Escape apps are great if you’re fond of solving problems. They put you in a situation that you want to use your mind to get out from that specific situation. Some of the apps that you can play have scary graphics or a vintage kind of graphics when you play it, but it is exciting, fun, and adventurous in many ways.

There are a lot of escape apps that you can have if you like a challenge with a thrill. If you want to be in a situation of solving riddles and finding clues, and you want to look for answers in every case, then check out the apps below. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best escape apps for Android and iOS.

1. 50 ROOMS 3

50 Rooms app is one of the most popular games that you can download and play anytime and anywhere you want because it is a simple escape room app that tests your skills in solving a problem and tests your ability in escaping a room. There are 50 different kinds of rooms that you need to get out of. There are 50 rooms that will make you solve different types of situation. This is a mystery app that will let you observe, solve, and think for a moment to get out make it to another level.

For those 50 rooms, it is not just as easy as you think, from the time you play this game it won’t be easy for you to solve the problems from escaping because different rooms have different kinds of difficulty to encounter. If you can’t solve the problems that you’re encountering in the rooms and you have no other way to solve it, the game will provide you to give a hint for you solve it from the start.

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Adventure Escape Asylum portrays a terrifying and thrilling escape game for you. As Anna, you will be heading to solve about everything in the place where you’re in because you are trapped in one place and you will meet someone who might help you or prevent you from escaping. You’re confused about your past and that someone will continue to appear in front and talk to you on how to escape.

There is a killer in the loop or in the place you’re in; you’re going to solve puzzles with different difficulties to escape the area or story you’re in. You’re allowed to complete a lot of chapters with this game, with different chapters, there are also various situations and different solutions for you to escape and solve everything in your past. You can go into different chapters freely without any charges to enjoy and play the game adventurously.

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Dark Ruins will take you to another level of escaping from one situation to another. You’re given different situations with different kinds of ways in solving the problems to escape. You will be accompanied by various types of archaeologists which will be essential in the game’s story. You get to uncover their secrets, hidden agendas, and you will find their purpose in helping you solve the puzzles to escape the specific situation.

You encounter different kinds of animals that will help you in escaping and solving the puzzles that you’re trying to give solutions for you to be safe and move on to the next level or next chapter. This is a story type of escape game that you will enjoy because this is one of the most different set up of escaping one chapter to another. This app is free to play, and you can recommend to your friends and play with them to enjoy more adventures.

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The Can You Escape The 100 Room V is the fifth version of the exciting series. If you haven’t tried the first four, do so now. You solve different puzzle problems according to the rooms that you’re in. You start to activate your brain cells, calculation skills, judgment skills, and your problem-solving skills to escape from inside the room.

This is not a scary app if you cannot escape and if you cannot solve the problem given to you, you will be given hints and clues for you to know what to answer first. The rooms indicated in the game is not literally 100 rooms, it consists of 50 rooms to solve and to escape from, the rooms indicated are wide and there are a lot of things that you can solve to escape and move on to another level. Every room sets a different kind of difficulty and different kind of feels when you’re inside and when you’re solving problems. There is no time limit in solving rooms, and there are hints to be shown if you want to escape the room easily or got stuck without a clue.

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Cube Escape Paradox is one of the vintage and classic like escape games in the escape games industry. It leads you to a situation like you’re a detective saving Dale Vandermeer from his memory loss and help him escape the room by finding the cubes inside the place where he is in. A voice provides narration for you to keep focused. This also helps point out what to solve first and where to find the areas that will allow you to progress.

There are different kinds of puzzles and situation when you’re inside a room, and all other rooms are flashed in a vintage like image. You will have a different ending in every room that you solve to have different expectations and result in every situation. If you want to have a more challenging level to solve, there are two (2) different chapters that you can have, the free and the premium chapter where premium chapters have more different challenges and can be a bit difficult compared to the free chapters.

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This is one of the most haunted looking and mysterious games among escape apps. You will be scared by the design and the feeling inside the dollhouse which you can find all the clues and puzzle to solve the mysterious story of the husband and wife. You’re about to encounter different kinds of problems and situations while looking for a solution in finding the engineer husband and the socialite wife.

You will find some answers in looking for artifacts and solving some problems in every room. You will also encounter different items or valuables that may help you in addressing and finding the husband and wife. The soundtrack and the graphics will help you with the feeling of being a detective, mystery, and will give you some thrills in continuing with the solving of the puzzles. If you want to stop for a moment and continue again later, there is an autosave for you to know your progress and mark where you stopped. There are a lot of features that you can use in playing this game; you will be on edge when you play with the soundtrack on.

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War Escape comes with an environment and settings like of the world wars found in many textbooks. You will play as a trapped prisoner in a room or a place, and you’re going to look for items and other valuables to help you in solving your mission and for you to get out and escape from the location you’re in. This is just a simple game that you can download n your mobile device, and you need to focus and look for answers to help you in surviving your missions.

There are different levels precisely 15 locations that you can be in and that you can solve in different ways. The puzzles that you’re going to solve are also different according to the area you’re in. There are different levels of difficulty if you continue to play the War Escape, and if you want to enhance your problem-solving skills with this game.

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Escape games are enjoyable. They incorporate several unique elements like thrill, mystery, and horror which make the experience better than ever. If you haven’t picked up an escape game title yet, now is an excellent time to start.