to Android users. It has over a hundred beautiful flower crown stickers available for you to choose from.

With this app, you can change the size of your flower crown however you want depending on the shape of your face. You can also edit the opacity of the flower crown with its scaling options and crop any unwanted part from your photo or remove it.

You can share your created image on your social media accounts through the app too.


2. Flower Crown Photo Editor

Flower Crown Photo Editor

This Flower Crown Photo Editor for iOS users has an impressive array of flower crown styles and effects for that pretty selfie or portrait photo. The app allows you to select any photo from your mobile phone’s gallery or files. Then you can crop a part of your photo according to your choice. This will help remove unwanted parts of the image.

The app lets you choose your favorite flower crown style to add to your photo. You can adjust the scale and rotate the flower crown to however you want to position it, save it, and share it to anyone.

Flower Crown Photo Editor is exclusively available via the iTunes App Store for iOS devices.


3. Flower Crown Photo Editor

Flower Crown Photo Editor

This Flower Crown Photo Editor App is another editing app for women and young girls. It’s developed by Angel Lab Studio.

This app is simple and easy to use. It has a catalogue with a wide variety of flower crown patterns and designs. Just open up the options and choose the one you like. It has all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors that you can think of. You can have a crazy flower crown, stylish flower crown, or a dainty flower crown.

Once you’ve found the one that suits your preference, all you have to do is drag the flower crown to add to your photo. Once it’s on your canvas, you are free to resize it however you want it. Sounds really simple because it is. This app is exclusively available for Android devices. Download it from the Google Play Store today.


4. Flower Crown Image Editor

Flower Crown Image Editor

Flower Crown Image Editor gives your photos a fresh new look. This app has various choices of flower crowns that you can choose from to add on your photos. One thing that makes this app stand out is that its flower crown stickers look very real. Only because they are real.

This is the best app to use because the output will look amazing. Your photos wouldn’t look like it was heavily edited. The flower crowns will blend right in. You can save your new image on your library and share it with your friends and family. Flower Crown Image Editor is exclusively available via the iTunes App Store for iOS devices.


5. Flower Crown Photo Editor Heart Effect Filter

Flower Crown Photo Editor Heart Effect Filter

This kind of flower crown photo editor app is quite different from the others. Aside from adding flower crowns on your photo, you can also add hearts on top of it.

The app has a variety of flower crown stickers for you to choose from to suit your taste and they look realistic too. You can change its size to perfectly fit your face’s shape, set its opacity and add effects from the app’s options. With the flower crown sticker that you’ve chosen, you can actually change how it appears also by editing its brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. This is a great app for editing and enhancing your images.

You can also add text to your photo using the same app and choose any font style and color you want.

This app is exclusively available via the Google Play Store for Android devices.


6. Wedding Flower Crown Photo

Wedding Flower Crown Photo

Wedding Flower Crown Photo is perfect for anyone who has just got their wedding photos. This app can even be used for pre-nuptial photos for invitations or the actual wedding photos.

The app allows you to add flower crowns that have a special wedding appeal. It has realistic flower crowns for you to choose from with a wide range of hair accessories and flower arrangements suitable for any age. It also has unique photo filters so you won’t have to go to another app to put a filter on your photo. When you can edit in one singular app, you’re saving time and effort.

Wedding Flower Crown Photo also lets you add text and captions on your photos for any memory you’d like to add. This is essentially useful in placing important details when you’re sending out invitations or e-vites. It’s a simple and easy app to use with creations that you can share to your family and friends.


7. Flower Crown Editor

Flower Crown Editor

The Flower Crown Editor is an iOS app developed by Gopi Chauhan. The app contains beautiful flower crown designs suitable for women of any age. This means you can be a pre-teen, teenager, young adult, or senior. The app has a modern look so it’s easy to use and navigate for any type of user.

You can choose from over hundreds of options and designs. This means the flower crown options will really be comprehensive. You can select any flower crown sticker to add on your photo and set it on your face however you want it. Moreover, if you want to edit further, you can adjust the image color through the editing tools.

Flower Crown Editor is exclusively available via the iTunes App Store for iOS devices.


Bottom Line

Flower crowns are really cute. You can have them in real life or you can have them through an app, either way, you end up with a really nice accessory whether in person or through a digital image. One of the benefits of having flower crown apps is you can choose from so many designs. Consider downloading some the apps listed above so you can try it out for yourself. This way, you can compare your own notes with the review you just read.

Pro Tip: You may have noticed that some of the apps in this guide have similar names. If you’re looking for a specific one, make sure to look closely at the name and the app dashboard so you can identify the right one.