Have you ever run into a situation where you needed to make a hasty retreat? Perhaps you were hoping someone would swoop in and save you?

Or, more realistically, that someone might call your phone and take you away from what’s happening?

That’s the idea behind fake call apps, exactly what you need for such a situation. Superman isn’t going to interrupt your trivial conversations anytime soon, but a well-placed fake call sure can.

What Are Fake Call Apps?

Fake call apps are, as the name suggests, apps that simulate an incoming call to make it look like someone is reaching out to you.

This forgery provides you with the opportunity to excuse yourself from a conversation or situation in order to answer an “important” call.

Some of them even have a unique activation feature, like sending a text or pressing the power button a certain number of times.

Here are the best fake call apps available for Android on Google Play:

1. Fake-A-Call


Straightforward and simple, Fake-A-Call allows you to do just that. It “auto-fills” who’s calling from your list of contacts.

You can even customize ringtones based on who’s calling you, just like you would in your regular phone settings.

Even more useful is the option to pre-schedule a call. If you know you’re walking into an awkward or undesirable situation, you can tell the app to call you within a certain time frame: anywhere from 1 second to 10 minutes.

Just so you don’t look like a fool, you can also designate a pre-recorded voice to play on the other end when you pick up. This pre-recording helps it seem like you are talking to a live person, and not just taking a pretend call.


  • Real easy to use and setup
  • Being able to schedule calls in advance is invaluable
  • The recorded voice option strengthens the ploy


  • Outdated and ugly user-interface
  • Hasn’t been updated in years
  • Prone to crashing and some frustrating bugs

Free w/ ads | Pro: $0.99 IAP

2. GogoCall


After the initial setup — which doesn’t take long — GogoCall allows you to press the power button either four or six times in a row to call upon its help.

To use it, choose the name of the contact you wish to call, enter their telephone number or use a fake one, and then set their contact photo.

That’s it. When next you find yourself in a bad situation, simply tap the power button the designated number of times, and it will activate an incoming call — even when your phone is locked and the screen off.

GogoCall is free, with no ads whatsoever. It does not require an active internet connection via Wi-Fi or cellular either so that you can use it anywhere.

Just keep in mind, you must run the app before each time you wish to use it, especially after a reboot. It does not run in the background indefinitely.


  • Simple to use, easy to setup
  • Completely free with no ads or interruptions
  • Configure a custom ringtone for your fake calls


  • Outdated interface which might be a giveaway on newer phones
  • Last updated in 2016
  • Not many reviews despite being downloaded thousands of times

Free | No Premium

3. Fake Call iStyle

Fake Call iStyle

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that Fake Call iStyle is much better looking than some of the other apps on this list, particularly because it’s not as dated.

It’s not entirely unbelievable that an Android would display an iPhone-like call screen either because you can customize Android with many themes and launchers.

As for the fake call function, there’s nothing special to talk about here. You can simulate a fake call as needed, and you have the option to customize the caller’s name, number, and voice.

To use the app, you configure your options beforehand and set your call delay. The delay can be as little as a second, or as far away as five hours, depending on what you need.

Unfortunately, once you click the call button and the timer starts, you are served an advertisement. After accepting the call — or declining it — you will be served another ad, so be prepared.

Otherwise, it works great.


  • Looks great and simulates an iPhone visually
  • Robust call delay options up to five hours
  • Simple to use and quick to set up


  • Ads are served before and after you take a call which can be revealing (can be removed)
  • Occasionally freezes after you end an answered call

Free w/ ads | Pro: $1.99 IAP

4. Fake Call by Nova Labs

Fake call Nova Labs

Nova Labs’ Fake Call uses a more modern interface which is more important than you might expect. If you’re in front of someone and your fake call app delivers a rather ugly or outdated incoming call screen it’s going to look suspect.

For reference, it uses the Lollipop (Android 5.0+) or KitKit (Android 4.0+) style call screens — you can choose between them.

You can trigger a regular incoming call as with most other apps, but Fake Call also allows you to trigger a call from a home screen widget.

After adding the widget to your preferred screen, you can one-button schedule a call. It will automatically serve default caller details, but you can also customize the contact name, number, and choose a delay for the widget within the regular app.


  • Looks great and works great
  • Easy to use
  • Scheduling/activating calls from the widget with the single push of a button is a godsend


  • It is prone to bugs and freezes, but the developer is very active
  • Call screen design is still behind, but it’s better than most (Android 8.0+ style would be better)
  • No option to remove ads; play before and after a call

Free w/ ads | No Premium

5. Fake Call & SMS

Fake Call SMS

Fake Call & SMS is a full-featured app that offers scheduled calls, fake call logs, fake SMS and messages, and more.

There’s not much to it outside of what’s already been discussed. You can schedule a fake call or have one come in immediately to interrupt whatever you’re doing. You can also customize the caller ID information, including the picture, number and contact name.

The fake call logs add an extra element to the guise, allowing you to use it as a reference if someone tries to call your bluff.


  • Fake call logs add an extra layer of deception
  • Easy to configure
  • More robust call display options with many styles to choose from; themes are free
  • Very active developer


  • The free version has ads; they play after a call has been dismissed
  • Doesn’t always wake up the screen if the phone is locked

Free w/ ads | No Premium

6. Fake Call by Soft Droid

Fake Call Soft Droid

If you want something incredibly simple and don’t care about all the bells and whistles, then Soft Droid’s Fake Call is the way to go. With it, you can schedule a fake call to come in at any time, which plays back recorded audio to simulate someone talking on the other end.

You can customize the ringtone, Caller ID information, contact photos and specify the delay period for the scheduled call. The design and interface are a bit dated, but it works as advertised without any hiccups and that’s what matters most.

Of course, the biggest drawback is that it’s littered with ads. Ads, everywhere.


  • Schedule and activate fake incoming calls with ease
  • Customize Caller ID settings and ringtone


  • Dated UI and call screen which might be a giveaway
  • Ads everywhere; fullscreen ads also play before a call

Free w/ ads

7. IFTTT Text to Escape Recipe

IFTTT or If This Then That is a neat app that allows you to schedule all sorts of different actions and activities based on a particular trigger.

Unlike the other apps on this list, it wasn’t specifically designed to offer fake call and SMS opportunities. However, user savagedisaster created a fake “text to escape” recipe that works great.

Using the recipe, you send a text to IFTTT which will then place a fake call. You don’t have to compose the text; it’s done for you through the app.

There are no ads or obtrusive elements at play. Instead, you simply run the recipe when you want a fake call to come in, and it will do precisely that. It also looks just like a regular incoming call, because for all intents and purposes, it is.


  • No ads and completely free
  • Unlimited uses


  • Using the recipe means you must download and install IFTTT first

IFTTT: Free | Text to Escape Recipe: Free

Bottom Line

For the most part, the apps you see work great and will get you out of an awkward situation or poor conversation.

The biggest drawback is that you will have to contend with ads, sometimes even before a call comes in. That can be a hindrance, so make sure you plan accordingly if you choose one of the apps that have ads enabled — or simply pay for premium to remove them where applicable.

You can also use the last option, and rely on IFTTT to send you a fake call after running the appropriate recipe. There are no ads involved, no premium fees to pay, and it works quite well.

If you have any issues installing or running the apps listed, feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll try to help as best I can.