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Over the span of time, it’s been reported that Apple has acquired over a hundred million users of their Mac products. People commonly do work on their Macs and email clients are always involved when it comes to doing work.

Having a good email client that can help you answer and send emails efficiently is crucial. Here are the eight best email clients for Mac OS because having a great system deserves only the most compatible and suitable software:

1. AirMail 3

airmail 3

AirMail 3 is a 2017 winner of the Apple Design Award. This email client was built especially for Mac and other Apple products. This email client is highly intuitive and the dashboard contains most of the relevant and obvious options that you’ll require from the program. This email client also syncs with your contacts wherever they may be from.

I personally like using AirMail 3 because of the design and the smooth workflow. It’s easy to file, sort, and organize. AirMail 3 also supports iCloud account sync so you can quickly upload and download files that you need. If you’re more of a Google Drive user, like me, this will also support that.

You can get AirMail for a one-time fee of $26.99 via the Mac App Store. It’s compatible with OS X 10.10 and newer versions.

Download for MacOS

2. Canary Mail

canary mail

Canary Mail is exclusive for Apple products so that means MacOS and iOS devices. This email client is pretty light for less than 30 mb in size. The design is modern and sleek with the dark colors.

Canary Mail boasts of its one-click encryption so there’s security in sending emails to other devices. The email message will be encrypted via Canary Mail and will be decrypted upon receipt to another Canary Mail user.

I’m quite impressed with Canary Mail’s features. You get read receipts, email templates, and quick integrations with all types of cloud services, and email providers. There’s also a built-in bulk cleaner to automatically filter unwanted emails.

You can get Canary Mail for only $19.99 via the Mac App Store and it’s compatible with OS X 10.10 and newer versions.

Download for MacOS

3. Mac OS Mail

macos mail

The default Mac OS Mail client or Apple Mail is also in the list of best email clients. It’s definitely obvious that it was built with Mac users in mind so the integration, the feel, and the design elements are cohesive with the Mac OS.

The core features of this email client are superb. You can easily organize and sort with a powerful search feature. You can also use Markup. This lets you edit, annotate, comment, and highlight the attachments you have. This is pretty amazing when you’re signing PDF’s or Documents.

Mac OS Mail

4. Mozilla Thunderbird

One of the most stable web browsers around is Firefox. It has 250 million monthly users and 1 out of 10 would prefer using this over other browsers. The creators of Firefox has released their own version of an email client and that’s Thunderbird. This email client is free to use and can easily be customizable according to how you want to use it.

It has a powerful search feature which can really go deep into the email’s contents. Furthermore, it has a built-in method of cataloging the results so you can group messages and emails in a more organized manner.

I personally prefer using Thunderbird over Outlook. It can easily consolidate multiple accounts and the dashboard is really easy to use. On top of all that, it’s a free email client.

Thunderbird is compatible with OS X 10.6 and newer version.

Mozilla Thunderbird

5. Nylas Mail

nylas mail

Nylas Mail is an open source type of email client that is based on python language. It allows developers to integrate multiple email accounts into a single sync. This is mainly targeted to developers and tech-savvy individuals who make email as one of the main functions of their business or organization.

One of the things that Nylas Mail is known for is that much of its extensions and plugins are developed by users themselves.

Nylas Mail

6. Post Box

post box

Another on this list is Post Box. This email client is simple to use, easy on the eyes, and supportive like no other. The design was built ergonomically so you’ll have focus on the email or message you’re currently attending to. This limits the chances of getting distracted with several email notifications that are coming in hot.

Post Box lets you tag the appropriate emails according to their respective use so you won’t have any problems with organization and searching for potential emails that can get lost in the dust. You can group accounts, open in tabs, and add reminders for yourself.

I like using this email while I was trying it. I especially like that you can switch themes, working in dark or light modes.

Post Box works for OS X 10.11 and newer versions. There’s a free 30-day trial and a lifetime license for only $40.00.

Post Box

7. Spark Mail

spark mail

Spark Mail is a great email client. It consolidates mail accounts in one inbox. It’s smart and intuitive. It has a powerful search feature. It also lets you organize your life by delegating emails to team members.

One of the things that Spark has is its collaborative features. Team members can work together on emails via the real-time composer. This lets you and your organization become more productive as the process of sending a draft email and getting people to add to it can take hours and days.

If you have a small team, you can use Spark Mail for free. When you’ve grown and added more team members, you can proceed to a monthly plan with Spark.

Spark Mail

8. Poly Mail


Last on the list but certainly not the lease is Poly Mail. It’s currently growing in size because of the right features that it has for your business or organization. Poly mail is based on teamwork so it allows people to collaborate on emails and conversations. You can simply generate a link and send it to someone so they can jump in and be part of the communication thread. With Poly Mail, you can add comments, make mentions, and do app integrations.

It has a built-in automated email sender so you can forget about wasting time with repetitive tasks and focus on communication with the right people.

I like that it has enhanced productivity tools, which are developed for companies that are in the process of scaling.

Poly Mail lets you try out their services for 14 days and its $10 per user/month for the basic plan. Premium and enterprise services include mail analytics, sales force integration, and support services.

Poly Mail

Bottom Line

So for all the professionals and design enthusiasts out there, let me know what type of email client you’re using. The benefit of having an email client versus a web mail version is more encryption, consolidation of several web mail, and offline availability of the emails on your computer.

I prefer using the Mozilla Thunderbird since it’s the same for PC and Mac. I like to switch from time to time in between designing and doing administrative work.

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