The constantly evolving and innovating technology allows people to communicate with family and friends constantly at any place and at any time. This technology has even allowed people to meet new individuals from all over the world. Usually, when we’re away from our loved ones, we send them text messages and chat with them to keep them updated from time to time.

However, normal, simple, and ordinary messages do not really convey your true emotions, feelings, and mood. So, here goes what we call the “emojis” that make your messages fun and more expressive. These additional icons and smileys are what you can type in your messages help you express more of yourself and your emotions.

If you’re on an iOS device like an iPhones, then you normally have built-in emojis on your keyboard. However there are third party apps you can download for more emojis and stickers. Here are 7 best emoji apps for iPhones:

1. Keymoji


The Keymoji app is an emoji keyboard that’s a crowd-sourced dictionary. It translates what you type in in your message or any app, into emojis quickly and it constantly updates new emojis.

The app works for your social networking sites such as Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, Email, iMessage, Kik, Linne, Twitter, WeChat, and many more. It also contains a dictionary for each emoji’s meaning for anyone new to emojis and it features “autocomplete” so you won’t have to take time on finding a good one.

The Keymoji was also named as Yahoo’s “Best Keyboards for iOS” and featured in Tech Crunch’s “Products We Love”.

2. Animoji


Animoji, although not technically a third party app, is already built-in for iPhone X, XS, and XR users. It’s a fun app that uses your iPhone’s Face ID and you can select from different emoji characters which will then follow your head and expressions including your tongue.

Using this app, you can record your audio especially when you have greetings and special messages for someone which makes it a very personal. Moreover, with this app, you can create your own animoji.

You can also use this app with an iPad that has a TrueDepth camera.

3. Bitmoji


The Bitmoji app is called as your own personal emoji creator because the app lets you create your own personal cartoon avatar using a variety of different stickers from its huge collection.

When you create your own personal cartoon avatar with this app, you should be as expressive as you can be and use its features to describe who you are. You can choose different kind of outfits, surround yourself in flames, or show everyone your unique dance moves too.

Since the Bitmoji app is from Snapchat, you can use it in the app itself or anywhere else you can chat.

4. SMS Rage Faces

SMS Rage Faces

The SMS Rage Faces app is a unique and fun app with over three thousand unique rage faces and over three hundred camera booth stickers.

With this app, sending text messages and chats will no longer be boring as you can quickly add funny and comical faces in your messages. The app has an enormous library of stickers but searching for one is as easy as 1-2-3 since all faces and stickers are arranged by category.

In addition, you can also import your own faces and memes for you to choose. You can use the SMS Rage Face app in any social networking sites including messaging services like WhatsApp. Go ahead and create your own and share your created images on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

5. Moji Maker

The Moji Maker app is a very popular emoji app that allows you to be creative in creating your own custom emojis. With its thousands of choices of parts including hair, eyebrows, eyes,lips, nose, hands, hats, masks, glasses, beards, accessories, and more, you can create different emojis with endless combinations. Your creations also automatically syncs in to your keyboard and message/sticker apps which is very effortless.

The app is free and easy to use with excellent graphics. Its emojis are all customizable and adjustable; you can resize, move, layer, flip emojis and many more.

6. Emoji


Emoji is also a popular emoji app for iOS users with reportedly 45 million users. Although this one is a large app running at 70MB, it’s stacked with over hundreds of emojis and stickers which you can choose from. You can find a use for all of those built-in stickers and emojis.

The app not only includes different emojis and stickers, but it also has 20 colorful keyboard themes so you can personalize how your keyboard will look like. It also has emoji puzzle games so it will take a long time before the app gets boring.

If you wish to have more emojis, you can always request from the community to make one.

7. Imoji: AR Voice Changer


The Imoji AR Voice Changer app is also a distinctively fun app to use on your iPhones. The app offers a huge library of different 3D emojis and voices.

The app allows you to turn your face into 3D emojis and record your voice and actually sound like your favorite famous celebrities.

The app captures your current emotion on different Augmented Reality (AR) emojis that includes a dog, a cat, a dragon, a dolphin, a robot, a wolf, a unicorn, a giraffe, a parrot, a panda, a bunny, a bird, a girl, and a boy. It also allows you to have your emojis become customized and personalized; you can change its hair, face, eyes, skin, nose, and lips with different styles, shapes, and colors.

The app is constantly updating to add more voices to your avatars.

There are several emoji apps available in the market. However, the best ones will be constantly changing due to the fact that messaging and digital trends are always evolving and shifting in different directions.

The best type of emoji app will be the one that expresses emotion in a very creative way. If you haven’t tried sending out emojis, then you’ll need to update yourself. Consider downloading one or two titles from this list and you’ll be good to go with all the emoji needs you may have.

Pro tip: if you’re used to sending a colon with a parenthesis, either open or closed, then you’re in no way outdated. These emoji apps often automatically change the icon when you tap shortcut keys like colons and parentheses or colons and letter “p”.